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Zombification/Prestige - Give Us Your Opinions



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Thanks, Mr. PINNAZ!




Here is something I whipped up quickly. Bear in mind, this is how perk bottles + boss images work together. Note that each are part of one image, even though it looks like several.


I can make tier-style images in which the boss title may change but the perk bottles do not. In that case, we can have groups. The titles will always change, but each perk bottle will represent the group. In this case, we have Mr. PINNAZ with the rank of "Gas Zombie" (Rank 7 based on MMX's list) and Tier 4 with the Juggernog perk added.

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So I have rendered all of the Perk Bottles & I have posted some in the spoiler box below. This is just a preview of a few of the different colours to play around with. The original size png I have are 271 x 979 pixels. The full set of the original ones I can email to either Craig or Danny & you can re-size & make them usable.

The bottles on the left-hand side are from Black Ops II EXCEPT ​Deadshot & PHD Flopper (the ones with no neck label, they are from Black Ops).

The bottles on the right-hand side are the models used in Origins. They are actually a little transparent.









Bear in mind there won't be a full set that are all the same. Tombstone & Who's Who, don't appear in Origins so they are solid colours. Vulture-Aid is transparent too like the Origins bottles. Deadshot & PHD are from Black Ops & are solid and don't have the neck label. So whatever ones you choose, there won't be a full set that are all the same. The only one I didn't do is the original Double-Tap as there isn't much point.

Even though there are more than 10, I think the tier system should be same way in which they were introduced into the game. i.e - Quick Revive, Jugger-Nog, Double-Tap, Speed Cola, PHD, Stamin'-Up etc. (I wouldn't mind if you left out Deadshot & perhaps Mule Kick :D )

I thought I'd do both versions & you guys can choose which look better when they are re-sized. (MMX can probably render these to a much better quaility, though I understand he is having PC issues atm)

I hope you can use them B)

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Why not just use the hud emblems rather than the full bottles. It would save on space and be easier to gather all the images from black ops 2.

No matter what images are used Boom, they will have to be practically the same size. The Perk Bottles may be better because they are tall & narrow, whereas the icons are square.


Also, Tombstone, Who's Who, Deadshot & PHD aren't the same size in the files for some reason? Unless I missed them. Though that size is almost right.


I think the Perk bottles being narrow works better. If they are used at all?

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