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  1. It's actually not legal right now. eBay's presale policy states that an item can't be listed unless it can be shipped to the buyer within 30 days of transactions end; and they have a plethora of circumvention measures in place to avoid confusion. Honestly, majority of the sales you see upwards of 1K are shill bidders, and you can even tell that a lot of said bidder's accounts have just been created in the last 30 days. The sales that you will actually see going through however are for $400-$550 at most. That's still high for sure, but not as bad as people are making it out to be. It just comes down to how much the person wants it. I definitely don't agree with it in the slightest, but I guess if that was my only recourse, then at least it's only double the price on average, rather than triple. Sadly scalping has been happening since the beginning of time with bartering as the primary source of resource/income and not exclusive to Collector's Editions of Video Games lol.
  2. Meh, Black ops 2 fucked the whole story up and honestly has barely been any fun. I'm done with it lol, you guys have fun theorizing over it though, everyone needs a hobby. Take care all!
  3. You can gameshare for 5 people to use it on bo1 and most games 2010 and before. It's per console also and now it's only a total of two. One for the owner and one for another.
  4. It bugs me so much that neither her nor Dempsey is seen since they're part of the star cast. Oh well what can you do? Dempsey's the star of it since it's all from his point of view! Actually someone said they clipped the scene where the dog knocks over our "POV" and it was an astronaut looking suit. If that's true then that means both misty and demspey are missing, and besides what does your comment have to do with mine? I simply meant it sucks not seeing them as dolls.
  5. Moon was fully soloable techinically if you have a friend that wanted the achievement but not do the work lol, and or get a random in the game and tell them to stay out of the way. It's a fun challenge to do, that and soloing the CotD co-op EE as you can knock and catch the falling bottle from the ledge, with some patience and skill.
  6. It bugs me so much that neither her nor Dempsey is seen since they're part of the star cast. Oh well what can you do?
  7. The first part of moon can be done solo. Have fun even getting the napalm things in solo. You will prob not get them till round 18.... and knifing at the tank station is difficult... I did the moon EE by myself, with a Friend signed in and he went to work lmao, so ya Moon is "Soloable" and the Coop version of CotD is actually soloable as well as you can knock the bottle off and catch it yourself with skill. As I did that one too lol, so thankfully this EE will be a breeze for me ^_^
  8. @Naitrax- so this EE can truly be completed Solo? I was under the impression the part with the Airstrike Beacon Grenade had to be with two, so one person could hit the button? If it is soloable then awesome! Lol Edit: Just read about the trick with the Airstrike beacon; which is great news to me as it'll be a breeze lol. I completed the Moon EE by myself, as I just had a friend sign in and leave to go to work lol, and the CotD EE coop version is soloable as well since you can knock the bottle off the ledge and catch it with some patience and skill.
  9. Great ideas, unfortunately ive freeze framed and that figure that gets knocked over is actually the moon astronaut zombie, that was why i can up with the idea of Samantha holding tank Dempsey, as i thought it was him who was knocked over originally viewtopic.php?f=155&t=35943&start=60 I could be missing something as I was just scanning the pages, but I took it as meaning the unknown POV character (since it probably wasnt a camera) was wearing an astronaut costume. Edit: @Flammenwerfer/Gotta get some sleep, so if I don't respond it's because of this lol. If you correct me then thank you!, but if you don't have an answer then hopefully we can get to the bottom of it!
  10. I asked this in another thread but I guess you never visited back: you stated that Misty was seen in the end cutscene, but you're the only person that's actually said this that I'm aware of. Now, would you mind detailing this or showing some visual aid? It's driving me insane lol. I also have heard that its not actually Dempsey that is our POV, but instead an astronaut? Which I guess could still be Tank but idk, is that true? The person that said this said they did a freeze frame by frame as Fluffy knocked our POV character over. In any case I was just wondering if you actually saw Misty or was referring to Samantha being the representation of her for her "games" lol.
  11. Sure, but if this started within a five year or less period of the "incident" at Der reise, then explain how Eddie aged 25+ years, then after that explain how their dolls came to life, and lastly how they lost their memories because they obviously knew about every action we the players would be taking. The only explanation I personally see that would continue the zombies storyline would be that every map we've played was all a game and that the end cutscene tells us that there's a chance we will be experiencing the real thing for the next installment. To me it's either that or it's like they said "This is one possible view on how zombies all started" meaning that origins is just a "for fun" type of thing. I would be fine with either two of those, but honestly I feel there's just too much unexplained things to try and rationalize this whole story. Would it be possible to explain it and be relatively believable? Sure, and I'd be cool with that. I just see it the other way is all.
  12. Ok, last try... So did anyone actually see a Misty doll? Some are saying they have but I need visual aid here, or is Samantha suppose to represent Misty?
  13. Since Bagel may not see this soon, did anyone else see Misty? It's driving me nuts lol
  14. Maybe it's because I'm tired or something but if I'm understanding your theory correctly then you surmise that origins is just a map to show the embodiment of the Announcer games and that after the map ends is when it all really begins? If my assumption is correct, you also state that all future maps are still in fact canon, but how do you explain that she has models of dolls of the characters she's going to be working with before she's met them? Also what about all the other paraphanelia littered around the room of maps that haven't occurred yet? Lastly, who is the Eddie character, just a friend that she's never mentioned once, or the actual Edward Richtofen? As it wouldn't be Richtofen or (the player representing the doll Richtofen), as you have seemed to imply it is, did he somehow age during the time working with Maxis? Because it was around this time in the 40s that he locked the two up with fluffy. Maybe somehow I have misunderstood your point but as far as I can tell right now, you don't address Enough inconsistencies within your theory, as there are more that I could think of than the ones I've already stated. Also this: Ya gonna have to disagree here, the very fact that the room had previous map items scattered around indicates that these maps could be imagined as well, sorry there's just no denying that, your theory can't hold here. Now if you were talking about time travel, mind warping, or even her being a very God at this point you could imply that she used these set pieces to breath life into them, but according to your theory at this point she's just a normal girl. The theory breaks down here my friend XD
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