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  1. IF you can re-create the max ammo drop every time, then you have found a bread-crumb . But there is no way to be sure until you try this solo, for now I assume the max was dropped like normal from a killed zombie that you or your partner killed. That being said , I do think a max ammo drop without a killed zombie IS a breadcrumb from 3arch. Just need to know if that is what actually happened. Great Work so far...keep it up.
  2. This post is written out of order please forgive jumping around. Shirtless, Great point about "learned behavior" due to societies "belief" about certain features. This certainly plays a role regardless of phrenology's "accuracy". In my experience, the correleation between physical and mental/emotional is complex , but real. Compounding the complexity is intelligence itself , and what that even IS. Is it raw "horsepower" of brain function?, Is it one's ability to "go to" abstract places of thought, Is it how much you think?, or WHAT you think? This could go off on a whole ot
  3. Shirtless, under phrenology's original "teachings" one could map out the head/skull of a subject, we still see today in many phychiatric offices a "phrenologists head'' ... This head was mapped out and lines drawn seperating areas of the skull, and the seperated areas would be listed, agressions, psychopathy, humor, etc, etc, and a very SIMPLISTIC one to one relation was applied...so for example , if the area of the skull marked agression was larger or had a bump , than this "meant" an increase in aggressive behavior in the subject.... very rudimentary imo. In my studies I have found almost NO
  4. It is possible that the old EE 3arch mentioned was the WaW Biography EE, (First letter of each sentence(paragraph?) made a new message (about not trusting Ricky) and there may not be any more left undiscovered. (definetly more left on new maps tho)
  5. Most Muslims are peace-full, loving people. But the extreme fringe element that exists within islam Is a problem "in the house of islam" and to ignore it, will only allow it to fester. Same exact sentiment can be made toward the Political "right"...many are peacefull loving americans, but there is an extremist element that exists in the republican "house" and it must be aknowledged in order to be dealt with. Democratic politicians Lie just like the rest do... though I believe Bernie may just be the exception ( I hope) lastly Phrenology (a debunked psuedo-science c
  6. Overdue update, ever since the day before D.E. patch, shadowman finally resumed speaking to me when I enter a ritual area , this had gone away for a while , and now returned. I test out the gateworm placement each time I play , and I have NEVER had ant other result than , 4,1,3,2, regardles of where I place them, the only way for me to change this would be to place a worm before I get another...one worm at a time. But taking your advice , I played around with placement and DID find that if placed clockwise, i get the same repeated phrase 4 time(with no exeption) , Bu
  7. 83567 I only had 360 version for first month, It was brighter, but the darkness on xboxone actually helped bring all the colors to life, it was remarkable the first time i played on next gen. (now current gen) I cant state enough how hard you should try for xbox one, it is easliy the greatest gaming experience of my life (outside of arcades in the 90's) perhaps gamestop will run a trade deal again ( i traded 360 for 100 credit to x1) But yeah, SoE looked very very bad on last gen. I had a visceral reaction that first night, I almost stopped playing it was so upsettin
  8. USA East time zone is usually dropped around 4-5 AM. EST
  9. thank you nieno, the idea that the cipher is mid form, and that THAT is the big clue , is refreshing and very possible. good luck on the reasoned brute force, i hope it works. I am not fully understanding it yet tho, if u guess\try the correct permutation of 1234 to go with your 56 or 65, would that only give us a new column arragement for the origal ciphertext, wouldnt we then still need a polybius ? great work btw p.s. thoughts on the motd codex (polybius?) where are we at with this, would have been obvious if it were 5x5 instead of 4x4, cuz 5x5 would be nice neat fit with
  10. K, double checked , I believe I am right, After we have the columns arranged alphabetically , we then write out the final version of the ciphertext going DOWN each column , and the text becomes a horizontal string , with breaks in the text between each column group, If the motd cipher follows the adfgx rules then the AF would have been in thier own column...and when written out , likely would have been written left to right, as all the others were. I am starting to understand why some people said it was not "in its final phase"
  11. I do get that, thank you, but i am not completely convinced. So those two columns contained one more letter each, Got that, but... When you finalize the ciphertext and write it out , it is not written in column form, so those two columns with (extra) A and F , would have just been written out in continuation with the rest of the ciphertext. The point in the decipher method when you have those 2 columns with more letter, is NOT the final part , and NOT what gets written out as the final ciphertext... I hope this makes sense, I Truly do understand what you said, and it is correct, but
  12. there was a comment from 3arch (allegedly) where they say , I think we made that one too hard (adfgx cipher) I am starting to put more weight behind the theory that the keyword (transposition key) uses repeat letters, perhaps they did this specifically so we would not be able to use the existing adfgx decrypters, but would have to write it out old school, OR adjust a decrypter program accordingly . And bringing back up an old question, why is the final AF on the right hand side and not the left, I get that there is no problem having the final AF on its own, but why
  13. You actually dont NEED to have a keyword without repeat letters, for example lets use the keyword DECODE , when we are writing out the jibberish underneath the colums D_E_C_O_D_E we will have to mark/remember which letter E is which, but one CAN do this, if you label the first E as E1 and the second E as E2, then when you need to re-arrange D_E_C_O_D_E alphabetically you can do so without messing up which E was which. Hope that explains the repeat letters in the keyword thing. , gotta take a break before writing the next part about 6 letter key, but similarly it is based on
  14. p.p.s. Just looked up what it means, and while I now know (what?) I still find this interconnectivity with no clear relation ...unsettling
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