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  1. Im interested to see what comes back from aether. I dont think sam is the only one and im super curious to see what the dark aether has done in terms of lore. I feel like were going to see bits of summit though. Going to be interesting since its a whole new map when everyone was like “fire base Z u mean shi no numa remake!” And i honestly dont see that happening now. Tho there may be parts of shi no numa i dont think itll be like nach and die machine though. Im excited. Oh and the R i dont think is richtofen sadly. Though i do still have hopes. I think thats all they are
  2. any idea what the intel says? I hate that its in onslaught only -.-
  3. So anyone notice that xbox has less intels than playstation? Any idea why or how or what the intel is?
  4. So tatyana had the package, weaver has the package which contained the tape correct? also the audio file about mishas farm, thats weaver to sam i mean in the cinematic shes seen calling weaver and asking if he got the package of the tape that sam got from her kgb friend tatyana. the mystery man in the cinematic i think is just some random dude. I mean they didn’t give him serious focus that made me go “hmmm”. Though i am still wondering about eddy
  5. 54 with my small team of 2 others and myself doing EEs and using all types of weapons
  6. thinking pentagon thief has to be boss, also how do we start this EE and why is it so difficult when EEs have been done even after 3 hours of DLCs being released. seriously mind numbing that this one is so difficult

  7. Castun50

    IX highest round

    I kinda agree the zombies agro quickly in IX its annoying if your not ready for it or just thinking a casual game then hell breaks loose and your like “i just wanted to kill some zambies!”
  8. Maybe MOTD happens at the same time as gorod does? thats what i thought about after reading ur post. It would make a lot of sense
  9. Is the avado from transit coming back? The zombie with the sickel and blue arm weapon looks like the way to get the WW gauntlet (?) you may have to kill this mini boss? wonderfizz coming back, dive punch coming out? flipper comes back, black market weapons coming into play. DG-5? Is that what comes out of the drill thing that comes out of the sky? PPSH! FAMAS! dragons seems like the new teleporter thing. the 2 zombie eyes colors seems to be a mix between red and blue? I could be confused but it may just be the skeletons only color. Whats up with the staff on the building in the first few scenes. I also want to point out their is multiple dragons. very interesting but i dont think we are killing nik in this one. i feel like this is a bridge to MOTD and next map is when we get nik. There is going to be a lot more in DLC4 i mean how do you top this? Soviet union zombies DLC3 needs to hurry up and come out. im stoked! Ray gun mk3 is a little odd though I do not like akimbo weapons i really dont
  10. or maybe i had no similarities except the obvious in your face similarity of that they look to be the same machine? I dont know about you but this picture screamed at me. but there you go!
  11. i have been trying to watch dice summit 2015 for the same reason amigo. These loading screens are starting to make sense little by little. I wonder what happened on this apollo mission. I think it would give more insight on what the device is used for. maybe their is a bigger connection.
  12. NASA photos Does this look like the loading screen? I think so....leave ur thoughts As requested as some of us may not be familiar with the nuke town zombies loading screen.... Besides the obvious that both devices really look the same, you have the clamps at the bottom, the basic shape of both objects, as well as they seem to both be made by someone who knows their rocket stuff (Nasa?) however the apollo mission to the moon....still a secret. speculation is both machines look very very eerily similar as well as the dates for the apollo mission to the moon happened within 10 years of supposed nuke town map as we have all speculated looking at older posts. Just for reference these pictures came out yesterday 06/18/16
  13. so some of the older posters have twitters. THE LEGENDS LIVE ON!

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    2. Castun50


      carbon was so awesome back in the day. that really sux he hasnt been back

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      He sold the domain (we bought it, after being given a minutes notice it was going up for sale), hasn't been on for a long time - he gave up anything to do with Zombies when he left the site a few years ago.


      It went through some tough times during and after his tenor but hasn't been stronger in my view with the current crux of staff. Boom is killing it on Twitter, Danny is killing it with the divinium, Grill has just came back on board, I'm working hard on the back end to get the server optimised on an ongoing basis but we have a lot of good members with great discussions and theories.

    4. Castun50


      Hell yeah man! Ive been on here....i think since I was in my jr year of high school. That was about 6 or 7 years ago. ive had 2 accounts cause i lost the log in and email to my last one. but this site has definitely gone through changes and its looking better than ever! I just wish people would post more. seems to have quieted recently. this waiting for DLC 3 is kiling me though

  14. wondering where all the super posters are? site seems quiet latly.

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    2. Castun50


      @Hells Warrrior Ive been talking to my zombies crew about getting on here but to be honest they barely know the story which is depressing. especially since i feel like a zombies nerd.

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Alpha is still around, Carbon gave up the site completely now and the domain is now owned purely by the staff.

    4. AlphaSnake


      Four years late! Sorry man, life has a way of keeping me busy AF.

  15. this site needs an app lol that way i can post from my phone rather than having to go to the actual site lol

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    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      As much as I love @InfestLithium's enthusiasm an app isn't going to happen unless we strike it rich.


      This site is fully responsive (adjusts to the screen size) and works exactly as an app would.

    3. Castun50


      bummer, cause its just a little slow on my phone. but itd be cool to get notifications on my phone for updates or comment replies

    4. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      What type of phone are you using, what browser and what software version are you running?

  16. as awesome as some of these thoughts are, we must remember that satan lucifer ect ect was our assumptions based on what we know about 666 and pentagrams is all references to satan but it could also mean we are being trolled. I honestly think vrillya = keepers like everyone else. however faction wise i think that is a great assumption. however i think corruption is most definitly happening. Why else would the vrillya attack us if we are doing "the right thing"? I dont understand that at all. but i most definitly think the pentagrams, moon pyramid, other voices is all connected to the vrillya and treyarch did a good job of hiding it by putting hints to other things. Either that or they had not written that far out into the story so now they changed it. just a thought...
  17. what if we meet up with N4 in buried to fix everthing? "mend the rift." thatd be a trip
  18. well they were like dogs after a certain level. However I do not think its going to be panzer, george, margwa, or even dogs. I think what we may fight is either a lion, or a spider. based on previous maps it seemed there was a nod to up coming maps as well know. and with the EE's from SoE just seems like it would make sense, however I am hoping i am wrong because i feel it would be lame in a castle. but i think we can all agree this is castle is going to be AMAZING!
  19. well put! so itd be friendly. i like that friend or foe castle. itd be nice if it was a castle to kill zombies rather then a boobytrapped mess
  20. very true. the iron part makes me think of a mech. and i hope to god its not a point at the giants cause there is a rumor saying there is a giant in the map
  21. U know, I never thought it would be the name of the castle. that is a good idea
  22. I have to agree there are a lot of hints to a moon remake and them remaking it with a loading screen and all. My biggest question though, is if it is not coming for awhile....why all the new stuff about moon? the other thought I have, is moon IS NOT coming, and they are using it as an example to show what is changing in the zombies universe that we know and love
  23. So Ive been reading a lot about a dragon and I really want to know what you all think. So my thought: its not an actual dragon but its something maxis will use with rich's help to stop the multi universes' and zombies to make the world better.
  24. I like this idea alot, however i thought nero and SoE crew were dead? Ive heard audio that might point to them becoming zombies and maxis's radio suggests their doomed. unless they somehow escape which would be WICKED! My fav charactor outside the O4 origins4 and of course sam and maxis, is nero. If they keep going with shadow man that would be SICC!!!!! I think the darkness in the MPD will take him over if he ever does do that. I really hope they focus on the storyline this time and not some bs like they did with N4 and bo2. That almost turned me off to zombies all together and ive been a fan since WaW. I have also been wondering with moon coming i wonder if we are gonna go back to shangri la. I really hope we dont though. the old maps were fun but i want more story based maps not things i need to decrypt. SoE's EE was perfect. It kept telling THEIR story. I really hope the same thing happens in future maps. Dont get me wrong i loved ascension and MOTD but didnt tell much story unless u reallllllly dove into it. and even then it didnt relate directly. I love when i have confirmed news. not speculations. Also what do you think of rich (origins) u think he may turn into O4 rich? he seems to be in the giant at higher rounds
  25. i really am wondering what is to happen with the summoners key and rich, the monastery looks like a teleporter room, however we do see the cable car moving. so idk how we are getting here, but the rockets are pretty interesting. almost like ascension looking. the whole "dragon" theory seems really out there but there is a castle so i guess we shall see. as far as everyone knows....we know nothing about what is going to go down, only that the new map looks amazing and the coordinates lead to here. everything else is thoughts. My thought is that this place is going to answer a lot of big qs like what is maxis planning? IE his actual plan. I wonder if this will lead up to the moon remake being the last DLC like in BLOPS1. should be really interesting.
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