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  1. I assume you mean the focusing stone, and if I recall correctly, it's been combined with the Golden Rod. I believe it's combined state is referred to as the Vril Generator.
  2. My first weapon drop from a QED was the Ray-gun, it was pretty freaking sweet. I then immediately got the Zap guns from the box :3 The other two times my QED has dropped a Gersch Device.
  3. What would happen if you went down at Area 51? Would you just die like normal? Edit: That was a rhetorical question... Me just thinking out loud. I think that if someone else is alive, and they teleport, you will teleport with them.
  4. No mans land is Area 51. It was in a description somewhere by treyarch. Also, you set a record before Round 1 on how long you can survive there before escaping to Moon.
  5. It wasn't a false fact! The structure is clearly alien, we knew that before the G4 gameplay, and the alien skull in Shangri-La also supports this. Stop being so obnoxious.
  6. Thats actually an extremely plausible idea, nice! [brains]
  7. The first idea sounds pretty cool. 2. That would completely diminish the effect of Juggernog. 3. I doubt it, I believe the teleporter starts whenever the players want, as when they teleport to moon, it says 'You survived [insert time in area 51 here]'.
  8. What're you basing that on? In all the gameplay videos we've seen the astronaut, he's simple walking towards the player without a weapon.
  9. ...The astronaut stole Mule kick. So he would've lost the weapon he was holding. If it were any other perk i'm assuming he wouldn't have lost his weapon.
  10. Maybe the price it costs depends on what you're hacking? The MP5k costs 1000 points to buy off of the wall, possibly it triples the amount the gun would normally cost?
  11. One thing; they don't get a rocket to Moon. They teleport from Area 51 to Moon to try and escape, which basically shatters this theory as the rocket is not their mode of transport to the Moon, so it's Ascension, Shangri-La, Moon.
  12. Well, it'd only be what we have now but with dual-wield variations on the wall weapons.
  13. You remember the leak about the QED? The one that he said 'whatever you do inside the QED affects every zombie' etc etc? Lets for a second pretend that was real. I believe someone might've been shooting their Ray-gun into the QED blast, and it in turned caused the rays he shot in to be replicated and come out at all angles, again, just an idea i'd like to throw out ^.^;
  14. Well, as we saw in the trailer, Nikolai hacked the MP5K on the wall and it turned upside down. What was the pickup emblem for a dual-wield weapon? It's usually one weapon with another upside down on top of it. This could mean we could potentially be hacking the weapon to become a dual-wield weapon. It's only an idea ;)
  15. It doesn't change when upgrading. The Zap Guns are the pistol-like wonder weapons that combine to make the Wave Gun.
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