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  1. andydabeast

    Which map will you play first?

    I will so enjoy playing all of these... sadly not pre-ordering here
  2. andydabeast

    New Medals Incoming!

    I can't wait for bo4. Won't be getting it till christmas or January tho. Baby coming in November!
  3. andydabeast

    Zombies Trolls Rejoice

    I think it would be fantastic if they extended the time before your gun goes back into the box by 1 second and in that one second anyone can grab it. That way the purchaser has the same amount of time to grab it as before and if they miss it the weapon can be put to good use instead of being lost.
  4. andydabeast

    Grief Tournament

    How did this go? Nobody on PC but ill post anyways Console - PC GT - andydabeast (steam) All DLC has been bought Time - Monday - Thursday: 7 PM -11 PM Friday: 7:00 PM - whenever Saturday: 10 AM - whenever Sunday: noon - 6 PM Timezone: EST
  5. andydabeast

    The Darkest Shore discussion

    Yea haha it is mostly for the challenges and so my friends can watch our first playthroughs.
  6. andydabeast

    The Darkest Shore discussion

    Here is my first playthrough I like it! The atmosphere is great, its a new setting, new way the map starts. Only one new zombie type though. Why did the hammer-bros return? I am on PC so just started playing.
  7. I will keep adding things to this thread to make a library of information. Suggestions welcomed! The Reddit has a lot of information. SOURCE and Credit Unlocking the Mystery Box Room Shoot 10 lanterns around the map. Once done the room will be opened. This can be done in the Prologue as well. Queen's video Pack-A-Punched Mystery Box Obtain Jack-In-The-Boxes from the Mystery Box. Throw a Jack-In-The-Box on top of a beam above the staircase near the MP-40. Give the piano next to the Mystery Box room 9999 Jolts. You can now obtain Pack-A-Punched weapons from the Mystery Box. Queen's Video Armor You can purchase Armor for 500 Jolts, and every time you have to re-buy Armor it costs more Jolts. Armor will save you from being downed 3 times. After the 3rd time your armor is depleted and you have to purchase more at an Armor station. Armor is downstairs near the STG44 wall buy. Perks Perk Cost Location Description Lebenblitz (Solo) - Random Blitz Machine While solo, Lebenblitz automatically revives the user, but is limited to 3 uses. Lebenblitz (Co-op) - Random Blitz Machine While cooperating with others, Lebenblitz increases how fast you revive allies. Laufenblitz - Random Blitz Machine Laufenblitz ensures your legs keep moving and never tire. Gain increased sprint speed and sprint indefinitely. Faustblitz - Random Blitz Machine Faustblitz makes every strike your best. Your melee damage is increased. Schnellblitz - Random Blitz Machine With Schnellblitz, your weapon feels like an extension of you, as if you have used it your whole life. Gain increased reload speed. Schildblitz - Random Blitz Machine Schildblitz will protect you when your gun cannot. A burst of damaging electricity comes forth when you reload. Kugelblitz - Random Blitz Machine With Kugelblitz, your weapons have new life, increasing their damage output. Random Blitz Machine 2000 Jolts Upstairs Grants the user a random Blitz; Requires time to reset after use. Weapons There are 3 weapons on the wall Gröesten Haus and many more in the Mystery Box. Weapon Name Cost Location STG44 1000 Jolts Downstairs MP-40 1000 Jolts Downstairs Winchester 1897 1000 Jolts Upstairs Assault Rifles Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) M1941 Emma-Gee Mystery Box - - M1 Garand G.O.A.T. Mystery Box - - M1A1 Carbine M2 Carbine Mystery Box - - FG 42 Device 450 Mystery Box - - BAR FU-BAR Mystery Box - - SVT-40 AVT-40 Mystery Box - - SMGs Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) PPSh-41 Dedushka Mystery Box - - Type 100 Blood Type Mystery Box - - Waffe 28 Flapjack Mystery Box - - Grease Gun The Greaser Mystery Box - - M1928 Chicago Typewriter Mystery Box - - Shotguns Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) Toggle Action Lucky Mystery Box - - M30 Luftwaffe Drilling Trips Mystery Box - - Sawed-Off Shotgun Winchester's Last Model Mystery Box - - Light Machine Guns Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) Lewis Belgian Rattlesnake Mystery Box - - MG 15 Chatterbox Mystery Box - - Bren Ronnie Mystery Box - - MG 42 Bone Saw Mystery Box - - Sniper Rifles Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) Lee Enfield Smiley Mystery Box - - Karabin White Death Mystery Box - - M1903 Illinois Mystery Box - - Kar98k War Model Starting Weapon - - Pistols Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Cost Wall Location(s) 1911 Bacon and Eggs Mystery Box - - P-08 G.I.'s Souvenir Mystery Box - - Machine Pistol Red 9 Mystery Box - - Special Weapons Weapon Name PaP Name How To Acquire Jack-in-the-Box - Mystery Box Shovel - Starting Weapon Power-Ups There are a number of Power-Ups that can be obtained by killing Zombies or through Consumables. Name Description Duration Toten-Griff (Insta-Kill) Allows all players to insta-kill all normal zombies. 30 Seconds Taschen voll (Max Ammo) Refills the ammo reserve of all held weapons for every player. - Elektromagnet Players receive double the amount of Jolts for the duration of the power-up. 30 Seconds Eclipse Kills all normal zombies on the map at once. - Fire Sale Makes the Mystery Box cost ??? Jolts for the duration of the power-up. ??? Überladen (Full Meter) Refills your special ability meter -
  8. andydabeast

    115 Day!

    Hi everyone, Today is 115 day, January 15th! Yay! Anyone have special zombie slaying plans? I am going to watch some of the CWL games I missed from the weekend (no spoilers please) and maybe hit up some BO3.
  9. andydabeast

    115 Day!

    Yea me too for the prestige 8 in BO3 zombies. No idea what I am in BO3 multi... ditched it long ago for Titanfall and Farctured Space.
  10. andydabeast

    115 Day!

    How far are you? I am somewhere in prestige 8... never finished. BO2 multiplayer I am in prestige 10, can't bring myself to finish up to master lol.
  11. andydabeast


    1. I am constructing my first custom water cooling loop in my computer. It is currently all torn apart and will be out of commission for a couple days. I am working in a custom scratch built case so EVERY item I want to mount somewhere is custom. 2. State of Decay 2!!! In the spring the sequel to the best zombies open world RPG will release. I could talk for a long time about how good this game will be. 3. I hope to be licensed by the end of the year or early 2019. Licensed to practice Architecture. There are 6 tests to study for and pass, The first of which I passed in December and the second I will take in late Feburary, the day before DLC1 drops on PC. 4. We may have a baby. not sure on timing yet. 5. And I guess Treyarch's game... I am balls deep in WWII and Battlefront II and SoD2 is right around the corner so to be honest, BO4 is not on my radar...
  12. andydabeast

    DLC 1 "Resistance" Trailer + "Darkest Shore"

    Yea I think the fog can make things get annoying really fast if it is not done right. I just want more maps for this game. Playing GH and TFR once a week is almost too often for me.
  13. andydabeast

    Zombies confessions

    My first EE was on FR in WWII... and I have been playing zombies since 2009.
  14. andydabeast

    Medal Request Topic

    So is medal updating no longer a thing? Just wondering. Ideas for WWII medals- One per unlockable character One for completing the Hardcore EE One for prestige master
  15. andydabeast

    I unlocked The Mountaineer character!

    20 waves in FR with no doors or downs?! Did you use consumables? What was your starting weapon? What was your loadout? Something that gives you shield when activating the special I'll bet. Was the Brenner fun in that enclosed area?
  16. andydabeast

    The Final Reich reactions thread

    True, those are there to do. I really wish the weapon progression was like BO3. I was so looking forward to ranking up all the weapons and was quite disappointed to see that not implemented. I would play just to rank them up. In BO3 I printed a list of them with their max levels and check-boxes to get them all done I am also afraid to prestige in zombies because of all the glitches. Takes away some motivation to play just for ranking up.
  17. andydabeast

    The Final Reich reactions thread

    I will add to my opinion now that I have completed the casual EE. I think I have been spoiled with the sheer number of Treyarch maps. I played zombies twice a week and never played a map twice in a month. With WWII I find myself taking a week long break between playthroughs. Once I had gotten to wave 30+ and papped every weapon then completed the EE I am not sure why I would play again. In a week I will get that zombies itch and play again but I feel like my interest has fallen off quicker. The house map helps that a lot. After doing the EE my friend and I went into that and get the papped box and played to wave 22. it was fun.
  18. andydabeast

    The Final Reich reactions thread

    In short, I am loving it but it is one step away from greatness. The Good: Visuals, depth, enemies, things to do It is different enough from Treyarch to be very fresh yet similar enough to scratch the zombies itch. The setting is flawless. The graphics and horror aspect are fantastic. It is not just re-skinned Treyarch. The way the zombies move and spawn are completely different in a good way. The new class system and mods are a great addition. The way they did the casual vs hardcore EE is awesome. I will actually do an EE now lol. The health system I think is awesome. Treyarch zombies looks like a kids game compared to the dark horror Sledgehammer have cooked up. So Close!: Training still works (less effective though). Why? I was hoping for a greater change in the zombies meta. Orders. WHY WHY WHY do we not have daily orders like multiplayer??? Even if there was just three to choose from. SO EASY to implement. Get 100 headshots. Survive till round 20. get 200 SMG kills. the list of possibilities goes on. Give us a supply drop or xp boos for each we complete. Why does each level up not give a supply drop? WHy is is to bad for us to have more of them? Overall I am very happy with how it turned out. I hope the DLC is dope.
  19. andydabeast

    The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    Co-op does sound fun but it would have to be required that competitors pair with someone not competing. EE runs are long. I think the best challenges are ones where the person in first is under wave 20. Short, sweet, and difficult is what we need. I love the rotation idea! It is difficult to avoid EE4C and ZWC which are both in the summer. I kinda wish they spread those out a little. Maybe a shorter season so our Olympics finish up before August? Not sure what the solution is. I think September is madness for lots of people.
  20. andydabeast

    The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    I know it is early to talk about, but I want to discuss the 2018 season of challenges. 1. Is there interest? We need more people to participate to make it fun. I thought that giving two weeks in the ZO would help with giving people time to compete but it did not seem to work besides the first challenge. Any ideas? Who would compete? The second answer to this question is on the Admin side. Would you guys host again? 2. What game?? It seems like WWII would be great for challenges. I have never played IW zombies so cannot speak for that. We have played a lot of black ops 3. I don't think we should repeat any challenges exactly. We never used BO2 because of some Playstation issue I never understood. Regardless I think that before the challenges start, it should be chosen what game will be used per month. If multiple games are used, it should be consistent for an entire month. 3. Schedule? Admin should publish an outline schedule before the challenges start. What I mean by that is set start and end dates, and what game will be used for each month. That way people will know ahead of time but the specific challenges don't need to be thought up till that week. For example, if January is WWII and February is IW, and I don't own IW, I have some time to decide if I want to sit Feb out or save up to buy it. 4. Rules in WWII I think we should include the score at the end of our recordings to use kills as a tie-breaker, and head-shots as a tiebreaker for that. There are a lot of ways to customize WWII so we will need to lock it down for challenges. I think a blanket rule of no consumables ever and a default loadout should be required for us to use. Also it would need to be specified if we can use the special or not for each challenge. As for the house map I am not sure if we can use it because it requires EE completion. We could do some fun things with prologue though. Challenge ideas?? Prologue bare hands- once in the house the only purchase allowed is the MP-40. No free-fire special. Brenner Race- everything in the main map allowed (besides the blanket no consumables, and starting default loadout) and quickest time to pick up a Brenner Head wins. Timer starts upon spawn and ends when the Brenner head is in the players hands. No Power- everything in the main map allowed besides turning on the generator. No-club club- No explosives or tesla gun allowed, killing a club zombie is not allowed. (not sure if this would work but would make for some very funny gameplays)
  21. andydabeast

    2017 Zombies Olympics

    WOW!! that is amazing! I honestly can't believe I won! I did try harder than I did for the Ancient Trials and I know I have grown as a player in skill and knowledge because of all these challenges. @sushine1 you are a fierce competitor! I wish @mralways1 and @RequixEclipse could have done the other challenges I know you would have done well. You guys beat me in the Ancient Trials multiple times Thanks @InfestLithium for the organization and prizes! I look forward to WWII challenges in the future. EDIT: @sushine1 should have 10 points and I should have 11 because of challenge 2 but that doesn't change the outcome.
  22. andydabeast

    So who is getting WWII on release?

    I took Friday off and started playing at 3am EST after downloading the launch patch, which seemed to be the entire multiplayer lol. I waited to play zombies till my friend was on Friday evening. Our first run (blind) we died in the crypt room on wave 14 powering the device for the Telsa gun to that flamethrower guy. The last time we played we built the tesla gun and found how to open pap.
  23. andydabeast

    The Final Reich Highest Round

    I have only gotten to 22 so far, but that was figuring things out, not just papping and training. Is the pap room the best place to train solo?
  24. andydabeast

    The Final Reich Power Guide

    My friend and I went into this map completely blind. Twas fun to figure this out. Thanks for the guide.
  25. andydabeast

    Divinium Farming Guide

    I was opening my 115 divinium and decided to record the results. I did single spins for every single one. 145 gums which is 30 extra. Pretty good. Only 8 ultras but 37 rare and a whopping 100 common. Left is before and right is after.

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