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This thread is for discussion of GG efficacy and use. Please opine.


Currently Classics, Megas, and DLC1 Megas listed.


For all Clasic GG names and functions, you can go to zombies>local>GG, pick a pack, customize GG, then all Classic GG will be shown there if you don't already have them unlocked online.


I've added/cluttered this first post with more information as i got more familiar with each. These are my opinions and thoughts, feel free to disagree.


(GG Ratings removed because GG use and power can be subjective).


I have not used every GG in every situation, so i may post stupid shit, so feel free to discuss dissenting opinions below. They are quite welcome as they help us all gain a better understanding. Be polite.


Colors scheme;


Blue: Lasts stated X full rounds, plus remainder of current round. Buy as round ends for the most time. It won't diminish until the end of the next round, if timed right. 


Purple: User activated (push up on D-pad to activate). May have multiple uses. Can be purchased anytime, but if used with Blues/Greens, hit the GGm at rounds end. (#x denotes # of activations per GG).


Green: Timed. Best just after round begins, but if mixed with Blue GG, buy GGs as Blue (above).


Gold: Special (normally 1) use GG, usually triggered by game action.


>Classic GobbleGum: [The top 4 Solo GG in my opinion are Alchemical Antithesis, In Plain Sight, Arsenal Accelerator, Anywhere But Here!. After that, it's dependant on current game. In the long run, you'll just be spamming the GGm for Alchemical Antithesis.

Danger Closest (SoE), Armamental Accomplishment (camp), Always Done Swiftly (camp), Stock Option (camp), and Sword Flay (Bowie Knife boost), are your best fifth Solo Classic GG options].


Always Done Swiftly (Blue-3 Rounds) Raise and lower your weapon more quickly, Walk faster while aiming: Does what it says, is okay, not necessary. Getting 3+ rounds of raising your LMG faster to shoot, if camping or running a tight area, isn't bad. It falls below the level that i want from a gum, so rarely gets played by me, but has some value as a fifth classic.


Arm's Grace (Gold) Respawn with previous guns: If you bled out, the game is usually over. If your group routinely let's people bleed out, this will have higher value to you. In SoE, it is so easy to rescue folk with beast, or by shortcut, that this is not very valuable in my opinion.


Coagulant (Green-20 minutes) Much longer bleed out time: Good for larger maps, or frequently downed players; the more you go down, the less folk rush to get you, so this may help.


In Plain Sight (Purple-2x) Ignored by zombies for 10 seconds, vision blurred: Gets things done safely in a pinch. Get Perk after a down, revive player, sneak past crowd. Very useful. 


Stock Option (Green-3 minutes): Sadly, it is timed and starts immediately, but no reloads is a really good thing for camping. Decent fifth classic.


Impatient (Gold) Respawn near end of round: This is great, IF bleeding out is something that tends to happen to you. If not, then skip it. This is an ability that players would love to always have. If it suits you and/or the map, this is decent. Time at end of round to get Perks, et cetera.


Sword Flay (Green-2.5 minutes) 5x melee damage: This will affect your regular and Bowie knives, should combo with the added (regular) knife damage of Widow's Wine Perk. Should affect shield. Decent fifth classic, not great. 


Anywhere But Here (Purple-2x) Teleport to random location: Does it's job as stated. May put you where you want to go, may move you 10 feet, but the shockwave can save you. Good for escaping an area without paying, escaping danger, or closing large distance to downed player.


Danger Closest (Blue-3 rounds) Zero explosive damage: Zero meatball and birdshit damage if not used with Widow's Wine (?). Safe use of Meat Wagon (upgraded start pistol). Decent 5th classic in SoE.


Armamental Accomplishment (Blue-3 rounds) Weapon swap faster, faster reload, melee recovery, and item use: Fast hands, stab recovery, and slightly faster reload for 3+ rounds is about as good as classic gets. If you camp or frequently use the WW, you will see the value in fast weapon switch. Decent fifth classic.


Firing On All Cylinders (Blue-3 rounds) Fire while sprinting: Not a thing that is needed in normal gameplay at all. Interesting but...? 


Arsenal Accelerator (Green-10 minutes) Special Weapon recharges faster: The autonomous sword is amazing to have, Ragnarok too. Headshots, Apothicon Servant, and Alternate Ammo types work best for fast recharge. Bows don't work well with this currently. 


Lucky Crit (Blue-1 round) Improves chance of Alternate Ammo occurring: Actual purpose unknown? I tested this again(!) last night (I've run Turned and Blast Furnace tests, since that is what is used), and before i had it, I would always have a Turned zombie or 2 constantly. Then i got Lucky Crit, so i resumed camping and headshotting and I occasionally got 1 Turned zombie,  then he would die and I would eventually get another Turned zombie. So using Lucky Crit so far has had 'no effect' to 'reduced effect' of getting AA effects. Apparently LC is just a Treyarch troll GG. Do not use! [Update]: While playing The Giant, using LC with Thunder Wall, there were these little LC icons popping up every other time that TW triggered, so maybe it's been glitched and is fixed, or maybe it just doesn't work in SoE. I'm still testing...


Now You See Me (Purple-2x) All zombies chase you only: For MP games only. Pull zombies away from a reviving player, or to you for Egg/Bow filling, or troll players by having their train run away for 10 seconds, then back. Can accidentally do more harm than good, but possibly helpful.


Alchemical Antithesis (Purple-2x) Every 10 points instead earns 1 point of ammo in current weapon stock: Ammo is much better than points as the game goes on. One of the best GG overall, not just best classic. 


>Mega GobbleGum: 1 GobbleGum is consumed per GG taken from machine. Make more with earned Liquid Divinium at Dr. Monty's Factory.


Aftertaste (Blue-3 rounds) Keep all perks after being downed: If you need it in those 3 rounds, it is great. Most of mine simply time out and so i find the value less than initially expected. Try to take it near your highest rounds, or when you expect trouble.


Burned out (Gold-2 hits) When hit, nearby zombies incinerate: This is really not a great GG to use. 


[DLC1] Crawl Space (Purple-5x) Nearby zombies become crawlers: Make last few zombies into crawlers to get things done while someone babysits. Not much value. Looks funny as it happens. 


Dead Of Nuclear Winter (Purple-2x) Spawn Nuke power up: Holding this for emergencies is a fine idea. Revive players, or regain control of a camp area, or buy a little time to fight Margwa/Panzer.


Ephemeral enhancement (Purple-2x) PaP weapon in hand for 60 seconds: would have made a fun Classic, but absolutely failed at Mega status.


[DLC1] Fatal Contraption (Purple-2x) Spawn Death Machine power up: Good for camping (under round 42) or taking out boss zombies. 


I'm Feeling Lucky (Purple-2x) Spawn random power up: Can get you a random Perk Bottle power up as well as other power ups. Perk Bottle will give extra perk slot if applicable. 


Immolation Liquidation (Purple-3x) Spawn Fire Sale power up: 10 point guns/GG for the team at a time of your choosing is fantastic and there are 3 uses! Get those Monkeys/Arnies without moving the ?Box. Give teammates time to get to a ?Box before activating.


Licensed Contractor (Purple-3x) Spawn Carpenter power up: Basically, it is 600 points for 500 points (1200 points during x2). Some minimal window-blocking value in Giant or DE, pointless in SoE.


Phoenix Up (Purple-1x) Revives all teammates, they keep their perks: Great team player GG. Will not bring back dead players if you get PU from the GGm after they die. 


Pop Shocks (Gold-5 stabs) Melee attacks electrocute nearby zombies: Instakill for 5 Mawgra/Panzer if timed right, or could save you in a pinch.


Respin Cycle (Purple-2x) Respin ?Box: Help keep the ?Box from moving or save 1400 points (box twice would be 1900 points, minus 500 for GG equals 1400 point savings). Low value GG.


Unquenchable (Gold) Can buy another Perk, adds fifth+ perkslot: While not Perkaholic, it is worthy. Save Perkaholic for long solo games, use this for that extra perk or two. Combine with the Wunderfizz Perk machine, and mix with On The House to get all perks.


Who's Keeping Score? (Purple-2x) Spawn x2 power up: X2 on command? Not bad, not outstanding. Good at the right time.


>Rare Mega GGs;


Cache Back (Purple-1x) Spawn Max Ammo power up: Great value in late game. And finally people will understand that cache rhymes with cash! 


Kill Joy (Purple-2x) Spawn Instakill power up: Instakill on command can be helpful, especially camping, or for revives.


On The House (Purple-1x) Spawn Perk Bottle power up: This gives a random perk bottle to each player. It will give a 5th or more perk. Make sure teammates have 4 perks already before activation.


[DLC1] Undead Man Walking (Green-4 minutes) All zombies reduced to shambling speed: Could give time to do rituals, or pick up players if you quick hit the GGm and get this, but since you can't control when it starts, it's subpar.


Wall Power (Gold) Next wall-gun purchase is Pack-A-Punched (but no alternate ammo type): 500 point PaP can be nice, but isn't really necessary as PaP and points come soon enough, and it's only wall guns. Good for first learning the map. 


Ultra-Rare Mega GGs;


[DLC1] Head Drama (Blue-remainder of current round) All damage dealt to zombies counts as headshot damage: One round. Ultra-Rare. For this crap? I guess it's for easy Margwa/Panzer kills.


Killing Time (Purple-1x) Freeze zombies for 20 seconds, damaged zombies are destroyed when it ends: This isn't über awesome, but if used right, it can save games, players, or just give a moment when one is desperately needed. Caution: zombies are like walls when frozen, so be careful not to block a reviver from a revivee or trap yourself in a corner.


Perkaholic (Gold) Immediately gives you all of the current map's perks: 500 points for all perks instantly? Priceless. Best for solo for extra Quick Revives. Solo, only take this after you have used your initial 3 Quick Revives. I'd suggest Unquenchable for most games instead if you need just another perk or two.


Happy Gobbling!

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I didn't want to clutter the initial post, so I'll clutter this one as I think of strategies and uses.


Killing Time: note that this freezes all zombies in place. They are impassible walls while frozen, even though they die at the end of the 20 seconds if damaged. So make sure you have a clear run at a downed player if using this to save folk. Or a clear view of the PaP/perk/ whatever goal you have in mind.


On the house: this gives a random Perk Cola to EACH player.


Immolation liquidation: (fire sale). Be sure to let everyone know that you have it and give them time to get to a ?box location before you activate it/them.


Q: Wall Power; does anyone know if it triggers when you pick up a gun from pods? It shouldn't, but...


Q: Unquenchable; can you use it twice (or more) for 6 perks (or more)? 

A. Yes.


Ephemeral Enhancement: as if it wasn't enough of a joke, if you have an empty gun, use this, get max ammo while it's pap'd, the original gun will still be empty when EphEn wears off.

There must be a 3 gun glitch i can make with this to make this gum worthwhile.


I'm feeling lucky: this can spawn a random perk bottle for every member of the team.

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The only thing that I would say I dislike. Is being someone that has the problem of living in an area where no internet is available (yes this still exists). I think they should have let us be able to use all the G.G. even if the Mega & Rare had only 1 use per game. 

It really sucks actually. Seeing everyone use them and seeing the different affects they have. I'm missing out on a mechanic that seems pretty fun to use. 

I really hope they NEVER use the G.G. For any type of E.E. or Side Quest. I don't think they would because of the people in my situation. But when it comes to Treyarch who really knows.

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53 minutes ago, Ragdo11706 said:

...someone that has the problem of living in an area where no internet is available (yes this still exists). I think they should have let us be able to use all the G.G. even if the Mega & Rare had only 1 use per game. 

It's offline, with no leaderboard, the megas should be there, in my opinion.

Also, for people with no internet; Whether poor, or others are using the internet, or parents who won't pay $60 /year (xbox live) for their kids to ignore homework, or even just to practice games offline for the stat-whores who worry about their leaderboard. :)

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Since you asked for information about Pop Shocks, I'd recommend lowering it from ** to *. It's really not great. It can chain and kill a few zombies even in high rounds, sure, but it kills them pretty slowly. It's not gonna get you unstuck if you're cornered. It's one of my least favorite GGs, and of course it seems to be the one Monty gives me the most...

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Okay, so I'm going to give my ratings here and opinions on your ratings. 


First though if Phoenix up only gives perks back after bleed out on 360, then I'm fairly certain it is bugged. I've used it on Ps4 and was told it gave perks back. Never yet had it used on me though, I've always been the phoenixer not phoenixee.
Okay so I'll stick with a * ** *** format as well to make thing comparable. I'll also make special note of the ones I use and when/why I use them.
Always Done Swiftly (*)
- Honestly, I think this is pointless. I'm not sure if it stacks with weapon Stock to make ADSing like walking normally, but even then the sensitivity drop still makes this pointless. I've only ever used it to fill a slot and only have ever grabbed it if I have no active effects while trying to get a specific gumball.
Arms Grace (**)
-I don't actually use this one much. I favor coagulant by far. However if you don't have many megas to use, and you expect to bleed out on occasion, it certainly is a nice jump start to your next life.
Coagulant (***)
-This is a must have in almost every co-op pack that I have, with randoms and friends. It is not usually the priority gumball, but I do think it is one of the best timed gumballs out there. Not being able to bleed out for 20 minutes is basically a combination of Impatient and Arms Grace. It can really save the game by not forcing you to start over, and not pressuring teammates to try and make risky saves. I once spent an entire round downed on the catwalk slashing at zombies with my bowie knife and shooting them with a Turned RK5. Me clogging and killing them was one of the reasons we pulled back from that blunder. Obviously though this is useless in solo.
In Plain Sight (***)
-Also in almost every pack I have, and almost a necessity gumball. If I have no specific need, this is the gumball I like to keep on me for emergencies. It doesn't always activate quick enough to save your ass from being cornered, but it can be reliably used to assist in reperking or to do a quick mid round ammo run or pack a punch if conditions are hazardous. This is probably my most used classic.
Stock Option (**)
-Honestly I'd give it a (*) because reloading a pack a punched gun with fast mags and speed cola isn't a big deal, and there are many gumballs I'd rather have than this one, but from a logic standpoint, not having to reload at all is better than even the quickest reload if you're camping. So I'll give it (**).
Impatient (*)
-Better than nothing, but I'd rather have either of the other two gumballs mentioned thus far that effect you when you're downed. It can help if you're playing with people who will take the round slowly at the end to let you set up, but otherwise it really doesn't make a difference if you spawn in as the last zombie dies or a few seconds before. Can be helpful I suppose if you're struggling through the EE though in any given map. I would have loved to have had this in Black Ops 1 during Moon or Shangri La.
Anywhere but Here (***)
-I don't use this one as often, but it can save you if you have enough time to realize you need to be saved. It isn't as effective at saving you as In Plain Sight, but it can through luck, help save a teammate from bleeding out, and as such I think it deserves to keep a 3 star rating.
Danger Closest (**) 
-Better than some, but honestly I don't use it much. Alternate Ammo Types are so nice, I don't feel the need to use Death and Taxes or the other Mustang and Sally clone. If I did, this would be great. But only lasting 3 rounds does make it a little less than reliable if you build your whole game around explosives.
Armamental Accomplishment (*)
-I honestly don't find use for it, but I suppose it could be useful. Fast Hands is probably the nicest part of it. As fastmags, pack a punching, and speed cola all reduce reload times so low that any effect this gum has is almost unnoticeable. 
Firing on All Cylinders (*)
-Why would I need to shoot while sprinting exactly?
Arsenal Accelerator (*)
-I only use the Annihilator on Dogs, and that's only so it feels useful. The swords I could maybe see this being nicer with, but I mean, I'd still rather use many other gums than this one.
Lucky Crit (*)
-I want to like this one, but I only used it once, and it didn't make much of a difference while training and using blast furnace. Maybe while camping it'd be better, but I dunno. Only lasting one full round is a little short.
Now You See Me (**)
-This one is better than you'd think, as it can save teammates if you're really good at communicating, and can offer assistance in many tasks. Plus if you want to be a dick on The Giant, the spawn already gets a disproportional amount of zombies, so using this gumball in that spot will pretty much steal them all.
Alchemical Antithesis (***)
- This one is obviously useful. Ammo is more valuable than points after you hit a certain point, and it basically turns into infinite ammo for 60 seconds. 
This is in most of my packs.
Mega Gumballs:
In general a great Mega is probably better than a Great Classic, but EVERY mega suffers slightly from being a Mega. I'm much more hesitant to use them and I rarely have more than two or three in a pack.
Aftertaste (**)
-I want to like this one more, but in my opinion timing out after 3 rounds isn't great. I mean it is nice that it sticks around even after you down once and basically guarantees you'll have perks for those 3 rounds. But I don't get as much use out of it as I'd like to.
Burned Out (**) 
-Absolutely better and stronger than you'd think but two hits isn't much. 
Dead of Nuclear Winter (**)
-Spawning 2 nukes can be at least a return on points spent if used tactically in early rounds, and can be helpful in later rounds. Not great though.
Ephemeral Enhancement (*)
-This gum is pretty bad. 60 seconds of pack a punch isn't much and as a limited use Mega it's pretty disappointing. Would be better if it was a classic, but still pretty poor. Temporary Pack a Punch is just not very helpful.
I'm Feelin' Lucky (**)
-Random power up. Could be nice, could be bad. Two activations. Just kind of for giggles though.
Immolation Liquidation (***)
-I rarely get it, but it is fairly useful. Three activations is pretty great.
Licensed Contractor (*)
-It'll only be useful if you can spawn all 3 carpenters during a double points to rake in points in early rounds.
Phoenix Up (***)
-Absolutely glorious. Much more use when playing with randoms, but still a nice emergency gum to hang on too. If everyone goes down and you're having it hard, pop a bubble and everyone revives with their perks back! 
Pop Shocks (**)
- Haven't used it, can't rate it much. Sounds rather ineffective, especially if the electric effect mimics Wunderwaffe or Dead Wire.
Respin Cycle (*)
2 activations saves you 1900 points, but you need to spend 500 and give up this slot which could be used for far better gums to get it. So why bother?
Unquenchable (***) 
-Pretty great, but sad when you down and lose those extra perks.
Who's keeping score (**)
-can be very useful if used early game, but I don't like to play early game with gobblegum dependencies. I'd rather play a set up that doesn't require random intervention. Two activations is fairly nice though.
Cache Back (***)
-Obviously nice. It's max ammo. Too bad it's only one activation though. I'd rather have Alchemical Antithesis anyday.
Kill Joy (***)
- two activations for instakills is always nice. No real complaints here other than it's a little boring honestly.
On the House (***)
-a free perk, especially one that can be added on after you hit the perk limit is fairly nice. Too bad it's random, but oh well.
Wall Power (***)
-Obviously nice, pack a punched wall gun is pretty nice. Too bad it is rare.
Killing Time (***)
-Tactically it's not as good as several other gums, but the effect is so cool it deserves three stars.
Perkaholic (***)
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I honestly just want to give Anywhere but Here one bag of popcorn because of an experience I had while riding the transit system. Let's just say the last thing I saw was a black ocean. Armamental Accomplishment gets three bags of popcorn because whenever I buy perks or upgrade, it's usually during the middle of a round which makes my gameplay more exciting and possible. I want to close with Danger Closest getting five bags of popcorn and a souvenir statue of Robert Picardo for always being there when I was having a 'splosion orgy with the Meat Wagon and Porter's X2. I'm glad we all have a fundamental understanding of what I'm talking about because all of this out of context is pretty fucked.

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7 hours ago, TheDunbarian said:

Since you asked for information about Pop Shocks, I'd recommend lowering it from ** to *. It's really not great. It can chain and kill a few zombies even in high rounds, sure, but it kills them pretty slowly. It's not gonna get you unstuck if you're cornered. It's one of my least favorite GGs, and of course it seems to be the one Monty gives me the most...

Thank you for the input. I'll change it based on your input and experience with it.

I always get in plain sight, which isn't bad.


Thanks for the well thought out input MAM. Excellent. I agree and/or am swayed mostly by some of your input. What occurs to me from both of our posts is that a Gum's usefulness can be affected by round, by whether someone is new to the game and only playing low rounds, and group (incl solo) dynamics. These all need to be considered when choosing a pack.


Your ideas would be welcome, Mocking. It's a generally slow forum, anything GG related can be here.

Discussing fixes would be welcome too, for sub par GG. Just for academia's sake.

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Oh, I missed one.



Sword Flay (**)

-situational. The timer isn't long enough to be super useful past round 15, and even with a bowie, this stops being a one hit kill melee by 30 (a little bit before I believe). It can be nice to get around round 10-15 though where it'll essentially give you a whole round of one hit kill knifing.


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(360 version, may be 360 only glitch?)

I wanted to make a separate post for this GG interaction as it is strange.

Either this is a glitch, or an important clue to the depth of this game.

GG: anywhere but here.

While riding on the Tram, i randomly decided to use ABH. It put me directly under the Tram in Junction as the Tram passed through there.

Could be random placement that I'm over thinking, could be hidden trick to get dropped directly under the Tram (roof, hidden zone), or it could be glitched.

Why it matters: well, after teleporting seemingly randomly under the Tram, i began playing as usual, then, the Tram reached it's destination... And i was teleported back onto the train.

So, funny glitch, or way to retrieve a hidden object/switch?

Imagine something hiding in an unopened area that disappears when the door to that area opens (or the train arrives and the train doors open) so can only be accessed this way. Maybe a shadow man interaction? Hidden area? Grab Beast and teleport back to train? Special hidden GG that can only be purchased during this endeavor?


Just throwing this out. Probably just a glitch.

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1 minute ago, 83457 said:

While riding on the Tram, i randomly decided to use ABH. It put me directly under the Tram in Junction as the Tram passed through there.

Like I posted, my experience was much worse. It's clearly a glitch, a lethal one too. It takes you no where that you're supposed to go. That is, while riding the transit system. My experience was on the one and I was doing it to make opening the Swords more efficient. Needless to say, the efficiency was encumbered by the fact that Anywhere but Here is just what it sounds like, except Anywhere actually means Anywhere. Well, from my understanding, Anywhere but Here is the equivalent to standing still and praying to God. Except, in Anywhere but Here's case, God's wrath can be met out of spite. This experience is only verified while using the transit system. So, maybe God just doesn't like technology and if you activate his gift while you ride on technology, he'll just throw you into a Black Ocean or a seemingly safe area and let you walk until the Death Barriers do away with you. OR Logically Speaking: We have learned how Anywhere but Here works! Once you activate it, it creates a point of where you are and where you will be. However, when you use it off the transit system you are forced to stand still and thus can be safely teleported without moving the teleportation spot. Now, while riding the transit system you are constantly in a state of motion. So, if you were to use the Anywhere but Here Gobble Gum while in this constant state, you will find that your destination moves while you move with the system. Basically, Anywhere but Here relies on the sole fact that you will stand still while it teleports you. The only reason it fizzes ourt is because while on the transit system, you are constantly moving making this Gobble Gum's effect worthless or dangerous. Sure, you could spawn in a mysterious room that you thought, "Ey! I'm not supposed to be in here! :D" And you're right! Which is why you just died by the death barrier!

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Okay. Well, it could be that it is important, but is glitched.

I can't help but notice that the Tram leaves the map in the Footlight district, by Zandemic, but travels directly over both of the other districts.

Coincidentally, both the random grapple above the Footlight door/SU area and the random grapple by the Tram in Footlight flank this very area.

Hmmm. 30 lights on the Burlesque, maybe we need to check it on round 30. :)

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  • 6 months later...

Post 1 updated, fleshed out. 


Note ABH! GG doesn't kill you anymore, theoretically. 


Bumped because i did all of that work cleaning it up.


Thoughts and opinions on GG always welcome.


(Nieno69 raised my opinion of Sword Flay from "garbage" to "expendable but usable". Pop Shocks grew in value once we knew that it worked on Boss zombies, et cetera).


360 player. SoE and DE only as of this update.

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Some GobbleGum Packs (For SoE and DE):




I play Solo so very much, so i often use just classic GG and save Megas for MP or special solo games, like playing Old's Cool Maps* or failed high round attempts (I get my highest rounds on random classic games, once with Respin Cycle as my only Mega; it just happened that way. Heh).


*[See the post "Moar Zombie Maps Inside!" for Old's Cool Mode and Maps, for WaW-style zombie games].


C1. Current Classic SoE: Alchemical Antithesis, In Plain Sight, Arsenal Accelerator, Anywhere But Here!, Danger Closest. 


Description: Al An for Ammo refill, or Apothicon Servant camping. 

IPS for perk after being downed or getting past crowd.

Ar Ac for that awesome Reborn autonomous Sword.

Danger Closest keeps the meatball and birdshit hassle low.

ABH! Gets me accross the map, but could be replaced in SoE. It amuses me. 


C2. Current Classic Der Eisendrache: Alchemical Antithesis, In Plain Sight, Arsenal Accelerator, Anywhere But Here!, Sword Flay.


Description: Same as SoE except that ABH! is more likely to be useful if you get it (especially in MP, but even solo, it can get you across the map easily, or away from the Rocket Pad for 1/2 price), and Danger Closest is currently replaced by Sword Flay, as I've been experimenting with getting the Bowie Knife in this map, and fulfilling a promise to thoroughly test Sword Flay. Armamental Accomplishment, Stock Option, or Always Done Swiftly would be better than SF if camping. 


C3. MP Classic Thoughts: Maybe you've earned no Megas yet, or you don't want to use them, or you can only play Local Split-Screen (on next gen);


Alchemical Antithesis, In Plain Sight, and Arsenal Accelerator will still be great options.


ABH! can get you closer to a player needing a revive, or past that player's crowd of zombies that are blocking your way. It's better in MP, but you might replace it.


Worthy options in MP Classic: [Personally, I like purple GG so i can control it. While Coagulent is in use, you may pass on the GGm, which means missing out on a better GG for 20 minutes if you don't go down. Judge for yourself, based on your skills and gaming environs (friends, map, common occurrences)].


Coagulant (longer bleed out): If you go down often or your friends are unfamiliar with the map and revive strategies. 


Impatient (respawn before end of round): If you do tend to bleed out, this can be better than Arm's Grace, unless you have no points. 


Arm's Grace (respawn with guns): Presumably does not combine with Mule Kick, or it would be great. But, if you use hard to get box weapons,  this could be a help. 


Now You See Me (zombies come for you, 10 seconds): As post 1. Use wisely to help a reviver or to draw zombies to your Egg/Bow soul collection, or away from a ritual location if some troll shoots the last zombie during a ritual that another player is doing. 




Mega (and usually Classic Hybrid) Packs:


M1. Long Camp: Alchemical Antithesis, Cache Back, I'm Feeling Lucky, Immolation Liquidation, Fatal Contraption.


Description: the first 3 may, or will, refill ammo. Fire Sale gets the team guns with less chance of box movement, greater chance of Monkeys/Arnies. Death Machine to save ammo, or to give to a player who is out of ammo.


M2. Solo All Perks: Keep those Quick Revives coming! Perkaholic,  Unquenchable, On The House, Cache Back, Alchemical Antithesis.


Description: Cache Back and Alchemical Antithesis for ammo. Perkaholic, or the combo of Unquenchable and Wunderfizz, mixed with On The House will give you theoretically unlimited QR. Don't take Perkaholic until you have used 3 QR, try to use the Unquenchable combo early when it's easier, Perkaholic for higher rounds, when you can't hit the GG machine as frequently. Don't use On The House until you have at least 4 perks.


M3. Randoms: Phoenix Up, In Plain Sight, Alchemical Antithesis (or Cache Back if you're generous), Now You See Me, Dead Of Nuclear Winter.


Description: Mainly this pack is to revive or help revive players. Most games end when players go down and then more players go down trying to revive, then you try to clutch, but coincidentally your Shield breaks right then and you die in one hit from an invincible dog that you've shot twice with charged Bow shots. We've all been there, this pack helps stop that scenario from occurring. 


M4. Old's Cool Power Up Pack: To keep that WaW feel, try these basic power ups; Dead Of Nuclear Winter, Kill Joy, Immolation Liquidation, Who's Keeping Score?, I'm Feeling Lucky. (Possibly substitute Licensed Contractor for Immolation Liquidation, if you don't want to waste IL on Old's Cool games. Cache Back should not be needed in Old's Cool Mode).


M5. Old's Cool no PaP maps: Wall Power (or Ephemeral Enhancement), PoP Shocks, Alchemical Antithesis, In Plain Sight, Anywhere But Here! [DE] (or Danger Closest [SoE]).


Description: Wall Power for PaP guns, (or Ephemeral Enhancement just for Margwa/Panzer help). PoP shocks for Margwa/Panzer. 


I'll likely add more packs, but I'll lose train of thought if i do too many at once.


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Danger Closest glitch.


I'm not sure which way is supposed to be correct:


1. Danger Closest stops birdshit and meatball damage, but is glitched with Widow's Wine,


Or 2. Danger Closest should not stop birdshit and meatball damage,  but is glitched and does, unless you have Widow's Wine. 


I assume that DC is supposed to stop bs+m damage, as otherwise DC is useless unless you run PaPd start pistol, which is a terrible strategy in BO3 (this was a valid strategy in BO1).


So, assuming that it should stop bs+m damage, then it is glitched when combined with Widow's Wine. The birdshit and meatballs hurt you if you have W'sW and DC.


[Widow's Wine and Trip Mines also hurt your Shield, which is clearly a glitch that still needs to be addressed].


[Meatballs triggering Widow's Wine is something that should be removed. I don't know if that's a glitch or just poorly thought out design, but it should be fixed]. 

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On 7/2/2016 at 6:38 AM, Koslans said:

It is sad that we don't have proper mustangs ans sallies. 

Oh and decent claymores, the tripwires don't seem all that great either.


The tripmines still break shields? 

I always thought they would fix it at some point really. 

In SoE, Trip Mines work well for the egg statues, they can be upgraded (2 different ways for some reason), and they take out flyers while you are training.


They're good if you use the Bowie Knife and are holding slow-raised or lowered guns; hold a TM in your hand, and then you can stab faster. 

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They aren't kidding about Ultra-Rare anymore. Since April, I got 1 Perkaholic and 1 Killing time. I have never had Head Drama, not that I see much need for it, but I've gotten 28 Rare Undead Man Walking by comparison. 


30 days played. 70 Mac Sammos.


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