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Revenge on the glitchers

K3ys3r S0z3

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Nothing pisses me off more than people that glitch. Some glitches I can deal with but barrier glitches I hate. Ive been playing tranzit alot lately and every other game theres a kid that tries to sit in the tunnel glitch all game. Is there anything that can be done to sabotoge the glitcher? Would prefer not dying but sometimes it might be worth the death.


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I can't believe that didn't patch that after all this time.


Yeah, there was one there that they did patch, but it got exploited again by placing the shield in a slightly different spot. Basically, there has been a fresh glitch on that walkway since the game launched. When they patch one, another is found quickly.


Classic Treyarch.

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Love that.

When I played a lot of multiplayer, I would go into freefall and sit and watch 2 players, one kills, the other dies and respawns in front, obviously going for the nuke or the highest available.

I would wait until they got to one kill off the nuke, then go in and kill the both of them. I would then go hunt and find them and do the same again - didn't bother me if I died by someone else, as long as I got them.

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You could always knife lunge up into the glitch with him. If you sit on the same tanker as him, the zombies all run away and no one get's any kills. I used to do it to piss them off. They would eventually quit out or end the game if the pulled host, but I just liked doing it to piss them off.


Same on Ascension. If they got into the glitch by PHD, you could pretend you are wanting to go in too. Then when the crawler is passing behind the player in the glitch and the crosshair goes green, lunge forward and you will knife into the player downing both of you. That one always caught them off guard. lol.


There is a lot of glitches that you can get them when they are in them, but not all of them. If I find someone in a glitch I know I cannot get them in, I just leave.

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A lot of the glitches in BO:2 require the use of a Tramplesteam to get into. Now, this method only works to prevent glitchers, not really get back at them, but basically just carry a part with you at all times. They can never finish building the Tramplesteam and won't be able to get into their glitch area, however, when they finally realize someone is holding that last piece on purpose, or they think the game has glitched on them and the part didn't spawn, they will most likely quit.

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Here's a thought, and I don't know if it applies to Xbox users.


Does adding players to your block list prevent them from being pair with you in games? If so, just add anyone who glitches and either leave the game, troll them until they leave, or turn the turret on them. I don't play randoms so I don't want to test it, I've had my ps3 for years and have about 3 people on my block list mostly from Tekken.

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If I get into a game with a glitcher or glitches and  I know I can do something to piss them off, get them killed or make them get out of the glitch then I'll usually stay in the game to do so, otherwise I just leave.
I don't mind if people do glitches in private matches for fun, I do it myself, Zombies rounds don't count for custom matches and I couldn't care less about other players kills.

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I don't mind if people do glitches in private matches for fun, I do it myself, Zombies rounds don't count for custom matches and I couldn't care less about other players kills.


All other stats count though, so it is considered boosting. Still, I could not care less whether people choose to boost their stats... it's their choice. People who have shotguns online through boosting are the guys who will leave a lobby straight away when other shotgunners show up, or will quit out a game instantly as soon as they go down.


All I care about is rounds, and when I find a glitcher on my friends list I just remove them instantly... no matter who they are or how long I have known them. I like my leaderboards to be competitive.

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