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Easter Egg - yet again someone backs out.

Hells Warrrior

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Well, just got 30G for having for staffs in one game (had 2/3 before never all four) and we had upgraded them all and about to do the EE. One player backed out and the rest followed.

Tried explaining it can be done with with the three of us but not interested, saying high round will not count on the leader boards. All I could say was, it ends the bloody game anyway and you get the achievement. So is a high round score relevant?

Arghhhhhhhh, randoms, so close yet so far.

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They quite because of the following I've found.

    The don't get a spade at the beginning

    They get downed switching on a generator

    They get downed by the robots foot

    They get downed by the Panzer Soldat

Generally that's as far as some of them get before rage quit takes effect - lucky to make round 9 on occasions.

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I miss the by gone age of [email protected] and later on even Call of the dead where Easter eggs could be done on solo, made playing with noobs and rage quitters much easier.

And to a later point Moon, although only the first part of the Easter egg was possible solo

Moon was fully soloable techinically if you have a friend that wanted the achievement but not do the work lol, and or get a random in the game and tell them to stay out of the way. It's a fun challenge to do, that and soloing the CotD co-op EE as you can knock and catch the falling bottle from the ledge, with some patience and skill.

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You don't have to do the ending.

And woah, what the thrink? You're trying to do the 3-hour EE with randies? That's a bad idea, man.

I Concur! There nothing but trouble those damned randies.

You should hit the team-mate finder if you cannot get friends to invest so much time and effort.

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It really depends on the randoms you find. For instance, I completed every Black Ops side quest starting at Call of the Dead with randoms. Most of the time, you get the squeakers or the people without mics, but other times, you can be lucky and find people who can actually help. At least, that's how it was back then. Nowadays, players like to either not talk, stay in lobbies and not ready up, or just be plain bad at the game.

But yes, the Teammate Finder is definitely a great place to look for other players, especially for the Black Ops II side quests.

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