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  1. I have a lethal idea Hail Mary- It is a football with grenades strapped to it. When thrown it distracts the zombies like the monkey bombs and explodes after 10 seconds. you could get it out of the box or off of the wall. On the wall it would cost 750 points.
  2. The only gunpowder gun i could think of that would be pretty cool in zombies is a musket. The only thing that would be bad for having this gun is reload time. Mousket It would be a single shot Ammo- 4/25 When shot the gunpowder catches on fire and the zombie catches on fire. The reloading time is 20 seconds. When shot to reload you would have to take the rod clean the gun, grab the gunpowder, put gunpowder in it, and pull the cocking mechanism back. Pack-a-punched it is called the Mousketeer Ammo change- 6/30 Pack-a-punched attatchments- Bayonet, iron sights, silencer, and i dont know any others it would have.
  3. This is like when you kill george on call of the dead you get the wunderwaffe. but he is always there he doesnt come every ten rounds.
  4. Gravity Trap- Found in buildings for example like in the cafeteria in mob of the dead where the gas trap is. There are spikes on the ceiling when the trap is turned on any zombies that walk in the area of the trap they will float up into the spikes. This trap effects players to. It costs 1500 points. Ankle Biter- Found in doorways. At ankle height there are holes that bear traps come out of that latch onto zombies and players ankles. When it latches onto a players ankles it downs them and when they latch onto a zombies ankles it keeps them stuck in the trap so you can kill them. Once the zombie or player is killed or downed the ankle biters will release the grip and wait for the next zombies or player. It costs 2000 points. Reaper- Found in a tower just like the sniping tower from mod of the dead. When activated it shoots out sound waves that makea any zombies heads explode, but they have to be in the area where the tower is. It cost 2300 points.
  5. The rockets were sent to wipeout the zombie on earth but it destroyed nuketown hence why they made nuketown zombies.
  6. Welcome to the forums MonkeyBomb97 :)

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