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Buried Map won't light up?!


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SO... I was doing the Easter egg on buried and me and my friend suddenly got disconnected from the lobby. We joined in again, finished it and got the trophy. We checked the box in the court house and saw that the third blue light wasn't there. Do we HAVE to do the Easter egg again in order for us to finish the end game? Thanks.

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The disconnection is your problem. Basically once you disconnected, it forgot that you had started the egg. When you got back in, it still hadn't remembered you started it. You got the achievement for being in the same game, but it wouldn't of saved it.

I think this was so people couldn't just join in at the last minute and get free progress (though they get the achievement and trophy anyway...)

Double check. When you start the game, are there blue/orange sparks coming out of the tower? If not you'll have to do it again.

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There's a very good chance you might have to do it again man.

I had to for Tranzit because I had went through the exact problem you had, my tower wasn't lit in a new game or anything :(

For Buried I'm not sure because we had a guy leave on the last step and we got another guy in to finish it and he had his icon change from orange to blue on the courthouse box but it didn't light up his map selection icon.

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i know this thread is old but i didnt wanna just start a new one, i think im havin a light up issue.

after the recent patch update i think it was on the 22nd, my icons wont light up...i havent did the richtofen ee on buried but i did all the others for his side and the lights stop lighting up after the update.

on another name i completed all maxis side and everything was lit up. i havent gon on that name in fear the lights arent on (because i havent pushed the button lol) anyone else havin this problem after the update or no?

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