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PAP ritual and the Shadowman


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I feel that it is setting the tone that you have been duped into making things worse, helping to let them take your dimension, only so you will feel great later when you stop them.


Common plot device.


Edit: also, the song always sounds like: potato, potato, potato, tomato, (some other stuff), potato, potato, potato, tomato...


I can't be the only one who hear's that.

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It means big squid over lord things are about to assimilate the SoE dimension. They seem like they take advantage of universes in peril and consume them. But the Keepers want to save this dimension and since the characters will have a vendetta with the Shadowman for tricking them, they would agree and they eventually save it from assimilation.

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Yeah adding to the two posts above, it's more related to the story than the EE itself (unless that's what you're hoping for).


@Chopper, there are a few ways it could go down.  As stated, he appears after the PaP ritual, then says the quote, then disappears.  If he weren't to say the quote, he could still disappear.  If he were to sit there for eternity, I don't know what that would mean but surely it would result in a different path (assuming it wasn't a glitch).

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13 hours ago, Chopper said:

So hypothetically if you can force him to say nothing, and he just hangs there for eternity what would that mean?


Could that be an alternate path to either the EE or something different entirely?

I know for a fact people have had this happen in game. As to what triggers it or if it's actually a glitch is unknown (I believe). I do know however, if you do get him stuck it prevents the Margwa from spawning in the rest of the game. 


Thus becoming the Dream High Round Run in SoE...

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@Ragdo11706 @DeathBringerZen

I really want to solve this issue.  Potentially, it's a completely different path you can take in regards to maybe the EE - it could also a glitch.

There's a chance it could be only able to be done in solo, but I need to test it with someone.


Ragdo and DBZ - what do you guys think?  This was given to me by a very good friend and is essential to enable high round players to go really far in peace without the Margwa.

Therefore, if it's a glitch I'm not that happy sharing it with people.


On the other hand if it's potentially something integral to something new on SOE, I want all this community working on it.#

I'm not in this to be 'first', I want to help the entire community.

John - would you be good to play some Xbox on Monday to mess around 2 player to see if we can replicate it?

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I'm getting ready to start back playing. I'm going to search around for anything new/different. I know people have been doing this since the first week. Maybe not day 1, but very early on. 

I think by now, knowing Treyarch & how they like to patch anything helpful /useful in the game that shouldn't be. This is one of those things that definitely would have been patched.

I also agree, this may be there way for a Solo only Side Quest. Could be a possibility.

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