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  1. Maybe these ones are not THAT good, but future dlc will probably have them and they could be good, but we won't be able to use them. I was hoping the gobblegum update would change this but no. Who's to say they won't do this with other zombie stuff too? Potentially remastered maps, weapon dlc, they could do the same thing and then be completely silent about it hoping that no one will notice.
  2. The problem is that the season pass already says there will be 4 packs, each containing 4 mp maps and 1 zombies chapter. If they were to do an all zombies pack, it would have to be outside the season pass. Either that or they could do a map like transit for dlc 4. I dont mean fog and denezins, I mean one large map and 3 or 4 sub maps.
  3. Round 45, had an intense round with the panzer on round 44, but got through it. Downed on round 45 but couldn't recover despite my efforts. I was trying to get jug and didnt have any storm bow ammo, and zombies just kept climbing through the window. Died when my brother walked in.
  4. Try to have an electric bow before the second panzer round, and then train in the underground area. I got to round 40 easily and only died because I got cocky on an instakill. Could have gone for longer. There are also some excellent camping spots, including the quick revive room (providing you don't open the door to the left), spawn, the prison cell next to jug. Training is better IMO because camping will drain your ammo much quicker.
  5. I tried activating my account as the primary one and deactivated his but he's the one with ps plus so all it does is stop me from being able to go online because the account with plus is now a secondary one. When plus expires I'll try to renew it on my account and then make mine the primary. When dlc 2 comes out I'll then be the one to download it, and see if I get the new gobblegum. When we bought the season pass we split it 50 50 so the fairest way (if possible) would be if I got 8, and he got the other 8. Just seems weird that they would give all accounts the maps but not the gobblegum.
  6. This really frustrates me! My brother downloaded the season pass and awakening DLC, and he got the new gobblegums, but I didn't. As far as I'm aware, how it works is that whoever downloads the dlc gets the four new gobblegum, but other accounts don't. They still get the maps. I just cannot understand why they would make it like this. Why the hell should they only be available to the owner of the dlc? Nobody seems to care about this anymore, but I know I'm not the only one thinking it. Treyarch/activision have responded to some people discussing it weeks ago, but they simply said "some parts of the dlc will only be available to the account that owns the DLC/season pass". I think they owe us an explanation as to why they did this. Even if they don't change it, it's better than them staying silent about it. There has got to be others who feel the same way. Sorry for the long rant but it really bothers me, probably more than it should.
  7. Make dlc gobblegum available on ALL ps4 accounts

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