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  1. I will keep adding things to this thread to make a library of information. Suggestions welcomed! The Reddit has a lot of information. SOURCE and Credit Unlocking the Mystery Box Room Shoot 10 lanterns around the map. Once done the room will be opened. This can be done in the Prologue as well. Queen's video Pack-A-Punched Mystery Box Obtain Jack-In-The-Boxes from the Mystery Box. Throw a Jack-In-The-Box on top of a beam above the staircase near the MP-40. Give the piano next to the Mystery Box room 9999 Jolts.
  2. I have only gotten to 22 so far, but that was figuring things out, not just papping and training. Is the pap room the best place to train solo?
  3. I wish I was close enough to go. My in-laws are visiting that weekend so I will have to wait and watch the recording...
  4. Where were you when you first played zombies, and what year was it? The year was 2009. I was at a friend's house and the three of us played Nacht on PS3. My friend got the ray gun and got all the way to round 10! it was insane :-D What was the first map you ever played? Nacht der Untoten What was the first "strategy" you ran? With 4 people on Nacht we would open help then not open stairs inside help. Three people each took a window and one at the door. When did you know you were hooked? In August of 2009 a friend and I bought WaW for PC.
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