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Zombies Perk-a-cola Design Contest

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Strawbrrry Vodka

Perk Emblem: A pink strawberry with a bit of frost on it, white-pink background.

Perk Drink: Pink liquid, the bottle is covered in frost around the top, and the character complains about it being too cold

Taste: Nice and sweet, like strawberries and fresh snow. Quite pleasant, aside from the fact its WAY too cold.


Effects: This perk is a bit of a strange one, the main effect is you can dolphin dive anywhere, instead of just landing you slide and leave a trail of ice behind you. This ice will damage zombies, as well as causing them to slip. Additionally your grenades turn into "snowballs" a weird variant that will explode, freezing the area affected. If on a flat surface it will simply cover a large area in ice, but if the explosion is against any walls, sharp icicles will sprout from it. This effect can be both dangerous and helpful as it damages and slows zombies and players alike. If used in a cramped hallway, the ice shards are particularly devastating as they are on all sides of the area. 

Finally, three variant effects are possible. If the player has Strawbrrry and Phd Flopper, the explosion will become a mini blizzard, freezing zombies and remaining for about 5 seconds. If the player has Strawbrrry and Electric cherry, reloading will cause a similar mini storm, with lightning running through it. With Strawbrrry and Lemon-ades, all explosions will have a frost effect. Finally if the player is brave (or perhaps stupid) enough to have Strawbrrry, Lemon-ades, and electric cherry all at once, they gain what is called the fruit salad effect. All explosions and times you reload will create a cloud that rains down sleet and mini bolts of lightning. >: )

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Got a new one. Consider it a sneak peak at Archangel 


Evil Ice ( Pun on Evil Eyes)

Cost - 3000

Map -Archangel 


Effect - This drink is blood red as compared to the bright red color of juggernog. Evil Ice is a vampiric style Perk that helps you in the same way as juggernog does however instead of giving you an extra hit you will have to work for your extra health. The more blood you spill by killing zombies the more blood you will collect to fill up your meter. When the meter is filled up completely you will see a number appear under the perk symbol. At this point you can press the left on the D pad to instantly gain an extra hit. Unlike juggernog once you get hit your extra Hit is gone and you will have to work for more Blood. You can chain your Blood meter up to 5 times. So if you have juggernog and you get trapped in a corner with a hoard you can activate the perk and gain 5 more hits alongside the 3 hits resulting in 8 hits before you go down. This might give you enough time to reload and get yourself out of the corner. It's like a temporary Buff to your defense.

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U-turn Shot:


3 000$



All zombies that you damege with explosives (claymores, frags, semetex, tubes) turn into friendly zombies for 30 seconds that will attack other zombies.

Bit of an unfitting name sense it has nothing to do with U-turns or shooting. Plus it's OP as heck. 



Well shot as in:



And zombies do U-Turn in away when they start to chase eachother :D. Anyway the zombies wouldn't really do damege that much to eachother but it would work as just getting few of those zombies of your back for a while. So in essence like a monkeybomb that doesn't effect all zombies (unless you happen to splash damage them all).

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Perhaps i could make a version of u turn that is a bit more balanced?

Fungi Friend

Cost: 2500

Emblem: Cartoony man with mushrooms growing all over his head, a big grin, and swirls for eyes. Colour is purple

Drink: the bottle has green moss on it, the drink itself is purple. Character says it tastes like grass clippings and chocolate.

Effect: The players knife/knuckle/spork/whatever melee gets covered in weird multicolored moss. Melee damage to a zombie will cause it to turn greenish and get moss on his body. His eyes will now glow purple. This zombie will now hit other zombies, collect power ups, and serve as a shield when you need help. Each player may only have a total of 2 fungi friends at any given time.

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now, on the subjects of perks: zoo-aid


effects: gives you monkeys, even if you don't get them from the box, or if not than you get them where you normally get claymores




effects: makes it so that weather themed weapons (yes, that does include the thundergun) can be taken from the box


Stealth aid: 

makes you invisible if you stand idle for ages, good for if you need to take a break from the game

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-Sledge hammer has no rights to zombies..It will not have them, 1100% positive about this… 

-Zoo-aid makes no sense and you shouldn't be able to purchase monkeys. 

-Weather aid- You already can pull wonder weapons from the box, being able to pull more is WAY op… 

- Stealth aid- wouldn't work, one could just get 4 players at max ability, then have 3 wait around until a fourth one went down, then revive him, wait again, and it would be even more OP then vultures aid… 

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That's inaccurate. 

As Activision owns the whole CoD brand, they have the rights to Zombies (and everything else associated with CoD). Not Treyarch.

So if Activision says "hey Sledgehammer, put dem Zombies in your game. We want Zombies" then AW will have Zombies.

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Argarthan Energy-



- Negates the option for power, the cola machine runs on it's own separate energy source, thus being on always (like QR on a solo match) also allowing you to drink other perks without the use of power, standing near a machine powers it in the same way a turbine would, but the drink is activated permanently, or until downed because of the energy in your body, you may power other machines for the other players in your game, but leaving the perk machine will power down their perk unless they too have Argarthan Energy.


- Stacks damage for up to two hits, releases grenade damage upon receiving two hits from zombies, if downed after the second hit, the damage is tripled.


- Can use as an escape method, press UP on the D-Pad and you will release energy similar to MOTD afterlife mode, this will result in a portal similar to the ones seen in Tranzit or from the Argarthan zombies around the generators in Origins. This portal can only be used by the player, or players that have Argarthan Energy, any player without the perk does not see the portal at all, nor can jump in the spot and achieve teleportation.


Using the portal method, results in a cooldown of the perk, rendering all its effects unusable.

For instance, you decide to leave the power off, drink Argarthan Energy and buy Jugg, Quick Revive, and Double tap to complete your 4 perk maximum. You find yourself cornered and choose to use all of your energy to create a portal. Hopefully you have been teleported to a safer place, because now you are powerless until the cool down is complete, all perk machines are off (unless you have turned on the power, but Argarthan Energy will be powered down no matter what)


A four player game with all players having Argarthan Energy will enable the power of the ancients perk, it will show as a stone tablet above the perk list and it's only use is an increase in all damage by 15%. Not the best perk in the world but I am a believer that in zombies, there should not be anything other than Jugg that is pure pro and no con. Here is a very loose and quick sketch I did of the perk. It's color would be a series of blues, with an orange bottle cap.



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Shocking Salmon-

Effect: Activates an EMP Effect when the player takes 2-4 hits from a zombie.

Uses: Very useful when in close quarter maps like Verrückt or MOTD. This isn't really OP cause the effect happens randomly.

Appearance: It has an orangey and yellow colored bottle and it has a picture of a salmon/fish getting electrocuted

(Jingle coming soon)

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Apologies if this is familiar to any of the perks already posted, I've had this idea for a long time now:


Title: Sarsaparilla Surprise


Cost: 20,000 


Effect: This perk has no definite outcome and is completely random. Not all effects are positive either, you're just as likely to have a negative effect as you are a postive one, and it comes at a high cost; gamble your points for this perk for ONE of these effects:


- Strengthens/increases effect of previous perk purchased (Pro-perks, anyone?)


- Previous perk purchased is no longer effective


- All items are 50% off (box included)


- Resets points to 0


- All current and purchased guns are upgraded by default


- Removes secondary weapon option from player


- Special melee weapon has permanent insta-kill


- Zombies have more health


- Increased maximum ammunition (grenades included)


- Weapon damage is decreased


Appearance: White soda, Label and cap are black and orange (black border w/ white lettering, center is orange w/ black pentagon perk logo in center, white question mark as logo) 






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