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  1. maybe a level system with upgrades for the person (multiple paths) like repairing barriers quicker, less bullets required to kill the zombie, less damage taken (for maps where you can't get to juggernog), higher chance of getting good weapons, stronger melee, etc (just a thought)
  2. yh, but they already have that, with the galvaknuckles
  3. yes, i see where you're getting at, and i like that idea. only, maybe say if there are new power-ups?
  4. there should be a level with a boss which just absorbs bullets and the only weapon you can kill him with is the raygun. it would be a big demon due to demons being made of fire, the perks should be able to be pack-a-punched due to origins' arrival of der wunderfizz, and there should be weapons for trapping zombies, forming a shield and a perk which turns you into a giant (stronger version of juggernog) before you ask how perk-a-punch works, you pick up a bottle and put it in the machine
  5. also the modes for crisis in buckingham palace: Turned Grief Survival Crisis (the story) also, like turned and moon it'll feature anti-perks Anti-nuke- downs 4/8 players anti double points- halves the points you recieve after rebuilding the barriers/ killing zombies/reviving (e.g instead of getting 10 points for rebuilding barriers you get 5+ instead of 100 for headshots you get 50 points) Anti perk bottle- takes a perk away and increases the price (e.g juggernog= 5000, mule kick= 10000) anti instakill- zombies can down you with one hit, juggernog or no juggernog anti max ammo- takes away all your ammo juggernog: 2500, speed cola:3000 quick revive:1250 enhance coffee: 2250 :twisted: :twisted: :evil:
  6. Name: crisis in buckingham palace Enemies:zombies, royal zombies (harder to kill), hellhounds, buckingham thief (like the pentagon thief only steals perks as well as guns) Queen elizabeth zombie (once killed will allow you to have all perks for the game) Perks: juggernog, speed cola, mule kick, tombstone, who's who, electric cherry, PhD flopper, quick revive, stamin-up, enhance coffee (allows you to take a perk again for half price and upgrade the perks doing so, also decreases the cost of perks) Power ups: Nuke Double points Triple points (times the points by 3, a stronger version of double points) Random perk bottle (after killing the queen zombie) Fire sale Cheap cheap: makes perks cheaper during the duration shop til you drop: makes guns half price (e.g M14= 250 points instead of 500 Max ammo (after killing hellhounds) Bonfire sale (after killing buckingham thief) it'll be an 8 player lvl (crossover) Characters: stuhlinger,marlton, misty, richtofen, russman, takeo, dempsey and nikolai (sorry if it's too easy/ hard, i couldn;t think of anything else)
  7. That would make the game too easy: Buying weapons and starter weapons is what makes the game challenging... Pack a punching at half cost would be way too easy... However there should be a stand alone game mode called: Team undeathmatch where your goal is to kill not only zombies, but the opposing team as well, like on MOTD.... good point mock, although there should be a machine to make the pAp faster
  8. being able to customise your loadout just like multiplayer would be nice because then you'd only have to buy doors and perks (box if weapons aren't included though)and still being able to pack a punch which i reckon should be half price :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  9. i think the same, and also combines weapon abilities e.g raygun + hamr = rapid fire ray gun
  10. how about a version of bus depot which has all the perks and a new combinomatic machine which combines 2 weapons?

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