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  1. Hey there ya, very weird how slow it is, in light of all this news especially lol. Fingers crossed
  2. Ty for looking for me lol. When I did the EE, spot 1 was for the Golden Rod, spot 2 was empty, third spot was for the wire and I’ve seen a video of a film in it but I’ve never seen it. Someone said it it was the Mythos Disk but I’ve never heard of it and they had no proof. You seem to be the only active member lately. I’d figure with all the new info on factions and stuff there would be more traffic. Heck, seems no new threads have been made about all these trailers.
  3. Ya, I remember how it was back in 2010. Better days...
  4. I know in Shangri la, the dynamite is one and guessing the second item is the focusing stone? In moon, there are four it looks like. The Vril device which has the stone inserted, the cable thing that connects the computer and machine, and I think there’s a film or audio reel? Looks to be a spot for a fourth item.
  5. Those beams are a glitch and not suppose to be there, hence why it's only random on certain systems, if it was meant to be there they would have patched it already. Just like how people on the Xbox versions can see both beams of light at tower if they have done both EEs. It's obviously flawed code on Xbox side because I know multiple people that have finished both EE (in one game as well including myself) and they do not show both beams afterwards.

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