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  1. Hey Guys, Looking for some where on here, or on youtube, where I can learn the storyline from the beginning to the end. Any recommendations on where I can really learn the story from start to where we are up to right now??
  2. Hey peeps. ok....as a newbie to zombies I struggled first getting the lightening bow and now i'm great at getting it everytime, after some great advice from this forum. Now, i'm struggling to progress with the easter egg. so, I find the wisps and go back in time and when I come back in to the rocket testing area a panzer spawns like it does everytime when you've come back from the past. I kill it with my lightening bow and the remaining zombie get caught up in the lectrical storm that it ends the round. Shortly after I hear a buzzer sound and then I saw a wisp on my travels when I was making my way to the death ray. So, I thought i'm not meant to end the round and keep a few zombies alive at least. so I did the wisp step again, went back in time, memorised the code and again the panzer spawns and the only way I can kill at that time is to use my lightening bow which again happens to kill all the zombies. Am I meant to ignore the buzzer sound and still make my way to the death ray, put the fuses in, put it to protect and then start it up and then put in the code in the machine nearest to the bell tower? i'm getting confused if i'm meant to do the whole thing in one round...if not...why do I keep hearing the buzzer sound and then the margwa sound to tell me a wisp is ready to be found. Hoping you can help me again. really determined to crack this easter egg solo. thanks everyone
  3. @anonymous and @NaBrZHunter guys thank you so much. at the moment the kinda of genre i love reading is exactly the kind of story you gave me the link for and i'm gonna give that a good read right now. i had no idea about MrDalekJD. But i suppose the kinda thing he is doing is commonplace on mediums like youtube. its really looking out for the good guys like Milo (Mr Rofl Waffles). Anyway, i'm looking at that and will search for more roflwaffles videos to watch. i cant thank you enough guys. such a big help!! and thank you for being so welcoming.
  4. Thank you @anonymous & @NaBrZHunter! I had a look at that 73-asylum page. I will take the time to read it but glancing over it it seems to talk about stuff that knowledagable people know already and theorising on possible outcomes and meanings. Any particular page on this forum that kinda has information on the how the zombies were first created to where we are now. A chronological story, if you know what I mean? @AllStar_Caino dude, I got your add on play station. Ive added you. I'm mostly on from 9pm onwards, that's hoping little ones have fallen asleep by then and hopefully take it from there. I can get the lightening bow, don't know how to get the others and attempted to do the first part of the easter egg where I have to locate the wisks but I kept running out of time! grr. it'll be nice to play with other players and make friends. You going to be going to insomnia57 at the end of this month?
  5. Hey @AllStar_Caino yes,.add me! i'm still getting used to zombies and stuff, so i'm still bit of a noob!
  6. hey dude, i dont knwo the story at all. however, that being said, i have been going on youtube to learn more about the background and stories. i look on reddit and doing general searches to understand it all. there is a lot to take in and a lot that really really makes you think! any particular page on here or site you recommend to get more knowledgable about the story @anonymous?
  7. hey peeps. i posted in the heat of the moment two days ago frustrated with my lack of progress after playing for 2 weeks solid. With all your kind help, especially the strategy assist by @Hells Warrrior,.....i finally did it!! I got the lightening bow. I know to some of you this is all elementary stuff but i'm glad i did it. I killed the panzer using the death ray and shooting him with my lightening bow. I camped in the room above double tap where the transporter thing is and managed to make it round 15. had enough points to pack a punch my m8a7 several times and got fireworks coming out of my gun. thanks guys. i'll try again tomorrow and make sure it wasnt a fluke. but at least i can go on and start cracking the easter egg. have a nice day!
  8. Oh gee. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it. @Hells Warrrior I do exactly as you have done and I think what my problem has been right now is zombies coming from all different directions that when I think I have all the zombies all trained up behind me more spawn to the left/right of me unexpectedly and end up going down. I think my problem right now has been that perhaps I'm getting too close to the zombies when I think the gap they've left is more than enough to get past without getting hurt. I think I'm underestimating that part. and when they go berserk I do too! lol. I suppose its just all practice. but I'm averaging just 6 rounds before I'm dead which is just frustrating me. grr! I'm glad its Friday and I'm just gonna practice and practice this weekend. If any of you guys are on today/weekend please add me (psn id - funkydisciple) let me know you're from CODz and hopefully we can get some games in. I'm from England so hopefully the time difference won't impact too much :) have a nice day everyone :)
  9. need some help! I get as far as getting the lightening bow to take to the pyramid to collect the god damned souls but by the time i've got to the point i;ve got the panzer spawning to kill my ass. I use the death ray, shoot the crap out of him and still he dont die! as i've yet i stll havent had an upgraded bow and its doing my tits in! Similarly on Shadows of evil i get to the second ritual, the damn margwa spawns in with his heads and i try to shoot them but i cant and have all the zombies spawning killing me and sucking the life out of me! Seriously guys and girls. How in gods name do you do it! i have only just figured out how to train the zombies and get past them but when i get in close quarters, like in the room above double tap in DE to collect the souls in the urn to get the lightning bow i get fucked. Help!!!
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm funkydisciple (also my PSN ID) and recently started playing Cod Zombies. Still a bit of a noob unfortunately and I'm hoping I might pick up a few tips and tricks such as keep getting cornered by zombies when a new round starts and i'm wondering how the hell do i survive the early onslaught? Love the zombies stories, the mystery, love Richtofen and hoping I can at least crack an easter egg. I'm from England, I live in a town called Chorley. Love making new friends so if you're on PS4 add me and hopefully get a few games of zombies in. Have a nice day.
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