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help me!

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need some help! I get as far as getting the lightening bow to take to the pyramid to collect the god damned souls but by the time i've got to the point i;ve got the panzer spawning to kill my ass. I use the death ray, shoot the crap out of him and still he dont die! as i've yet i stll havent had an upgraded bow and its doing my tits in!

Similarly on Shadows of evil i get to the second ritual, the damn margwa spawns in with his heads and i try to shoot them but i cant and have all the zombies spawning killing me and sucking the life out of me!

Seriously guys and girls. How in gods name do you do it! i have only just figured out how to train the zombies and get past them but when i get in close quarters, like in the room above double tap in DE to collect the souls in the urn to get the lightning bow i get fucked.


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You can easily have the bow done by round 4 or 5, then start work on the upgrade. If you maximize the zombies you need to kill to charge it, you should always have the lightning bow done by round 10, if not lower... Maximize your points and prioritize what you do with them, you should be able to have what you want done by like round 10 or 11, and the Panzer on 12 should just be the way for you to complete the ragnarok

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Sounds like you are New to zombies 

Like the others just tell - try to max your points....

But the important thing is: buy perks...quick revive and Jug

Even if you go down by the Panzer you can kill it while reviving yourself 

The bow should be completed by round 6 to get it upgraded till the Panzer spawns in 

Try again and train zombies during the feed step to kill one by one for filling it up

If you get max ammo use your pistol and train zombies and shoot in the group to hit multiple zombies to Mac your points

Get the shield first after you turn the Power on

Do charged shots against the Panzer do uncharged shots against the Zombies in lower rounds..

You should train to hit the fireplaces in one shot.... So you dont get out of ammo...

It's not easy to get the bow on round 4 ...For that in my opinion you need the right trops from the Zombies

Remember to not train zombies in close quarters...just kill them with the bow - i never counted but you need 6-8 zombiesouls for fill the urns that's easy with the bow and after that get the f**k out of this deathtraps

If you dont know how to do just always shoot in front of your feet with the bow to collect the souls as soon as no more souls spawns go to the next place....


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Not to have a go at you but in general when I go into a public lobby, everyone is trigger happy, gun ho mentality and doesn't realise or understand tactics to get setup very early. If you do it right, you can have the bow upgraded by round 5 or 6, you shouldn't be on round 12 with no upgraded bow - period (unless co-op, sometimes it takes a little longer).

Try this @funkydisciple

Round 1: Hit that gondola, do not kill any zombies until you have, get enough points (1550) then by laying down at quick revive for 100 points and double tap for 100 points - extra 200 points given you 1750 to open both gates. If you get a double points, scrap round 1 and go for 8 hits to the legs, knife and maximise the points - if ammo is running out, make sure to utilise the double points before it runs out by knifing the zombies.

Remember to activate the pad at spawn.

Round 2: One zombie at a time, do not kill anymore than 1 zombie at a time, train them at and around the dragon and ensure the zombie is killed so that the dragon eats the body or its a wasted kill - you should get enough for the next door to Samanthas room (1250) - if you have enough zombie after feeding the dragon, kill them all - you need the points (remember leg shots then knife).

Remember to pick up the shield part and activate the pad.

Round 3: If you do not have 1500 points to open the door to the power room, hold up at the door to the power room - if you don't have a gun, the vesper on the wall in the tower room with the fireplace as you come up the stairs to enter the castle into Samanthas room will help. Get 1500 points and no more, you don't need anymore than 1500 points.

Switch that power on

Activate the pad

Grab that shield part

Head down into the undercroft and get that anti gravity on, grab the last shield part and build the sheild by activating the pads, I personally do the undercroft first then head back up and get the dragon in the comms room. Remember one zombie at a time, you are still only on round 3, you might need to enter round to finish the dragon in the undercroft and comms room.

Round 4: Get those dragons finished if you haven;t already - grab the bow, activate those beacons, the furthest away isn't the hardest - the hardest one is the one you usually hit from the test site but this time try and hit it from the room above double tab, if you aim between the trees, just past the road you can hit it without going over to the test site - if you do need to go over, teleporter room will cost you 1500 points to open, 500 to teleport.

Remember to hit the beacon and activate that pad, you'll need another 500 points to teleport back - get that wall run done and then get the start of the urns filled with souls, you'll probably need to go onto round 5.

Round 5, get those urns filled, remember you only need 6/7 souls before it's complete, you still have no jug but you have the shield watch yer arse or you'll get bitten. Keep a zombie alive (crawler) if you need to run around to hit the beacons - easier to do with a crawler if you need time.

Get back to the place you picked up the arrow for the start of the upgrade and grab the last part and head down tot he undercroft, insert the arrow into the chest and get that chest filled with zombies, remember to kill them within the vicinity of the chest. Once that bows upgraded, you can now get perks and you can now find a good training spot (quick revive is my personal favourite, or the top of the stairs opposite speed cola (don't open the door at quick revive and don't open the walkway from clock tower to the comms room).

Follow this strategy and you should be done by round 6, no later than 7, 8 at a push.

Happy camping/training til round 12, now head up to the death ray. When that pandzer spawns at the death ray or runs into the vicinity, get it activated and hit that sucker in the puss til he drops. Do this, rinse and repeat on pandzer spawn rounds and you are good to go. 

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Side Tip if you have the Pop Shock Gobble gum its an insta kill on the panzer,  Equip it for your round and before round 12 make sure you have one to use,  Knife the panzer once or twice done and continue on to your bow step!



PS Pop Shock works on Margwas too on SOE

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Oh gee. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it.

@Hells Warrrior I do exactly as you have done and I think what my problem has been right now is zombies coming from all different directions that when I think I have all the zombies all trained up behind me more spawn to the left/right of me unexpectedly and end up going down. I think my problem right now has been that perhaps I'm getting too close to the zombies when I think the gap they've left is more than enough to get past without getting hurt. I think I'm underestimating that part. and when they go berserk I do too! lol.

I suppose its just all practice. but I'm averaging just 6 rounds before I'm dead which is just frustrating me. grr!

I'm glad its Friday and I'm just gonna practice and practice this weekend. If any of you guys are on today/weekend please add me (psn id - funkydisciple) let me know you're from CODz and hopefully we can get some games in. I'm from England so hopefully the time difference won't impact too much :)

have a nice day everyone :)



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3 minutes ago, Drewxke said:

When the Panzer spawns in Aim for the chest first, some part of his suit blows off and then aim for the head. I think its the helmet that breaks off when blasting his chest. Good luck!

You need to aim for the head, aiming for the head takes off the head shield and then you spam the head with hits. Always go for the head.

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hey peeps. 

i posted in the heat of the moment two days ago frustrated with my lack of progress after playing for 2 weeks solid. With all your kind help, especially the strategy assist by @Hells Warrrior,.....i finally did it!! I got the lightening bow. I know to some of you this is all elementary stuff but i'm glad i did it. I killed the panzer using the death ray and shooting him with my lightening bow. 

I camped in the room above double tap where the transporter thing is and managed to make it round 15. had enough points to pack a punch my m8a7 several times and got fireworks coming out of my gun. 

thanks guys. i'll try again tomorrow and make sure it wasnt a fluke. but at least i can go on and start cracking the easter egg. 

have a nice day!

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On 10-3-2016 at 11:56 PM, funkydisciple said:


thanks guys. i'll try again tomorrow and make sure it wasnt a fluke. but at least i can go on and start cracking the easter egg. 

have a nice day!

Be sure to keep us updated and don't forget to try Shadows of Evil again as well. It just sounds like you needed a bit more practice. If you still happen to be short on points for juggernog and a pack-a-punched weapon by round 12, feel free to use the claws that can get you the helmet.

Youtube it, (tl;dr)

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