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Did you become a boring player?

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The question is in the title. Sure, the bows can be fun. However, doing the very same set-up every game.... I can't imagine you would. Also, about every Youtube video is all about getting perkaholic on the get-go... 

Do people still play it like the old maps? With guns and the quest for power and juggernog? 

I hope so, because the three games I played online took 30 minutes to get to round 8. Everyone was really busy doing about nothing while I ran around the whole map in search for one crawler to kill. I'm not trolling. If needed I could even babysit the last zombie, but really? Before round 20 or so, no one should be saving zombies.

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Yeah I would say I'm pretty boring. The DE setup for me is always storm bow, Paped assault rifle for secondary, jug, quick revive, speed and stamin for perks, then train around the undercroft, and run to the death ray when panzer comes.

The steps I take to get there are always the same as well. Maybe that's why am so bored of it and impatient for dlc 2.

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I hate the zombie saving people  in public games too... and if you kill it after 5 minutes doing nothing you get called an asshole in frech, russian or dutch....

I dont know how far you are with the weapon Kits and attachments... For me it's not boring because I still need to rank up some weopons i never get in most games and the scopesattachments needs 5k kill each too ...I hope they will add some more weopons... but till that I still need to prestige... So i'm fine

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lol Ragemode in foreign languages is funny. XD

I only play zombies and I see no reason to prestige. I think I have about everything. I might miss a few attachments for the Argus and the Gorgon, but eventually they'll max out. 

Personally, I think Shadows of Evil has a bunch of nice spots to be honest. 

At least the Junction, the Tram Station, the Pack-a-Punch room and the Black Burlesque never did me wrong. When Margwas are chasing you, just run them across the whole map to give yourself some more space. 

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On 3/29/2016 at 6:53 AM, ZombieSlayer1997 said:

At least here there's more options available to us. On SOE I felt like there was only 1 decent training spot that could get you beyond round 10. 

WHHAHATTTT SOE, had plenty of training spots........ In front fot of the Box by the ruby rabbit (near work bench),  Neros Lair is my favorite, The loop in front of the Burlesque and dont forget the easiest is the PAP/portal room.



Beyond that, I was a huge fan of Kino.....I think I have my most hours on Kino.  But alas, since Xbox One my 360 has not seen the light of day... just waiting for BO1 to be a playable title on the one, so I can fire up Kino again.



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You're quite lucky, in random games I get in I normally still haven't got the basic bow by round 10 because randomers still have no idea how to properly feed the dragons LOL.

Once I've got that though, you'll never find me keeping a crawler no matter what bow I go for, everything can be done mid round or quickly as rounds transition.

In solo games I always play it differently. Perkaholic asap is normally on the agenda NGL. Though sometimes I might go for a quick run to round 30 in 30-45 mins and just grab some PaP'd wall guns for some camping.

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On Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 5:53 PM, ZombieSlayer1997 said:

At least here there's more options available to us. On SOE I felt like there was only 1 decent training spot that could get you beyond round 10. 

There were tonnes of decent training spots in SoE. I guess at first they were tough because of the way you got slowed right down with each hit, but since Treyarch removed that training has become easier and there are plenty of good running areas.The Rift always wins though!

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