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  1. im up for doing the ee if your on ps4 . my psn is caddycrasher38.. im no kid have a mic a team player and pretty good at zombies
  2. its a glitch for sure but that would be awsome to use though
  3. x2 id say storm/electric then fire then wolf and last on the list is the void.
  4. i can confirm that gamesharing does still work. the only thing that the person cannot get(the one that had the game shared to them) is they cannot get the new gumballs. tells them they have to purchace the dlc to use them
  5. So i have the digital deluxe for bo3 on ps4. I gameshared this with my son so we can play together and i refuse to buy 2 dd editions for ps4s that are roughly 20ft apart. My question is with this new way that activision/treyarch or implementing the awakening dlc is this going to affect me gamesharing this with my son? or will everything stay the same. I've checked reddit and sites like that but cant find an answer. Does anyone know how this will work?
  6. i truly hope there is no frankeinstien monster. to me that would completely ruin zombies for me. This is Zombies... we play to kill zombies not monsters. i dont care for the margwas or some of the other bosses but can deal with them i guess but , frankeinstien???? come on
  7. Lately stamin up hasn't been working for me? It shows u hAve it but it's clearly not working like it should. Anyone have this problem?
  8. Yea playing with randoms has become more of a hassle than its worth some times. I firmly believe there should be consequences for quitters. Like a ban where u can't join another game until the game that u quit is finished. Playing with random on soe is the worst most of the time their no help cause they don't know what their doing and u try to teach them and its hopeless cause they don't wanna learn. So they make the map WAY harder than it needs to be
  9. so in SOE theres 3 crafting tables. but why? weve only found 2 things to craft the shield and the ww. are we missing something? if i remember correctly in the other maps there was always something to build on each table. any thoughts?
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