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You may have seen the post from Carbonfibah that he was selling the domain name callofdutyzombies.com - we had no idea of his intentions or much notice of the sale taken place. We have managed to put the funds together and we have purchased the domain name.


callofdutyzombies.com is now officially owned by callofdutyzombies.com and the staff, please do not worry about the site disappearing or such like as it will not happen and we are going from strength to strength.


Thanks to Dan and all the hardwork he did in the early days, the site has just gone from strength to strength, yes we experience challenges with the popularity of Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Twitch but as a site we have a strong base to continue growing and win back people who have maybe moved to other outlets for the quicker/shorter interaction.

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Excellent news, I didn't see the post myself but was just wondering why he went from Founder to Donor Status but that's all clear now.


This is a excellent site for Zombies info, strategies, hints, tips and tricks you won't find this anywhere else :23:

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Props to you & the staff for being able to act on this so fast. 

I thought the domain name would've stayed with the remaining admins...


I can't believe it was tweeted out publicly for anyone to purchase it. Wow!



Thankyou again CoDz staff, from Pinnaz

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  • Tech Admin

I was a little surprised and bewildered at that to be honest, we literally received a minutes notice before it was tweeted. I would have thought out of common decency that we would have been offered first refusal and time to raise the funds to purchase the domain.


That wasn't the case and we had to deal with the cards we had been handed, however, we have the domain and full control of the domain and it's safe and that's what counts.

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