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  1. Idk if anyone else has thought of this, but if you take a look at the maps , minus revelations and SOE, you can see an elemental aspect to it. Gorod- fire zetsubo- lighting Etc. I'm thinking its a possible connection to the staffs just wondering if anyone has any opinions on the matter? Sent from my iPod touch using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  2. Cheers for that man, I'll definately be giving the strategy a run. I could have gone further but I just had a moment of not concentrating and started making some silly mistakes, I'm in love with the keeper summoning how it can revive you love being able to have more chances than 3 from QR
  3. Decided to make a topic just for some high round strategies, tips and other little quirks and perks people have figured out :) I hit round 55 the other day offline just training with the approval servant and tinder gun , very simple and easy especially when using the keeper summoning. A good spot for a camp/train up to round 40-45 is jut in front of the keeper summoning in origins. The keeper does most the work while you chill in the corner, doing a circle every few seconds to stall zombies From 50-55 I trained in front of the tesla trap for the apthican, bit cramped but still a trainable area with the estulla astoth Also being able to get jug on round 2 is pretty handy when not going down during setting up upgrading the rift e9 is wise if you are looking for a powerhouse of a gun, used it once and now I can't get enough of it, use deadwire or blast furnace
  4. for a solo tip don't try to rush things. just take it slow for the starting rounds, i usually go down early for tryna get things done too quickly or not concentrating because wanna just upgrade the bows quickly. do the electric bow first it makes it way easier to upgrade the other bows. the electric bows splash damage will help when doing the fire bow when shooting the 3 circles in mid-air. if camping alchemical antithesis is always useful as it is pretty much 2 free max ammo with a minute of unlimited shots. build the shield asap to help with feeding the dragons as it covers your back well, especially when doing the shots for the electric bow. hope this helps i'm definitely gonna try camping between the two gondolas, never tried that but quick revive is a very good spot to camp, also in the church on the stairway is another great spot
  5. got round 49 last night then it disconnected, going for even higher Tonight, its a great map i would play coop more often but people just seem to keep going down and leaving on lower rounds. i hit round 44 though with 3 people a few days ago
  6. solo only got 41 but im attempting for a round 50+ tonite on stream along with der eisendrache
  7. I am 16 now, But when WaW was first released me and my cousin got this great idea to pull an all nighter (our first one ever) doing the campaign together, it was great!! so much fun. its like 3 in the morning and we are unbelievably tired ahah (amateurs) we finish the campaign finally and we go to turn the console off and go to sleep, but just before i do it my cousin yells WAIT!! he notices this 'Nazi Zombies' mode is finally unlocked!?! so we decided to stay awake and keep playing. oh this was the most fun on a console i ever had up until that point. We made it to like round 4 and kept dying but we didn't really care. From that point on, every dlc, every zombies map we have bought and played together ever since. We fell in love with zombies....and we never knew the story line..until one day we were playing tranzit and started hearing all these quotes coming from the characters along with cutscenes we didnt really understand. so we decided to do some research online then went back through every map completing easter eggs we never knew existed! ahaha thats my little story :)
  8. managed to get to round 41 a couple days ago but tonight going for a 50+ with a perkaholic i managed to get. using most likely the wolf bow, gonna just train the death ray with the kuda with blast furnace. might try the magma bow and see how it goes

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