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  1. basically, from the sound of it...treyarch has given them permission to use the zombies layout
  2. i see your point though, what's the point in upgrading an already decent perk?
  3. basically like the intel on extinction, is that what you mean?
  4. seems good enough, but maybe add a bulletin in towns (the capitals) so people have things to do, and make it so that the vehicles can be customized (armour plating, better engine for more speed, a machinegun to keep zombies off and bombs for jets) maybe also add airstrikes (normal nukes only affect a small area but airstrikes take down a country. maybe also have different NPCs who come to help you (like leeroy in buried) and last but not least, have a machine which combines weapons (only used a few times before it overheats and you have to wait, price= 5500)
  5. if there's a school, they should bring back the chalks but maybe this time add more? like having to draw the box
  6. yeah, maybe give the Brutus player more abilities as the rounds progress
  7. seems crazy to a certain extent, but it might just work
  8. how about bringing the black hats into it, then if someone EMPs a perk, you can use the black hats as power to switch it back on
  9. maybe add Intel to it? gives people something to search for
  10. maybe make it so you can stop the bus without using EMPs, because it's annoying when you use the box and the bus drives off
  11. it should work because a lot of people are getting driven insane by the denizens and going by stop mocking me's comment, it (the avogadro) should have a specific round because that way it'd be easier because there are no zombies, but harder since the avogadro's powered by lightning
  12. yh, i agree with the ranking system being based on XP, BUT you should get something out of it, so why not add a skill tree? it's less annoying than persistent upgrades, which you can lose
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