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  1. Your mp map with moon physics it could be called Orbit
  2. I want to see what idea you guys have for zombies and mp maps.
  3. Build-A-Brew Cost- 1500 Effect- allows player to build barriers, turbines, tramplesteams, and etc. 25% faster than usual.
  4. I have a lethal idea Hail Mary- It is a football with grenades strapped to it. When thrown it distracts the zombies like the monkey bombs and explodes after 10 seconds. you could get it out of the box or off of the wall. On the wall it would cost 750 points.
  5. The only gunpowder gun i could think of that would be pretty cool in zombies is a musket. The only thing that would be bad for having this gun is reload time. Mousket It would be a single shot Ammo- 4/25 When shot the gunpowder catches on fire and the zombie catches on fire. The reloading time is 20 seconds. When shot to reload you would have to take the rod clean the gun, grab the gunpowder, put gunpowder in it, and pull the cocking mechanism back. Pack-a-punched it is called the Mousketeer Ammo change- 6/30 Pack-a-punched attatchments- Bayonet, iron sights, silencer, and i dont know any others it would have.
  6. Halo Healer effect- When you get downed and die, when you respawn the next round you will have a halo glowing above your head, you will get your guns and perks back from the last round, but you wont have Halo Healer. The halo above your characters head allows you to get up immediately after going down. You have to build this perk. The things you need to build it are: Angel statue, Halo, and perk bottle. it is a yellow color. The symbol on the bottle is a stick figure with a halo above its head. cost- 3400 Meleerita effect- Allows you to knife faster than the usual speed. It is a Goldish color. cost- 1200
  7. This is like when you kill george on call of the dead you get the wunderwaffe. but he is always there he doesnt come every ten rounds.
  8. With the pack-a-punch they should have made it so if you pack-a-punch a gun and you go down from a zombie you can still get your gun back but i wont be pack-a-punched and you get your points back.
  9. H.E.A.T50- It is a wonder weapon. It is a grenade launcher. When pack-a-punched it is called the Hot Explosive Atom Thumper 5000 FT21- It is a wonder weapon that you have to build like the jet gun in tranzit. It consists of 2 oxygen tanks, i dont know what else it would need. You can pack-a-punch it. It becomes the Hollenfeur which means hellfire in german. It has to recharge after a while. Like the flamethrower from WaW.
  10. Gravity Trap- Found in buildings for example like in the cafeteria in mob of the dead where the gas trap is. There are spikes on the ceiling when the trap is turned on any zombies that walk in the area of the trap they will float up into the spikes. This trap effects players to. It costs 1500 points. Ankle Biter- Found in doorways. At ankle height there are holes that bear traps come out of that latch onto zombies and players ankles. When it latches onto a players ankles it downs them and when they latch onto a zombies ankles it keeps them stuck in the trap so you can kill them. Once the zombie or player is killed or downed the ankle biters will release the grip and wait for the next zombies or player. It costs 2000 points. Reaper- Found in a tower just like the sniping tower from mod of the dead. When activated it shoots out sound waves that makea any zombies heads explode, but they have to be in the area where the tower is. It cost 2300 points.
  11. The rockets were sent to wipeout the zombie on earth but it destroyed nuketown hence why they made nuketown zombies.
  12. Mixing perk ideas Electric Cherry + Stamin-up= Shock Charge. When running it creates a storm of lightning bolts coming out of your body. Speed Cola + Electric Cherry= Electric Hands. When you switch guns, it shocks any zombies around you. Juggernog + Speed Cola= Safety First. If you're red screening when you switch guns it regenerates your health a little.
  13. Another map idea Wasteland. Wasteland is just like Nuketown Zombies. It has characters that dont go with the zombie storyline, but there is a secret spot that makes you think it is part of the zombie storyline, just like in Nuketown zombies. The bunker that marlton is supposed to be in.Wasteland is an abandoned scrapyard. Characters Scrapyard Owner- Anthony- Wears white t-shirt with a leather vest, jeans, bandana, and work boots. Anthony's Son- Elliot- Wears white t-shirt with blood stains, work boots, jeans, leather gloves, and a baseball cap worn backwards. Customer- Adam- Wears cop outfit. A cop that needed parts for his cop car. Worker- Micheal- Wears white t-shirt, ripped jeans, necklace, beanie, and work boots. Mom died in car crash. Map Design Wasteland is a scrapyard. It has different floors i guess you could say. You can climb up the stacks of cars and get to perks and/or guns. When climbing stacks of cars some cars will fall off of the stack. When that happens you either have to jump so you dont fall or try and run to the next pile. You spawn in the office. It isnt very big. There are tunnels that go underneath the scrapyard to get perks, guns, or parts for buildables. Buildables Zombie shield Turret Turbine New buildable(s) Bear Trap Perks Juggernog is found by the entrance of the scrapyard. Speed Cola is found in a tunnel by the office. Stamin-up is found towards the back of the scrapyard. Mule Kick is found in a tunnel near the entrance. Quick revive is outside of the office. Double tap is on top of a pile of cars. Wunderfizz Orb is on top of a pile of cars. New perk Hoof-It Hotsauce- It allows you to run through a horde of zombies without taking a lot of damage from the hits. This perk is good when cornered and you cant get out or you need to get to a door to buy and there are zombies in the way. Bosses Hell Hounds- Come every 5 rounds. Junkyard Dog- A zombified dog that comes every 10 rounds. New wonder weapon FT21- It is a Flamethrower. Pack-a-punched it is called Hollenfeuer- which means hellfire in german - and has to recharge after a while. Easter Egg song- To activate the song you have to turn on the sirens and collect parts of a CD. Once the parts are foun you have to go to the office build the disc and put it in the CD player. Achievements " Down With The Sickness"- Get infected by a zombie. Playing with a full team. " Escape The Fate"- Exit the office without buying the door. "Burn It Down"- Kill 10 zombies with one spray of the FT21. "Bring Me Back"- Bring a teammate out of zombie mode. "Must I Do It Myself"- In solo bring yourself out of zombie mode These are all of the achievements i could think of. If you have anymore ideas just leave a comment about them. There is no easter egg. Easter egg song- Beauty Of Annihilation
  14. I have some ideas for mixing perks Quick Revive + Deadshot= Brain Surgery. When you revive someone any zombies around you there heads will explode. Vulture Aid + Deadshot= Dropshot. When you get a headshot, 50% of the time it will drop a nuke, max ammo, double points, fire sale, or carpenter. Stamin-up + Speed Cola= Headstart. Allows you to run faster than usual.
  15. Perk ideas Adrena-Rage- when hit your character will scream and prick themselves with a needle with adrenaline in it. It makes you go on a rampage for 1 minute. One hit one kill (melee), Shoot faster (guns), Grenades bigger explosion radius. Free Fall Fizz- Just like PHD Flopper but it doesnt make an explosion. When you fall or dolphin dive from a big height it doesnt do much damage. It does little damage. Melee Margarita- Makes it so you can knife faster. When using a pistol it lets you have your knife out with the pistol as a tactical knife.
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