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  1. 1-Mob of the Dead: I don't know why, but this map brings me a good feeling to it when i think about the factors. I mean, it's all a great loop and the way you get to "cycle it" is by getting killed just when you thought you could escape? Damn. Loved the boss too, brutus was just cool as an stronger type of zombie. And it had the hell's retriever and the vitrollic withering, the coolest wonder weapon. And it was kinda scary in general. I'm just not sure about the afterlife mode. 2-Tranzit: Say whatever you want, curse the denizens, the bus, the fog or the pack-a-punch method - i like it. Th
  2. You most likely won't be able to complete the 4-player heists with randoms, especially the last preparation mission for the Humane Labs heist. Try joining a crew and find people you know that will do all heists with you, and have mics. Communication is a must-have.
  3. Uh, let's go down then. You know, exploring and things. Just make sure to leave a crawler.
  4. Zetha has entered the game. Down, we gone to the top, let's go to the bottom now. Just to be sure, we bought the jugg, right? And how's our current status? I mean, weapons, perks, points, current round...
  5. I'm much of a metal guy, so... My current favorite is Stratovarius (i say current because sometimes it changes, and you know it), but i can't leave behind Metallica (first band i got into), Judas Priest, Helloween, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Avantasia, etc. And a bit of underground as well, like Slasher (on my profile pic), Ostura, Ayreon, Caladan Brood...
  6. I don't see the part where this gets you to high rounds. If i manage no build the plane using your strategy, what should be done after returning to alcatraz? Your tips end at round 12 or something close. I'd make a tutorial on how to get an good setup before going to GG bridge and before round 10, but I'm not in mood for it now and there are other guides somewhere in the forum.
  7. Maybe an glitch called "troll brother". Heck, no idea, maybe an heavy glitch or troll material, be it from someone else or maybe you being the troll.
  8. If it can be considered an weapon, mine is the Hell's Retriever/Redeemer. Otherwise, the KSG in origins.
  9. Wish I knew or have read more about Dante. I like this story and this is my favorite map. If I were to know more, I could point a thing or other. Anyway, I liked a lot these theories (if I can call them like this) and it makes me like this map even more.
  10. Same here. I only played the 3 "free" maps of Black Ops (if you consider dead ops arcade an map) so I can't really say about it, but I liked Kino amd Five a lot. I never played WaW zombies "in-depth" (my disk broke before I really got into zombies), so goes the same as of BO DLCs. But Black Ops II zombies is when I really took zombies seriously, especially because I got the season pass for all DLCs. Mob of the Dead hit my spot, so I'll go for BO2.
  11. Soulless You were a bad guy in your life, and now that you were caught in prison, you must pay for your sins with the doom of endless zombies rampaging against you and not even a soul to help you. Survival wihout using the afterlife mode. Map: Mob of the Dead Location: Anywhere (there won't be many places to go anyway...) From: Beginning 'till death. Bank: N/A Guns: Any Perks: They're all afterlife powered, seems like we have a problem. It's an basic idea, survive as long as you can wihout touching any electric box to enter afterlife (if downed, revive yourself immediately)
  12. Grab an riot shield, RPG, combat axe and fast hands, and be happy with kids raging over you. Mainly, just don't be an tryhard, we thank you.
  13. I never played Just Cause 2, so I can't say about it. FarCry 3 is awesome, but after you finish it, it gets boring. GTA V, like said, is the game that never ends, even if you happen to not be able to play online, it's just practically never-ending fun, and with free DLCs coming almost monthly. If you happen to play online with a group of friends, say goodbye to your normal boring life. Need to say more?
  14. But that's the price in USA, remebet that there are players in Europe, South America... where the prices can be different. Maybe you are tired to hear, but here in Brazil an PS4 still sits around R$2400 (around 1000$, and correct me if I'm wrong about its price), which will keep most players around here with the previous gen consoles. And I believe we're not few, and they will still look out a bit more for the previous gen, otherwise they'll lose a good amount of players. And it's not just about players in here. About half of the COD community are casual players (like, play for ~4 hours per
  15. Banned for such rude attitudes.
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