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  1. Hey there ya, very weird how slow it is, in light of all this news especially lol. Fingers crossed
  2. Ty for looking for me lol. When I did the EE, spot 1 was for the Golden Rod, spot 2 was empty, third spot was for the wire and I’ve seen a video of a film in it but I’ve never seen it. Someone said it it was the Mythos Disk but I’ve never heard of it and they had no proof. You seem to be the only active member lately. I’d figure with all the new info on factions and stuff there would be more traffic. Heck, seems no new threads have been made about all these trailers.
  3. Ya, I remember how it was back in 2010. Better days...
  4. I know in Shangri la, the dynamite is one and guessing the second item is the focusing stone? In moon, there are four it looks like. The Vril device which has the stone inserted, the cable thing that connects the computer and machine, and I think there’s a film or audio reel? Looks to be a spot for a fourth item.
  5. Haven't checked this post in a loooong time lol, but ya man that's really awesome 15 seconds!
  6. Those beams are a glitch and not suppose to be there, hence why it's only random on certain systems, if it was meant to be there they would have patched it already. Just like how people on the Xbox versions can see both beams of light at tower if they have done both EEs. It's obviously flawed code on Xbox side because I know multiple people that have finished both EE (in one game as well including myself) and they do not show both beams afterwards.
  7. Thanks for letting me know When I did the Shangri-La one I just had my 3 friends online go afk until I needed them to push in the time warp stones lol. Probably end up doing this one with just Quad-boxing it lol (Go countless times I've played MMO and did the whole dual-boxing and more XD)
  8. Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I was wondering if this could be done on 4-player splitscreen offline. I really couldn't stand doing the Shangri-la trophy and would find it easier to do it on splitscreen if it can be done, instead of online.
  9. Awesome thanks Yea I got the Dynamic Theme for the preorder from Gamestop, but those are really cool. Wasn't sure if the themes gotten with the HE were ones that I've seen on the PSN Store, the zombie I definitely haven't seen, but the MP one there's one like it where the windmill is facing the screen rather than at a side needless to say it differs lol. So Is the MP callingcard like a background image of NT2025? and the Zombie callingcard like a zombie one? lol Also the camo that was suppose to come with it anything special? Thanks for posting those pics!
  10. Haven't been able to find out what the Callingcards for MP 1 is zombies and other is for MP, the two Themes which one is Zombies and other is MP I believe, and the Gun camo look like. If there's anyone here that has them would mind showing me a link where I can see what they look like or if they mind uploading some Screenshots of them? Lol just curious is all ^^
  11. Hmm Does it even matter? When has a CoD game ever been delayed? I mean they haven't in the past 4 titles I don't think.
  12. Richtofen, I believe, was not himself in front of Maxis. He had a role to play. The Illuminati inserted him as their agent, closest to Maxis, to learn about 935's progress. Outside of his work with Maxis, he worked with his men to work on his own inventions. He hated Maxis before, for being in power over him and rejecting his tele porter and not full filling promises. He was incompetent in his mind. I also find it hard to believe that someone who murders people for fun is normally a mild mannered scientist. He was part of the ill. And yes he hated maxis. But the murder for Fun part no, he murdered for science, and information! He was himself in front of maxis, why not? He said: we have workers here from all over the world, being a part of the ill. Wouldn't matter! Plus who says he didn't act like he does in front of maxis the way he would normally act? We don't know how he acts before 935, he might be a pretty nice guy who loves murder! And don't revert to your stupid waw bios bus! I'm sorry but how in the, wait for it...HELL can you be a "pretty nice guy" and love murder? That's just borderline crazy to even suggest that.
  13. ya its pretty fun to try lol and ya the only place I can think of it being completely possible is where the chars are trapped lol.

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