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!@#$%^ Boss Round

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Are you kidding me, I swear I am bad luck...... I am the only guy on my "regular" friends list that has not completed the DAMN Easter EGG WTF OVER......

Its crazy, since WaW I have a team that has finished all the easter eggs for the last 4 years, but this one eludes me and more so with the DLC2 coming out Im going to be pissed if I cant get this done,  

I swear.....we have tried, but we just cant get to the 3rd round of the panzers/keeper,  It seems if one or 2 of us goes down, without a fail a panzer will drop on the only guy that has not gone down and downs him..... I think I am 10 straight boss rounds were we are just half step away from killing the keeper and then its a domino, one goes down and then bang bang, panzer drops game over.....



!@##^&%&^%*&Y()(*(*^*%&@*)*&#$#, let me complete this GAWT DAMN THING!!!!!



whats making it harder, is all the regulars are done and dont really want to do the EE anymore and just going for rounds to level up,  so I am finding less and less talented players to complete the damn EE......

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Honestly your best bet on completing this one, is Solo. I finally completed it, after like my 15th attempt (mind you I have to Upgrade all 4 Bows).

My suggestion, run with the Storm Bow, PaPd Drakon/ Bahamut with Dead Wire, Danger Closest GobbleGum, and the Plunger. 

I honestly think the Plunger is the only reason I completed it this time, simply because I didnt have to take as much time disposing the Panzers, which normally leads to me making a stupid mistake.

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I recommend you do this with a team of 2 or more. I also recommend someone have the arsenal accelerator gum, and the others have phoenix up gum. I also recommend the guy with the arsenal accelerator gum has the lightning bow, as it's easiest for him to get kills with it. 

Basically, the guy with AA's job is to charge the Ragnarok. The others are designated revivers and try to watch for the electric attack. Should push come to shove, a medic can use their ragnarok to activate the boss. 

Now, as for  weapons, you're going to want a bow each (duh) and then some other weapon for taking down panzers, I HIGHLY recommend the Brecci double upgraded.

Perks: Do NOT get mule kick. You will go down, lose the weapon, and your life will suck. 

Jug is essential. 

QR is essential. 

Speed is useful

Staminup is useful

Widdows wine is SUPER useful. 

Deadshot's useless but might help against panzers

Electric cherry: Again, useless. 

The more perks you have the better, but if you want to be perkaholic/unquenchable/on the house efficient, I recommend you go in there with Jug, QR, widows wine, and speed cola. 


Solo strats: 

-Perks; Jug, QR, Widows wine, and speed cola 

-Gum; After taste will be your savior here. 

-Guns: Lightning bow and upgraded brecci. 

Generally the same thing, just accommodate for the gum.

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Like @Ragdo11706 says the easiest way to do it is on solo

If you are 4 players with good aim and tactic you get rid of the Panzersrounds very fast with brecci or every lmg double upgraded....remember you have 4 ragnaroks you can use 2-3 of them in panzer rounds... One need to save it for the keeper...the storm bow one need to keep the skeletons away ...

If there are no Panzers you can Camp with the storm bow (with 4 Players and solo too) 

If Panzers near you get them up with storm or ragnarok and shoot with the lmg or brecci to get them down easily 

You dont need gums or something else... but head drama will help to kill them fast.... and take care of the glitchy game itself - you can free the panzer from the ragnarok with the storm bow accidentally...

Usefull gg: e.g. phoenix,headdrama,after taste,Cache back or danger closes.... 

Further the paped starting pistol helps with the keeper round to kill them fast 

If you have further problems get the monkeys and the plunger...

If you have made it to do the soe ee you should easily be able to do the ee on d.e.


Perks: qr,jug,stamin up... the last you can quoose on your own... 

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Double tap... Double tap... Double tap... Widows Wine just seems to get me stuck

I also take my bet on Popshocks, trying to get the first panzer kill for the plunger while multiple ones are on your tail is usually a bad thing. 

I also like the wolf bow for the part when you need to use the gravity spikes in the center. One charged shot and the way is clear ^.^

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All Great tips,  I have tried, with my teams and randoms, it just seems like the game doesnt like me,

We have gone in with AfterTaste,  Phoenix Ups, Head Drama, Killing time........  We have all PAP weapons everything is set.... but some how... something goes wrong, even the guys I play with have done the E.E. multiple times but when they join me to help me complete it as they are are frustrated themselves seeing as I am the only one that has not completed it, its almost a challenge in itself for them to help me LOL!


Seriously, not sure what is going on, it just crazy luck, but I will say the 1 consistent thing...  A panzer will always DROP on top and insta kill our last remaining guy that either hasnt gone down or has all their perks,  without fail..... 8/10 rounds its happened, after we hit the keeper for the second time and its the 3 set of panzer rounds..... its game over.... un real! 

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I'm hardly an expert at this fight, completed it on my second attempt and never tried again, but I'll explain how I did it anyway. It was solo, by the way.

First off, my loadout:

Storm Bow

Pap'd Haymaker with Blast Furnace (really helpful with the Panzers)

All perks (had perkaholic, if you don't use Jugg, QR, Stamin Up and Speed Cola)

Monkey Bombs



Considering I managed to not actually go down, I'd recommend Danger Closest or In Plain Sight for the Panzers


The key to this fight is to never stop running. Only kill skeletons when they get in front of you, and only attack Panzers when they come near you, never go to them. If necessary, throw a monkey bomb down and haymaker the Panzers in the face, and keep running. The amount of max ammos should keep you going to keep doing this

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Der eisendrache is much harder in co... So just try doing it on solo If you only want it completed...

Further there is so much going on in the boss fight that killing the panzer could almost be impossible with a "bad" host...if this is the case you dont hit the head of the Panzers and it take forever to kill them... like I say above - do it solo and you should completed it in 1-2 hours...good luck

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A good bunch of solid tips up above, if it makes you feel any better it took me close to 30 attempts to get this done.

I highly encourage you to do it solo, not that i have tried coop myself but generally feedback is that more players makes it harder, the trade-off being that outside of QR you can get revived.

Id go with Ragdos combo, I had exactly that minus the plunger but with a raygun & mule kick. I had started to take mule kick as my previous failed attempts with 2 guns was an ammo issue at one point, however it was my lack of understanding that saw me burn too much ammo, I think storm bow & drakon is fine.

Danger closest was the singular difference on my successful attempt as the panzers were simply not a problem allowing me to constantly run circles, which I encourage & don't burn ammo on skeletons. Just focus on getting good loops keeping the skeletons together, once you feel a bit of breathing room you can just keep an eye out for the lightning and when you put the DGs down.

One thing im not sure of is whether or not having fireworks kill some skeletons when i had to helped recharge my DG faster or not but it did seem to always be available when I needed to slam it down.

When the keeper does his lightning attack, hide behind a pillar and a charged storm shot at your feet will keep you safe.

Make sure to get a fresh shield before going in!

Good luck & If im free, im happy to help you out on xbox :)


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