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The bs that still exists in all these amazing maps

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I've heard if you get him to walk at the corner of the jump hole in the Receiving Bay, he will get stuck. Haven't confirmed though.

Not sure if that tactic still works, but I've honestly found it easier to escape him then I ever did on the original Moon. Don't know if they've made it easier but just something I've noticed. You either have to commit to pulling or full out shooting him, but not both. I was also under the impression Zap Guns did not work on him, so that might be why OP did not kill him.

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In bo3, I think his radio noise is louder, so it is harder to run into him by accident.


It is also easier to get past zombies in bo3, and guns are generally more effective.


So I'm not running with an empty gun back to a wallbuy with low points, difficult zombies, and a nearly silent Skippy waiting behind an airlock door, as I'm running out of oxygen.

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