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I Have to Ask: Anyone Play League of Legends?

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The world's most popular game, over 27 million people play it. It is the pioneer of eSports, and I am obsessed.


I have spent way too much time and money on it, and I am just about to get into Ranked (which is the thing where you can get better and prove your worth to the world in the ultimate manhood display of a video game). Anyway, my LoL name is Ehjookayted if anyone plays on the North American server.


Would be happy to duo with people and/or create a CoDz ranked team to smash up the noobs.


As we say in the League, SEE YA NERDS. 


A fellow nerd~

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Oh my god, this game.... 


I HATE this game. I've never actually played it, so it may seem like a case of I just haven't tried it, but there's just so much about it that irks me. All my friends play it, for one. They always seem angry at the game. I have no interest in having to deal with BS anymore. Not to mention, it seems like it's the only game my friends ever play. A game that just looks... kinda boring and samey.


I guess I'm just done with multiplayer games in general, though. At least highly competitive esport types like this and CoD. I don't see the appeal at all. Aside from it being "free," by which I mean eventually you'll have to sell your soul to buy new skins and champions, because you'll have no money left in the end.


This wasn't meant to be hostile to league players btw, I just hate the game and felt like ranting about it for a minute. Have fun, I guess.

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Haha no worries man. Gotta say though, at least we can relate on the Kingdom Hearts level. Going to be an amazing game, let's hope it lives up to the hype.

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I've played it only once with a friend. From what I remember it was pretty fun.

Never got around to play it for a second time however.

I should probably have another go at it sometime soon. 

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You know I play haha.  And Yes ZotD, it can cause a lot of rage.  Mostly because people want to win very badly and get frustrated at themselves and at others very easily.  Can get toxic sometimes, but ya just have to ignore them and play your game.  It's a lot of fun.


Also, if anyone is thinking about signing up, say that FatedTitan referred you please :D

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Well I do play it every now and then, but not very well! I got back into it when I saw the Jinx trailer, so I unlocked her and played for about a week. I just can't wrap my head around the game, I always feel like I'm not doing something right. I feel like something just needs to click in my head.

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I've been playing alot more and am Level 11 right now, I use to use Garen but got bored as playing Tank and began playing as Tryndamere, and I am certainly am getting better with each game and learning different ways to build my character and so on. I find the game enjoyable if your team mates can understand your frustration and are friendly, or you get some dumb team mate, or a "XxMLGProxX" sort of person that if you do one false move you are the worst player ever. 

Although I might change to a new character like Ashe if I do not get better and begin winning games.

Overall thought of the game for people who haven't played the game - It's a fun game but has quite a learning curve and the community can be pretty bad at times. And one match can take up to and hour, more or less. But would recommend for people to try it since it's a free game for both PC and Mac. 

Regards Yellow-card8

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Good thing I brought the Revive summoner spell.


I'm starting to really get into this game, it's finally clicked in my head. I still mainly use Jinx, but I've recently started to play Katarina. I really enjoy this game now, it can be super fun.

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I play wizard 101

(Drops the Mic)

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