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  1. Made it to 53 with three buddies last week. A four player game is SIGNIFICANTLY longer than solo. Our game lasted NINE hours. We didn't take any major breaks. It was worth it in the end because we made it to ~75th place on the worldwide leaderboard(for Xbox One). Meanwhile my highest round on solo is only 44, but that game was only slightly over 2 and a half hours. Going to go for a round 70+ solo game once I have the time. Does anyone know if you are able to slide under the chain traps when they're active?
  2. You can use it twice. I had four perks, my buddy got an "On the House" and then I had 5. Later I picked up 2 "Unquenchables" and had all 7 perks.
  3. I think "these worthless beings" could be referring to the four playable characters in Shadows of Evil. In Shadows of Evil's cinematic prologue, the Shadow Man says(speaking to the playable characters), "why do you do the things you do? Do you not see the futility of your tiny, insignificant existence? You are but fragments of a bigger universe." The Shadow Man seems to believe they are worthless beings. If this note was in fact created by Maxis, maybe he was communicating with the Shadow Man asking him not to eliminate the "worthless beings," so he can utilize them for God knows what.

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