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  1. YourdaWince

    Moon Confirmed Info

    Weren't these the things in that IGN Leak that was found out to be fake?
  2. YourdaWince

    Achievements! (might be a leak)

    Since when? Unless Im missing one. Juggy. Sleight. Double Tap. Quick Revive. Flopper. Stamin Up. Deadshot. 'Quick Draw'.
  3. YourdaWince

    Achievements! (might be a leak)

    All Seeing Eye: Sounds reasonable enough. Feelin' Perkey?: I think the name of this achievement sounds stupid. But then again, a lot of things are. But what gets me is, even though this is the last map pack for now, it doesn't really make sense to me as to why they'd offer this achievement up Now compared to some of the other maps. CoTD you could get all seven perks by defeating George. SL you could get all seven perks by being extremely lucky with the Monkeys. With Moon, it makes me wonder what you would have to go through to get the extra perks? Phasers seem like they'd be on Napalm/Screecher level of Zombie types. Unless they're George typed... :| From The Inside Out: Sounds reasonable enough. Trespassing: This one seems really really obvious. So much that it kind of just bugs me to the point where it makes this achievement list seem really fake. Redemption: 1. the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil 2. the action of regaining or gaining possession in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt With those two definitions in mind, it kind of leaves a gateway for anything being possible. Redemption from Samantha and the Zombie era? Redemption of past WW's to aid in your survival, but at what cost? All in all... All Seeing Eye: 30g Feelin' Perkey?: 20g From The Inside Out: 30g Trespassing: 5g Redemption: 37g But my gut feels like these are kind of fake.
  4. YourdaWince

    sigh, do you think..

    Whats seeming more like Ascension? The Easter Egg? Haven't we already solved it to its fullest and gotten to the point where it's the final result? I thought Tank even comments on how it wasn't going to end up like how it did on Ascension, thanks to Gershe. Question mark.
  5. YourdaWince

    Xbox Live glitch reveals map pack 3: Retaliation????

    I was on the Marketplace today and Crysis 2 has a new MP titled Retaliation. Just sayin'.
  6. YourdaWince

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    Nice! Didn't know that! Good find; it could definitely mean something. Did you follow more than one human back, meaning, does every reverted zombie run back here? This is really interesting. Not sure what it means either, but I'm going to mess around with this when I get off work tonite. Well it depends on how close you are to the spawn. From the Power Boat to top half of the lighthouse is the as far as it'll happen for them to run to the wall. Otherwise they run to the closer pools of water. :3
  7. YourdaWince

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    Didn't read through the whole topic, but has anyone noticed that when you Human-ify a Zombie and they run back to the spawn, they run right towards the glyph on the wall but freeze before they get there? I don't know if it's a coincidence or what, but I noticed it the other night and thought it could be something.
  8. Instructions in Description... -_____- nstructions: - First you need to change de dialers of the light. The numbers are 2 - 7 - 4 - 6 (from top to bottom). - Next step: activate the 4 radios that make strange noises in the correct order. First: in the room below the electricity one. Second: in the room where's Stamina +. Third: inside the wagon next to the end of the second zipline. Fourth: next to the door where the allies are trapped. - Next step: go to the ship's cabin. Move down the left lever 1 time. Move down the right lever 3 times. Move the wheel 2 times to the right. - Next step: activate the 4 fog horns in the correct order. There are two couples of fog horns (two are close to the light, two are close to the slide). First: first couple, far from the light. Second: second couple, next to the slide. Third: first couple, next to the light. Fourth: second couple, far from the slide. - Next step: transform a zombie into a human near the green light. Shoot him with the Ray Gun or Scavenger. Take the Golden Rod from the bottom of the stairs and give it to Richthofen. Enjoy the Wanderwaffle (during 3 minutes only) and the Achievements =)
  9. Playing solo? Knife the one already in the door spot. The first one you got and you're done. Otherwise idk.
  10. YourdaWince

    Is there a boss round

    Sorry but that doesn't sound right at all hes there on round one i doubt that. Watch the Inside Xbox video on the first page of this topic. At the 3:20 mark it's round 1 and Romero is already out.
  11. YourdaWince

    Monkey / Perk Strategy

    Even though daniel has to sound like a total dick in this, he does have a point. Honestly for me, I hate opening any doors to Juggy just because it's the most important one to have. "So why not open it?" Because like Carbon said, when you save your Perks from getting touched you get a free one, and a lot of the time I gamble for Juggy. In the early rounds, you really don't even need Juggy; I make it to 20 or so with how my group survives so we never really need it. The earlier you turn the power on and buy at least Flopper, hopefully the sooner you get Monkeys and get a free Perk. Even if you get Quick Revive, all you have to do is down yourself during a Zombie round and get Flopper again so you don't really need to worry about it. With the doors to Juggy closed in the 20- rounds, you don't even have to worry about it getting taken. The chance of everyone on your team getting a different Perk from a Monkey round is pretty rare. Say you all have Flopper to begin with and you get the free Perk. At least two people will get the same Perk. Before Monkeys Dempsy: Flopper Nikolai: Flopper Takeio: Flopper Richtofen: Flopper After Monkeys Dempsy: Flopper, Sleight, Nikolai: Flopper, Stamin Takeio: Flopper, Sleight Richtofen: Flopper, Juggy So at the end of the day, even if the doors to Juggy are closed, you have one person on Stamin, one on Sleight, one on Flopper, and a rogue runner to save anyone who needs it. I for one find it unneeded to even get Juggy before round 20. And by the time you get to round 20, everyone should have the perks they need and if anyone has Quick Revive and they don't want it, they can simply down and go buy the other four Perks. Then you get Quick Revive the next Monkey round and bam! 5 Perks. My personal strategy for Monkeys, that is.
  12. YourdaWince

    PaP Death Machine-The Godfinger Rumor

    I think the point of this new Rumor was that it takes you to a room where its possible to PaP a DM. But at the same time upgrading what's already God's pinky to Gods Middle Finger is pretty intense, so I doubt it works. Doesn't down the idea of doing it just for funsies, though.
  13. YourdaWince

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    Surprisingly, for me, I was with two friends but none of us had mics, and I was definitely in a funk from drama. Haha. But we somehow made it to Round 33 at like 3am. Pretty good in my books, to be honest.
  14. YourdaWince

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    The highest I got was round 25/26? It's definitely one of those two. Had Four people, we all had decent guns, except one guy who had to leave for like 5 rounds. Hehe. But other than that, we were decent. IDK if it's just me or what, but playing with Randies who know the basics of just how to survive seems like a much better group than playing with Friends. Ha. My first group was Friends and we all had pretty good guns. Total downs by the end of Round 25/26 was about 50+. My second group was Randies and we all had pretty good guns. Total downs by the end of Round 25 was about 7. LOL.
  15. YourdaWince

    Telixion's hint to us? (Solution to the generator puzzle)?

    I feel like a total failure for not understanding that picture at all. FML.

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