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  1. IF you can re-create the max ammo drop every time, then you have found a bread-crumb . But there is no way to be sure until you try this solo, for now I assume the max was dropped like normal from a killed zombie that you or your partner killed. That being said , I do think a max ammo drop without a killed zombie IS a breadcrumb from 3arch. Just need to know if that is what actually happened. Great Work so far...keep it up.
  2. Overdue update, ever since the day before D.E. patch, shadowman finally resumed speaking to me when I enter a ritual area , this had gone away for a while , and now returned. I test out the gateworm placement each time I play , and I have NEVER had ant other result than , 4,1,3,2, regardles of where I place them, the only way for me to change this would be to place a worm before I get another...one worm at a time. But taking your advice , I played around with placement and DID find that if placed clockwise, i get the same repeated phrase 4 time(with no exeption) , But when placed differently (lower right top left lower left top right) I get 4 seperate quotes....(with no exception) This MUST mean something. I know you all know this already....but there it is.
  3. USA East time zone is usually dropped around 4-5 AM. EST
  4. p.p.s. Just looked up what it means, and while I now know (what?) I still find this interconnectivity with no clear relation ...unsettling
  5. something is going on.... Why does this obscure thread have a title Ayyy Lmao , and MRroflwaffles just made a vid yesterday about 5 unsolved motd ee. In theat new video , early on , for NO reason i can see, the letters flashed on screen ayy lmao. Is this just a really common expression ( I am getting old) , seems like a cosmic huge coincedence if not. Possibly related, A new account posts about the motd adfgx cipher today, renewing interest, and there is Waffles video, talking about 5 motd unsolvd ee , and the video flashes that (name?) Might be a stretch, but, is 3arch using "plants" to get us back n track?
  6. 83457, Radoll just listed the other two you need, its 6 total , You just need the heading to footlight ones, on the H in theatre sign and coffe cup sign (hardest one for me) p.s. Be careful using ray gun , splash dmg if you shoot while you are too close to the wall. Wterfront footlight cnals, run it a few times until you see all 6 and you will prob get it withing the first 10 attempts, once you get it tho, it becomes easier each time
  7. tHe mIssiNg ciTy ..... H I N T Cant believe i just noticed this... Footlight marquee next to The Wool Club, i had long known of some others (blinking letters in signs), Ruby rAbbiT (rat), but this actually SAYS hint, and look at the corresponding poster for " The Missing City " ... shadow sillouette city wrapped in shadow tentacles... so what we sposed to do? noire?
  8. Since the update, when I play solo, shadowman NO LONGER says the quotes he always used to to when entering Nero's for the first time (This is a room of secrets...) or Ruby Rabbit , footlight etc.. (More than any other place, your paths cross here) He just doesnt say it anymore, at all. Havent heard it once since the update.
  9. What is your GT? ill try your name here i guess, hope it works. T-Virus is where we should keep this all together, and be very careful about using words like definite, confirmed, they are being used when it is not actually true. Nothing has been confirmed...yet. Im searching today (Sun.) so maybe we can hook up. p.s. I feel lost regarding the "sprayer" , Can anyone fill me in? where did we even get introduced to the term/word "sprayer"?
  10. Jami San


    CODZ Admins: LFG is good at finding a group RIGHT NOW to play with, but for finding long term zombies buddies it is the WORST. Few read the notes, they want wham bam thank you Sam. And it is even harder to sift thru that clutter for REAL teammates., rant over. Erynn I am looking for zombie team mates for good times (EE also) if you would like to add me , name is Jami San.
  11. I am very interested, ultimately, the how of what you find wont be as important if these "finds" infact pan out to be real. We currently are in need of new "leads" , especially with the new update "fixes" So if you are telling the truth , I would ask for you to go ahead and start listing objects/places that you think are significant and or interact-able. From there I and others can start to experiment and hopefully we can all get somewhere new. Try to be specific regarding locations. Thanx for the input.
  12. ragdoll 's pic shows it well (although purple ) it is not the mist from a turned Z, its more of a gassy spray that can last thru multiple rounds. never noticed the icon of the red wine drops, it was truly SO common that i didnt investgate closely, i kinda just thought they refilled MORE than the blue, but never actually checked..... lazy, wont happen again. Everything could be something. Are the 3 of us all on dif. systems? ... Cuz that would be a fun EE hunting squad. p.s. the location of the ritual artifacts(badge etc) DO seem intentionally within "range" of the devil o/holly cakes carts. Can anyone confirm if the keepers count toward the trip mine "upgrade"?
  13. Looked for those orbs last night in Ruby Rabbit, cant see them, not there inside, and not even there when looking in from the same angle as the picture. Many things seem different since update, the lamps in RR with the "coasters" on the shade, are these the black dot lamps you speak of?, and is it true that they are post update only? Cuz I see those, and thought they might be new. Much to still be discovered, "there it is ...in black and white." + noire mode +B&W checkerboard building tops on way to footlight (which is obviously connected to noire mode(noire film)) p.s.. Do you get a green mist spraying from the ground where you put a lil arnie down? after arnie goes away , sometimes i get a green spigot of "gas" shooting from the ground , and for whatever reason I have yet to have someone else back me up on this. It is pretty common for me, and def. happens when arnie goes away. Red widow wine drops, been seeing these for a very long time, but apparently some people said they never see them, so whats THAT about?
  14. I am as certain as one can be without knowing for sure, the Arbgwaoth is still there, or at least has been "returned" after a bug fix. High rounds are something players care about ( I never will understand this but to each their own ) I find it hard to believe that 3arch would alter anything in an attempt to keep the high rounders from what they do. Over 90 percent of the zombies players are not in any contention for "high round" records. The overall percieved "fun" of a map is , imo , based off of gameplay mechanics of round 1-30 (average), ambiance(look, sound and feel of map), and story progression (used the term progression lightly). I can only think of a few players that care about high rounds, and even fewer that would place the importance above the mythos(story). I am biased however, as I see high round play as nothing more than a once in a while high score attempt, not to be tried more than a few times per map. If 3arch fundamentally alters its game to arbitrarily reduce the high rounders top score, this would be dumbfounding. I hope it is not the case.
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