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Future Trap Ideas


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So today I got bored and decided to come up with Trap Ideas for the next zombies. I am using old maps as a reference for where Traps are.


The Siren: This will pop up from the floor shining a red light and making a loud noise. Zombies will be attracted to it and when they get close an EMP like effect will happen and essentially blow them up. Found in more open areas of a map, for example: The puddle where Stamin Up is in Ascension. Cost 1500 Points.


Compression Box: Somewhere in a tight path (Like where the spikes in Shangri La area) will be a strange metal roof. When zombies run through it or even players it has a chance of crushing them into the floor.


Cost None.


The Claw: This can be anywhere on a wall around the map. What it does is shoots a claw at a crawler and grabs it. It then puts metal cuffs around it so it cannot escape. It will try to struggle but can never escape or die unless shot. It works like the Big Guy holding a crawler.


Cost 1000 Points.


Bug Zapper: Like a real life bug zapper, would be placed on an overhanging roof (Such as many buildings from Buried.) This would zap any zombies who went past in a certain radius. A benefit to this is it can be ran near to kill zombies with easily. A downside is the fact it harms players.


Cost 1500 Points.


The Possessor: This is a smaller floodlight with a generator next to it. Located at the edge of the map. When brought it will shine its light at exactly 3 zombies. When it does they will have red eyes (Unless it is a red eyed zombies map which would then switch to blue) and begin to attack other zombies. They will be a lot stronger and faster but will go after you if they are the only zombies left.


Cost 2000 Points.



Thats all for now, if I think of any I will add them at a later date. Please post ideas below in any format you like really.

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Zombie Gas

Rather than Vulture Aid, or on a map that doesn't have Vulture Aid, there is a shower like tunnel that releases the repel gas, making zombies walk away from it. Players can stand in it and walk out with the gas effect for a few seconds.

Cost: 1500

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Gravity Trap- Found in buildings for example like in the cafeteria in mob of the dead where the gas trap is. There are spikes on the ceiling when the trap is turned on any zombies that walk in the area of the trap they will float up into the spikes. This trap effects players to. It costs 1500 points.


Ankle Biter- Found in doorways. At ankle height there are holes that bear traps come out of that latch onto zombies and players ankles. When it latches onto a players ankles  it downs them and when they latch onto a zombies ankles it keeps them stuck in the trap so you can kill them. Once the zombie or player is killed or downed the ankle biters will release the grip and wait for the next zombies or player. It costs 2000 points.


Reaper- Found in a tower just like the sniping tower from mod of the dead. When activated it shoots out sound waves that makea any zombies heads explode, but they have to be in the area where the tower is. It cost 2300 points.

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I still love my idea of the projector. 


The killcode projector, watching it once it's been placed causes the viewer to exhibit the same effects of the reel placed in it. 

-Killcode reel: Kills anything that looks at it close up, zombies or players, watch the floor to survive. Eventually breaks. 


-Capture reel: Causes anything that looks at it to lose all motor function, a player is stopped as is a zombie, the player can look left or right to escape, but a zombie must keep looking forward. Eventually breaks. 


-Warp reel: Jumping into the projector teleports the player to the pack-a-punch room and then to a random safe area on the map. Works once-per-player. Does not effect zombies. Takes extra time to start up. 


The main components of the projector only have to be built once, but to take a projector, one needs to build in a tape onto the bench, resulting in a specific type of projector. 

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Wow, tons of great ideas. I really have to stretch my imagination here.


The Bouncer


This is a Buildable trap, consisting of 3 items. A Meteor, A Mine Template, and a mini Pyramid (circuit board surface). Once assembled, it resembles a mine with the pyramid top extruding as the primer trigger. When it's detonated (by contact from players after being set) it creates a medium-sized bubble zone of fluctuating energy that bounces anyone inside of it back and forth slowly or quickly depending on other collisions within the bubble. This bubble will remain for 25 seconds then all will return to normal and the broken pieces of the mine will remain, but one piece will always respawn at random somewhere else.


Note: This does not kill zombies, they just bounce around inside, but can still be shot by the player. Grenades thrown inside the bubble will remain in the bubble until they detonate.




These simple traps could be delivered in 2 ways, but the end result should always be the same: Players or Zombies caught in this trap fall out of the map to their death. The implications for Grief are very nice.


One method is to make them automatic or timed. They open and close at different times. The frequency within rounds would have to be high and at least a 4 round sequence of unique patterns would need to be used so it wasn't easily discernable to players.


Another method would be to make them buyable. They could either run off a switch located nearby, or the door itself would act as the switch and a player would need to activate it on the move. Trapdoors would be available in different sizes and be appropriate to certain areas, for example, Buried could have done well with some automatic trapdoors within the maze or the tunnels (oh wait, they kinda did...)

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Sensory Deprivation Chamber

This would be in an area like the MotD acid, where an entire corridor is affected by it. It causes a device on the ceiling to make any zombies or players in it to be slowed, blinded, and deafened. (like a flashbang, except longer lasting and it makes your screen go black. Zombies just very slowly stagger from one side to the other in bizzare serpentine patterns, implying disorientation. It would buy you some time without killing zombies. In grief it traps players and slows them similarly, and rarely a zombie will land a hit on you if you are in the chamber with it (they swing randomly.)

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