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Easter Egg Song Bracket (Round 2.0)

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Round 1 brought down the number of participants slightly, and unfortunately some heavy hitters were left in the dust. Round 2 is so large, with 16 matchups, that I'm going to split it into two parts: Round 2.0 and 2.5.


Here's the current bracket:




Here are our matchups this week:


1. Coming Home vs Alone

2. We All Fall Down vs Dead Flowers

3. I Am The Well vs Always Running

4. Carrion vs Shephard of Fire

5. The Gift vs Remember Forever

6. Drowning vs Dead Ended

7. Undone vs Abracadavre

8. A Light From The Shore (+Vanishing Shore) vs Mad Hatter


The second half of round 2 will begin next week!


To vote, simply use the number of the matchup, and say what song you think is best for any reason that you like. Also feel free to explain why!


Send in your votes by next Saturday (April 17th) at 8PM CST to see them counted!

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1. Alone - Coming Home has great story implications but I can't get into the sound. Alone is perfection on all fronts.

2. Dead Flowers - I think Dead Flowers is underappreciated, and I think its use in the Zetsubou trailer certainly boosts it for me. We All Fall Down is undeniably a jam though.

3. I Am The Well - Both songs are great lyrically and have a great sound, but I Am The Well's tone is just perfect for me and Nova's best vocal work.

4. Shephard of Fire - While I like Carrion, Shepherd was a fantastic intro to Origins and is great in its own right.

5. The Gift - Definitely the hardest matchup for me so far. Both songs are so different, yet both have the most emotional impact for me out of this entire body of work. But The Gift just keeps delivering in its depth, so it gets my pick.

6. Dead Ended - Dead Ended is one of my favorites for the raw emotion of Nova's performance alone. Drowning deserves more recognition but it just didn't stand a chance.

7. Abracadavre - Great tone and use of lyrics, Undone is a fantastic piece on its own but doesn't matchup.

8. A Light From The Shore - I actually really like Mad Hatter but A Light From The Shore is the culmination of a decade of zombies and of my life put into one track.

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1. Alone - I (somewhat unpopularly) like Coming Home, too, but Alone wins out.

2. We All Fall Down - Very cool and underrated song that, in typical KLU style, had massive thematic implications.

3. I Am The Well - It's just the best isn't it?

4. Carrion - No contest, SoF isn't even a Zombies song, or if it is, so is Rusty Cage

5. The Gift - This one is very difficult because I enjoy both very much, but I think The Gift might just have the edge

6. Drowning - Again, very hard, as these are two that I love to play on Bass myself, but Drowning wins out here, some of those Bass riffs are incredibly cool

7. Abracadavre - Now don't get me wrong, I think Undone is highly underrated, but I have to give it to Abracadavre here

8. A Light From The Shore - Genuinely no competition, you've got pop-metal versus a symphonic masterpiece.


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1. Alone

2. We All Fall Down

3. I Am The Well, this song, really hoping it makes it to the final bracket, it's just superb.

4. Carrion, mainly for the same reason listed in Cal's list, but besides that, I really love the songs that are written from the perspective of a zombie.

5. The Gift, this pairing was just plain evil lol, I love both of these songs, but I'm going to have to go with the former here.

6. Dead Ended, again both are great but this song was the only thing that kept me going during those painful Gorod Krovi ee attempts.

7. Abracadavre.

8. A Light From The Shore, there's just no competition here, this made for a perfect close to the Aether story. 

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1. Alone.  Coming Home is great (some of the heaviest drums if not the heaviest) but honestly there's no way it's winning against Alone.


2. We All Fall Down, compared to Dead Flowers there's no contest in my mind.


3. I Am The Well, doesn't matter what the second choice was honestly. 


4. Carrion, albeit it took me quite a while to get to the point I enjoyed it more than Shepherd of Fire.


5. I hate you for this one so early. The Gift wins by the thinnest margin, both are absolutely fantastic.


6. Drowning, although Dead Ended is also pretty good. Both are strong, but Drowning feels more "unique" for lack of a better word. 


7. Abracadavre. Undone is great, but Elena NAILS this song and the overall tone is perfect. 


8. A Light From The Shore (+Vanishing Shore). Mad Hatter was going to lose to most choices in my opinion; a very strange song that doesn't seem to work well compared to the sendoff song of Aether makes it even easier.

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1. Coming Home - Easy one, Coming Home has the hardest riff out of the entire franchise with some of the greatest contrasts in vocals too. Screaming vocals are a lot better compared to Abacadavre, And the clean vocals are great as always but somewhat has an operatic feel with the backing vocals. Great Bridge with some amazing guitar work that flows amazingly with the rest of the song, with an outro thats addictive with that joint riffing beat with all the instruments. 

Alone - Good song however, just feels plain and Novas vocals are at their worst here. 

2. We All Fall Down - Catchy chorus with no intro, surprisingly. Guitar sounds very clean and in all the song works very well as a sequel to Carrion. A very good bridge as always and some of Novas better vocal performances, not much to say here, just a really well written song. A Really nice outro too.

Dead Flowers - Just go listen to Always Running, only difference really is a solo. 

3. Always Running - Yeah this is a masterpiece, really sold me on Malukah, Great vocal performance, this is really the first song i remember hearing references to prior songs on, which became a trend. An Amazing bridge, as always, Love the awkward note decisions by the guitar, really sounds somewhat gothic, if a gothic theme could be heard on guitar this would be it, chorus is really good when all the instruments come in. Kinda set the stage for ballads in zombies too. 

I am the Well - Great song, get burnt out on it very quickly. Overrated imo, it really doesnt do much for me. Stormbound was the better Nova song in that game. 

4. Carrion - Easy, a pretty unique guitar sound, we dont hear chords till the chorus, the descending hammer ons and pull offs is a very good sound thats surprisingly hard hitting, with Nova playing off them very well, this also gives the bass a chance to shine through which it does pretty well tbh. Amazing chorus with hard hitting chords and big beefy sound, lead into the bridge is fire, how it ascends into a BIG Fucking breakdown and then is tailed by a nice lead going into a very great take on the chorus. 

Shepard of Fire - Great for the intro, just listen to Enter Sandman instead 


5. Drowning - This is probably the most unique song we have had, This is pretty much an acapella until the first chorus, which makes it hit hard, drums and bass help carry the song a lot. A good solo, very surprising and delightfully so, This is basically the next step above Always Running and its great.

Dead Ended - The intro is literal ear rape, i cant listen to it lol. 

6. Abacadavre - Not much to say which i didnt say before but its easily the better song. 

Undone - exists i guess 

7. Mad Hatter - Hardest one yet but a7x kill it in this track, works well for IX and has some of Synyster Gates best solo work. seriously that solo is fucking great. M Shadows doesnt sound like a whiny bitch for once and overall its just a great composition 

A Light from the Shore - Only good parts is the solos and the rest is just pretty meh imo


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1. Alone - Great track, mysterious lyrics. This one has it all.

2. Dead Flowers - Perfect tone, fits Zetsubo so perfectly.

3. Always Running - Again for tone this one absolutely nails something I can't quite express. 

4. Shephard of Fire - I'm a huge A7x fan have been for years. This is one of their best tracks and gets my blood pumping every time I hear it. 

5. The Gift - While I prefer the theatrical cut of this song, it's still a winner for me. The melody of the "Your pain is the one thing" section is hauntingly beautiful.

6. Dead Ended - I used to not like this song, but it's grown on me over the years. Again the bridge and key change absolutely put this song up in the top bracket for me. 

7. Abracadavre - While both these tracks are hauntingly beautiful, this one wins it for me simply on the lyrics. And yet again a killer bridge makes the song for me. 

8. Mad Hatter - Again as a fan of the band this one pushes ahead for me. Not one of their best imo but a great song on a great map. 

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1. Alone: It's just great and one of the best songs made for the mode overall.

2. Dead Flowers: Malukah is fantastic in this, a really hauntingly beautiful song.

3. I Am The Well: The greatest song in this contest

4. Carrion: Underrated as hell and probably the best part about Tranzit.

5. The Gift: It wins by a centimeter

6. Dead Ended: It's one of those songs that fits so perfectly with it's map that I can't help but love it.

7. Abracadavre: Not even a competition there, it's one of the all time greats.

8.  A Light From The Shore: Also one of the best of the best.


On a side note, man did BO4 had some of the best EE songs ever.


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There will be a new easter egg song before the game ends.

1. Coming Home

2. We All Fall Down

3. Always Running

4. Carrion : A7X created Carry On, but if they had never played Call Of Duty would have been a good thing too.

5. The Gift : It makes me think of another music I listen to, did I already said that last time ?

6. Drowning vs Dead Ended : Can I choose both ?

7. Abracadavre

8. A Light From The Shore (+Vanishing Shore) vs Mad Hatter : Can I do not vote ? Yes I can.


OK I choose Dead Ended

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Alright I'll be honest I totally blanked on starting the next round for two days. I even had it written on the calendar right in front of my face every day, so no excuses. Ah well, anyways here's the results:


1. Coming Home (2) vs Alone (10)

2. We All Fall Down (6) vs Dead Flowers (6) (Decided via coin flip)

3. I Am The Well (7) vs Always Running (5)

4. Carrion (8) vs Shepherd of Fire (4)

5. The Gift (9) vs Remember Forever (2) (Top ten anime tragedies)

6. Drowning (4) vs Dead Ended (8)

7. Undone (0) vs Abracadavre (12)

8. A Light From The Shore (6) vs Mad Hatter (5)


New one posted shortly...

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