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  1. Will you be buying MW3?

    Yep, may as well see how it turns out.
  2. MW3 Prestige edition, what shuld it have?

    I'm not interested in the souvenir type things like the RCXD car or a pair of mw2 sun glasses. I want extra things with in the game. Maybe a free month of elite and a map pack free that you can't get if you don't get that edition or something like that.
  3. I'd say Roach and Ghost.
  4. The True identity of the Thief!

    Nice post! If only I could thumbs up people more often...

    That claim is s stupid its funny. I am not even going to bother giving my reasons why I think it is such a load of crap.
  6. Ghost. (formally I am done thread)

    I never really thought of it as a problem. I always use scavenger and if anyone camps I toss a flash bang where they killed me and kill them. Campers can get annoying but I don't usually have a problem with them.
  7. The True identity of the Thief!

    Nice... +1
  8. Highest Round on Dead Ops Arcade?

    Although I think dead ops is fun I haven't had a chance to play it much yet. But I played 3 times with a friend and made it to 16 twice.
  9. Favorite Gun from the box: Forum Game

    Hurt: Olympia Heal: AUG
  10. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    Earlier today I made 28 solo. Found an AWESOME strategy that works well for me. Got bored and wanted to play online so i purposely killed myself with a grenade. Maybe next time I won't kill myself once I get bored pause it and have a break then go back on to see how far I can really go.
  11. BIG secret on Kino???

    I have noticed it, yes. Hopefully it is some sort of boss. Maybe you will be able to verse it in the first map pack they bring out or something.
  12. Reactions to "No Russian"

    I went through it fine. People over react way too much. Its just a video game...
  13. SPLIT-SCREEN Online

    Split screen online zombies would be awesome. Sadly I don't think they will though.
  14. SPLIT-SCREEN Online

    I would say nice find but i was the one who told you about it! lol Split screen online is awesome. And I am fairly surprised about how much Treyarch listened to their community. There are SO many things in this game that came straight from their forums and split screen online is one of them.
  15. Whats ur Favorite upgraded Gun?

    The reaper and gut shot.