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Peter born again mystery


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We never really solved the mystery of peter just his death. what if peter is shadow man for SOE, I am placing this is The Giant because Peter still exists based on the trailer for Der Riese. Will we see Peter again? Thoughts?

Peter McKay was OSS agent who went missng in Verruckt. That's why Dempsey was sen't there to rescue him. He died in Shi No Numa by the hands of Richtofen. He directly says in one quote how he tricked Peter. As we know from Giants trailer that Dempsey and other have already been captured we know also that Peter has gone MIA in Verruckt outbreak.

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It isn't semantics, his name is genuinely Peter McCain, you can't spell it any other way if that is his name. Also that video actually says McCain?

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In the cellphone game, wasn't there a picture of Peter's tombstone in SNN map? I know it's not taken as seriously as the main games, but it had to be added there as confirmation. Wether he is the hanging man or not, I'm certain Richtofen killed him and that's where he'll stay (unless we can kill his zombie which would be kind of cool...)

I believe he is dead, and won't be returning to the story. I think they should focus on the main characters and not spread it out so thin with side story like they did the first time. They've left far too much for speculation, which is nice to an extent, but this time, I want a beginning, middle and end with solid facts and better story telling.

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We certainly know that Peter was working at Der Riese at one point before being transferred to Verruckt and later killed, possibly at Shi No Numa.  I think we certainly may find out some more information about him, but I don't think it's very plausible that he makes any presence, even in Shadow Man form.

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