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  1. Not looking at spoilers is difficult. About 19 hours to go. I very briefly looked at reddit thread titles for literally a few seconds, and even that spoiled some stuff. Must stay away from social media till tomorrow (so close!)
  2. I'm happy about the HG-40, Marshalls and MX grand as long as they're available to all playstation accounts, not just the one that downloaded the season pass (like the gobblegums and themes). I can see them releasing them as weapon kits, and then the game will tell me I can't use them because I "don't own the season pass".
  3. Spiders should be immune to the effects of widows wine.
  4. Treyarch are cruel. I thought the April 19th release date was enough of a troll on its own, and here we are now, a week to go and not a single bit of gameplay. Now they release the spire trailer instead of Takeo's bio. The element of suprise is cool and all but there must be something in this map which doesn't give away the scare factor, that they could show us? I don't believe we'll be jumping out of our seats every step we make. Hoping for a Takeo bio tomorrow along with gameplay of ZNS. I'm burned out with zombies right now. The 3 current maps have become boring af.
  5. They are releasing bios for all the characters. First Dempsey, then Richtofen, then Nickoli, and probably Takeo tomorrow. If we are ever going to get a trailer, its likely going to be after all bios are released, so Tuesday.
  6. One thing I REALLY hope doesn't happen in ZNS is having wonder weapon parts only obtainable by chance. I just had the most frustrating game of shadows ever. I got to round 28 and still didn't have an apothecan servant, because the purple pods wouldn't give me the part I wanted. That is just ridiculous. Someone could be on round 50 without it because they were unlucky. Box WWs are fine because firstly you can keep spamming the box (whereas purple pods are rare) and secondly you get the full weapon, not just one part of it. The AS isn't even that great so why make the parts so rare? Hope this doesn't happen here as well.
  7. I'd like to see a plant themed wonder weapon that you can get from the box. There should also be a build able specialist weapon.
  8. The catwalk is the best strategy but it's soooo boring doing it over and over, and if you're on solo, you start running into ammo issues on round 40 even if you try to preserve it. Those damn dogs are the reason training is hard. You can avoid them to some extent by using the trap but at some point, usually in the 30s, they will screw you. You can't simply let zombies build up, you have to keep turning round and shoot the 10 dogs that are biting you like there's no tomorrow. No biggie right? Wrong, as soon as you turn your back a zombie will trap you. Sliding can get you killed too I hate those times where you get stuck in a crouch position.
  9. Rust from mw2 could also make a fun simple survival map. It could be like farm with limited perks and weapons, but not as limited as depot.
  10. I think hijacked could work as a zombies map, except in the zombies version, the boat starts with a leak, and it gradually sinks as the rounds progress. Not sure how it would work though. High rise could also work. We already had that kind of map with die rise but it could have had more verticality to it (at least double the height it was). I want to fight zombies on cranes and window ledges to get that feeling that I'm high above a big city.
  11. I'm still waiting for a game play trailer but they didn't mention one at all so I have a feeling we won't be seeing one over the next few days.
  12. What did everyone think? I was hoping for a trailer but a cutscene is still good. However, the release is a looong 3 weeks away. April 19th, April 19th!!!!!
  13. We can only find out the Suprise through a supply drop, and the Suprise is a black market system like multiplayer. I just want old maps to return.
  14. Was hoping for it today but at least I don't have to keep refreshing the internet for news, at least not today or tomorrow anyway. So I'm guessing there's no chance for the release on April 5th.
  15. At least here there's more options available to us. On SOE I felt like there was only 1 decent training spot that could get you beyond round 10.
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