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Top Ten best zombie maps

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my top ten fav zombie maps would be


1. call of the dead

2. Verruck

3. Buried

4. Mob Of The Dead

5. Shi No Numa

6. Shangri - La

7. Ascension

8. Kino Der Toten

9. Moon

10. Die Rise

11. Der Riese

12. Five

13. Town

14. Tranzit

15. Farm

16. Nacht Der Untoten

17. Nuketown Zombies

18. Origins

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So origins is bad, moon is good? :) Each to their own, i guess.

Also the four lame reprints in bo are so different than the originals as to warrant their own place in line, in my opinion.

Also you lost the t in verruckt (and we need an umlat).

Note that in waw, it was Zombie Verruckt, slightly different name.

Sorry i didn't list my favorites as i suck at that usually.

I still play: all bo2, and waws dr and snn. Tranzit is lacking and i tend to like, but avoid motd, due to its linear play.

Hate moon, dislike the bad reprints. Rarely touch bo1 zombies because the wall guns were absolute crap and the same in every map. Cotd and ascension being my most played, in their time.

Edit: hate nuketown (random perk drops suck ass), rarely play any survival maps anymore.

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I feel like its a list that, other than my top map, constantly changes. But at this moment I would say:


1. Call of the Dead

2. Verruckt

3. Kino

4. Der Riese

5. Moon

6. Origins

7. Die Rise

8. Nacht

9. Shi No

10. Shangri La


I loved the atmosphere, characters, story, and weapons of Mob of the Dead. And really enjoyed the map the first few days. But I've grown to dislike that map for all the same reasons I love Call of the Dead. Its layout matched with its PaP system make that map only fun to play once every so often. CotD is a smaller map, but both maps have similar locations. The prison area is like the ship on CotD. Both have the lighthouses with areas around them. And the starting area of CotD is just as big as the Golden Gate bridge area. But Call of the Dead allows easy access to all these areas once its open. The zip lines, different routes, and the launcher on the ship make it possible to get around the map quickly. I feel like I'm running up and down the basement/lighthouse section of MotD over and over. To grab buildable parts, build the plane, collect fuel for the plane, or grab someone who is down. The only shortcut is a slow gondola that costs money. If they would have added somewhat of another shortcut or two, and then made it easier (less tedious) to get back to the bridge after the plane is built, then I think the map would have had more lasting appeal to me. 

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1. Der Riese (waw) This map is the map that hooked me and I still play it today.

2. Kino A large map, had everything I needed. And took a good amount of play time to figure out.

3. Call of the dead Just a good fun map.

4. Tranzit Honestly one of my most played maps but even for me it lacks so little to be of the best.

5. Origins Its fun and everything I ever wanted. Problem is this map runs me at high risk of controller breaks.

6. Town Its just a fun easy map. Never have a boring game playing town.

7. Ascension Just a fun map to play. Just like I said on town, never a boring game.

8. Der Riese (bo1) My biggest disappointment in a map ever. Its still good, and loved the remake and new zombies. But hate the guns, and would always perfer playing waw verison.

9. Moon Honestly just never played it much. Always wished I had got into it more since everyone always talks about even today.

10. Shi No Numa, Mob Of The Dead, Buried tie  Can't choose one and all have many good and bad points.


Honorable mention Verruckt Awesome map, but makes me mad as hell playing. Just like origins controllers get broke on ths map. I just dont play it sadly

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1. Origins - Because this map has everything (except an infinite damage wonder weapon but its ok) perfect difficulty, atmosphere and weapons (in my opinion of course) pretty good easter egg, although I didn't really like the ending.


2. Nach Der Untoten - Not exactly my favorite, but because of the fact that it is what got me obsessed with zombies and was really a good start to something that became great it will take my number two spot (didn't really enjoy the bo1 remake though)


3. Buried - I loved this map and thought that they would never make one that I would like more, that changed quickly when origins was released, but nonetheless i loved this map, all the perks, awesome wonder weapon (but a little too easy) also awesome easter egg. 


4. Moon - This map is awesome, if they made it so that you could get all the perks without doing the easter egg this would be my number one, good training spot, starting room is awesome, and lots of factors that made the gameplay different than its counterparts, also my second favorite wonder weapon in the game the wave gun (behind the wunder waffe of course)


5. Call of the Dead - I loved this map because you could go on indefinitely with a good teammate, because of the instakill provided by shooting your teammate with the vr-11c, although I hated George Romero the easter egg was fun and awesome (all perks and the WUNDERWAFFE!!!!!) 


Only doing top 5 some honorable mentions then a worst 5


Honorable mentions: Shi No Numa (brought in the wunderwaffe and dogs), Der Riese (made me completely utterly obsessed with zombies, PAP!!!) , and Mob of the Dead (whole concept was very cool, relatively easy easter egg, and THE DEATH MACHINE! as a non power up)


Now my 5 worst maps (1 being the worst and 5 being the 5th worst)


5. Town (it was ok, but passed round 40 if you were playing without the ray gun mark II the rounds took 30 minutes)


4. Farm, Bus Depot, and Diner (not fun at all, so terrible)


3. Verruckt - Too cramped not that much fun (although it did introduce perks)


2. Kino der toten - now i know many people love this map, but to me it was sooooo boring, about what, 6 doors to open and one of the easiest maps ever, only two places to train so super boring, and who came up with the nova crawlers, how could they think that was a good idea, I really did not enjoy this map, the only thing I liked about it was that they had the mp40 on the wall, that is it. (the thunder gun was way too OP)


1. Transhit - now this map really had me worried when it came to what was going to come out of black ops 2 zombies, doing anything on this map was such a pain in the ass, and took forever. The bus would have been an ok idea if you could control when it left but no, and wow pack-a-punch was the most annoying thing ever especially when it came to solo play. And the wonder weapon was so annoying to use hated it, hated the easter egg, hated this whole map, completely turned me off zombies until die rise came out.





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Seems crazy when you read other peoples views and opinions.... (some choices up here and im thinking....whaaaattt????) but yeah i get it everyone see's it different. For me, although i dont play it often number 1 has to be origins but i no longer play it much as takes a good 6-9 hours to get a really decent game...so my list is ranked 1 to 10 fun to play for me....

1) Origins

2) Ascention

3) Die rise

4) Call of the Dead (fuck george off)

5) Buried


7) Kino

8) Der riese

9) Moon

10)Shi nu

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i didnt play much world at war, but ill give you this.




-motd- votrolic withering! dont have to rely on my crappy team to revive me.

-die rise- tough to learn, but fun to play

-origins- tough to learn, best time killer ever!

-tranzit- massive, once technique is aquired it can be played casually

-cotd- seems different every time

-kino der toten- open space, traps, can be played casually

-moon-low gravity makes it unpredictable




-5ive- close quarters with the winters howl

-shangri la- not fun to set up on, no places to run

-buried- far too easy, seems like it was designed for children -13

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1-Mob of the Dead: I don't know why, but this map brings me a good feeling to it when i think about the factors. I mean, it's all a great loop and the way you get to "cycle it" is by getting killed just when you thought you could escape? Damn. Loved the boss too, brutus was just cool as an stronger type of zombie. And it had the hell's retriever and the vitrollic withering, the coolest wonder weapon. And it was kinda scary in general. I'm just not sure about the afterlife mode.

2-Tranzit: Say whatever you want, curse the denizens, the bus, the fog or the pack-a-punch method - i like it. This map was revolutionary, and big enough to have fun. I liked all the mystery it had in the beggining, i was so scared to get into the fog and was wondering what secrets it hid. When i got courage (and a galvaknuckle) and finally got to explore it, is was simply awesome. My memories for this map is what makes me like it, and i play it still every when i can.

3-Natch Der Untoten: Even though i didn't got to play enough to enjoy it (i didn't played any WaW zombie maps, only this one on a friend's house), i found it enjoyable for its simplicity. I have more hours in watching gameplays of this map on youtube than actually playing it but it's good.

4-Kino Der Toten: Not that much of a special map, except that it's my first map, the one who got me into zombies. Discovering things was just awesome, and it was perfect for someone who was starting to play.

5-Origins: This map isn't on second place for one reason: i can't make it above round 16 normally. The only times i got on high rounds in it was with friends, and they were the ones doing everything. I upgraded all staffs once on solo and plan to never do it again, too much dedication and time. The map is hard, and at the same time i dislike it, it's what makes me like it, it's hard in a way every map should be. The map is kinda complicated and you have to set up quickly, and i don't quite like that. It's hard already to pass round 10 without a staff, and it requires work to be made, work i don't like to do in early game. It's not like MOTD where there are easy steps to get an tomahawk which isn't an must-have. But the map is fun, and there's no boring stuff like having to run in circles in a specific spot to train zombies and easily progress through rounds.

I'm tired of writing.

6- Die Rise

7- Call of the Dead

8- "Five"

9- Buried

10- Ascension

Like i said, i didn't get to play enough WaW maps, which is why most aren't here.

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My personal top ten of all-time:

1) Verruckt - The map that taught me how to play zombies at a high level. The map that got me hooked for life. A creepy insane asylum with tight spaces, narrow corridors, no where to run and no where to hide. The quintessential zombies experience, in my eyes. 

2) Nuketown - The coolest looking, most aesthetically pleasing map in zombies history. Eerie, creepy, mysterious, intense, challenging. Everything in the map is a struggle. You have limited space, limited (and greatly restricted/unreliable) access to perks, and no true OP wonder weapon. Nuketown feels like a zombie map should feel. I love everything about it. (Btw, LSAT for FTW)

3) Five - The most underrated map in zombies history. A lot of people hated it, largely, in my view, because of how challenging it was in comparison to its predecessor - Kino, but that is precisely why I loved it so much. Also, I always had a special affinity for the Winters Howl because I think Ice Powers are badass.

4) Der Riese - Everyone loves Der Riese. Introduced Pack-a-Punch and the first truly great easter egg. To this day, this map affords zombie slayers the best overall balance of objectives, weapons, perks, and playing space of all-time. It's not too tedious and it's not too simple. Der Riese is seemingly the most popular zombie map of all-time . . . and for good reason. 

5) Die Rise - An significantly easier version of verruckt (an indoor map with tight spaces and close quarters combat) with my personal favorite wonder weapon of all-time. Also, one of the greatest collections of wall-weapons ever assembled. 

6) Tranzit - The second most underrated map in Zombies history. Its innovations were revolutionary for the zombies franchise, but were not perfected until later maps. Still, Tranzit perfectly embodies the theme of a zombie apocalypse and the infamous combination of the bus and denizen-filled fog afford players a zombie experience entirely unlike any other map in Zombies history. For better or worse, Tranzit stands out from the crowd and it will always hold a special place in my heart. 

7) Shi No Numa - Arguably, one of the most brilliantly designed maps, purely from a tactical point of view. Love the scenery, love the WunderWaffe, love the swamp. 

8) Ascension - Awesome map. Awesome Easter Egg. Awesome weapons. So much room. So much fun. The monkeys were annoying, but still amusing. 

9) Kino Der Toten - Classic introduction to Black ops 1 Zombies. Thunder Gun >>>>>>>. 

10) Mob of the Dead - Wonderful map. It would be higher on my list if the first 15 rounds or so weren't so tedious and linear. 

I should add that I basically love and appreciate every single zombies map with the exception of Buried (which I think is both hideously cheesy and preposterously easy) and Moon (which I just could never get into, for reasons that still escape me to this day)

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^Your explanation of your love for FIVE is exactly why i love it. But your love for Nuketown i will not understand, your reasons are why I and many others hate the map. The perk setup, the lack of a WW is what killed the map for me and the general lack of effort put into the map.

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