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  1. andydabeast


    My life has been crazy. Sorry I really haven't been on here at all in 2018. It was an insane year. -I was studying for and taking 5 tests to become a licensed Architect. That was complete in September and is the biggest accomplishment of my life. -My wife got pregnant in the spring and we had little Naomi in November. So life since then has been much different. -Multiple things broke on my house. Things from a tree falling on it to a poo pipe wearing out. On the video game end of things I casually played the WWII maps with a friend but not a whole lot. State of Decay 2 launched in May I think which has taken 160 hours of my playtime last year. I have always loved Star Wars but last year I really got into it. Watching youtube on it, reading the books, watching Rebels show, and playing Battlefront 2. Very excited for 2019 on the Star Wars front. BO4. I didn't buy it till Christmas and with baby I have little time to play. I haven't figured out how to pap on any maps yet (went in blind, found 3 of the 4 things on voyage tho) and look forward to many hours playing in the coming years. Definitely not getting IW's game this year, whatever it is. I am pretty much just going to be multiple months behind everybody in BO4. Boy is it a good game though.
  2. I will so enjoy playing all of these... sadly not pre-ordering here
  3. I can't wait for bo4. Won't be getting it till christmas or January tho. Baby coming in November!
  4. I think it would be fantastic if they extended the time before your gun goes back into the box by 1 second and in that one second anyone can grab it. That way the purchaser has the same amount of time to grab it as before and if they miss it the weapon can be put to good use instead of being lost.
  5. How did this go? Nobody on PC but ill post anyways Console - PC GT - andydabeast (steam) All DLC has been bought Time - Monday - Thursday: 7 PM -11 PM Friday: 7:00 PM - whenever Saturday: 10 AM - whenever Sunday: noon - 6 PM Timezone: EST
  6. Yea haha it is mostly for the challenges and so my friends can watch our first playthroughs.
  7. Here is my first playthrough I like it! The atmosphere is great, its a new setting, new way the map starts. Only one new zombie type though. Why did the hammer-bros return? I am on PC so just started playing.
  8. Yea me too for the prestige 8 in BO3 zombies. No idea what I am in BO3 multi... ditched it long ago for Titanfall and Farctured Space.
  9. How far are you? I am somewhere in prestige 8... never finished. BO2 multiplayer I am in prestige 10, can't bring myself to finish up to master lol.
  10. andydabeast

    115 Day!

    Hi everyone, Today is 115 day, January 15th! Yay! Anyone have special zombie slaying plans? I am going to watch some of the CWL games I missed from the weekend (no spoilers please) and maybe hit up some BO3.
  11. andydabeast


    1. I am constructing my first custom water cooling loop in my computer. It is currently all torn apart and will be out of commission for a couple days. I am working in a custom scratch built case so EVERY item I want to mount somewhere is custom. 2. State of Decay 2!!! In the spring the sequel to the best zombies open world RPG will release. I could talk for a long time about how good this game will be. 3. I hope to be licensed by the end of the year or early 2019. Licensed to practice Architecture. There are 6 tests to study for and pass, The first of which I passed in December and the second I will take in late Feburary, the day before DLC1 drops on PC. 4. We may have a baby. not sure on timing yet. 5. And I guess Treyarch's game... I am balls deep in WWII and Battlefront II and SoD2 is right around the corner so to be honest, BO4 is not on my radar...
  12. Yea I think the fog can make things get annoying really fast if it is not done right. I just want more maps for this game. Playing GH and TFR once a week is almost too often for me.
  13. My first EE was on FR in WWII... and I have been playing zombies since 2009.
  14. So is medal updating no longer a thing? Just wondering. Ideas for WWII medals- One per unlockable character One for completing the Hardcore EE One for prestige master

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