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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-BS5LUwO64?t=6369 Link to quote
  2. Considering multiple characters hint at the pen lock thing, it has me even more suspicious if there is something too it, though she says about unlocking a lock, which may not be a door.
  3. I am at the teleport (One left of spawn, where the monkey is in the dark furnace) looking at the red door, throwing grenades and no red trail, and the sound effect sounds more like the teleporter being hit by the grenade, though it's random
  4. Well if people on PSn wanna give it a shot as well I'm up for trying w/e
  5. So while playing SOE I always seem to play as Jessica Rose not sure why the game gives me her, but suffice to say I have heard a lot of her audio. Playing a game recently she said something that got me thinking I was just starting the PaP rituals and picked up Nero's Pen and Jessica's audio was "Hey I fount a fountain pen, maybe I can use it to pick a lock or something?" I'm not sure if it was just a throwaway line, but maybe there's more too it! It also has me thinking if there is, perhaps there are things we can do with the items we pick up prior to using them in the rituals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-BS5LUwO64?t=6369 Link to quote
  6. I think the dates are something to note, as they tell you when they were convicted to a degree, if we take the one that says "Past due" to be the most recent one, and the Nov one to be the previous year, we could have a time of conviction for the MOB crew
  7. Even so it seems they would have more than one of these around the map, I have been looking in to the shops with little luck so I'm taking note of anything a little odd. That looks a UV issue and the texture mapping, though who knows!
  8. So after watching: Regarding the note the fount in the laundrette, I went and looked around a bit and came across this: Odd floating bottle, I have tried using grenades on it and nothing happens, interacting with it does nothing either. Considering how meticulous they are about prop placement I find it a little odd they would not spot this and this to be a bug, has me thinking it could be something else!
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