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  1. im up for doing the ee if your on ps4 . my psn is caddycrasher38.. im no kid have a mic a team player and pretty good at zombies
  2. its a glitch for sure but that would be awsome to use though
  3. x2 id say storm/electric then fire then wolf and last on the list is the void.
  4. i truly hope there is no frankeinstien monster. to me that would completely ruin zombies for me. This is Zombies... we play to kill zombies not monsters. i dont care for the margwas or some of the other bosses but can deal with them i guess but , frankeinstien???? come on
  5. Lately stamin up hasn't been working for me? It shows u hAve it but it's clearly not working like it should. Anyone have this problem?
  6. so in SOE theres 3 crafting tables. but why? weve only found 2 things to craft the shield and the ww. are we missing something? if i remember correctly in the other maps there was always something to build on each table. any thoughts?
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