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What Not to Do When Playing Zombies

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What are the crazy things you should not do when playing Zombies? here you will list stuff not to do when playing Zombies, they can be realistic and stuff you might accidently do, or outlandish and crazy, you're job is to try and top the above posters thing, I will start.

Do Not Make Out with another person when Playing Zombies (sadly, I admit to having done this, lol)

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do not play slender while playing zombies. the games will merge. every zombie will be a superscary slender that is immortal and they will try to rape you :shock: no joke.

Your an odd one. :mrgreen:

Sounds fun.

i am not odd. well i am but arent we are all a bit odd in some way. i have a friend who likes total drama. and hes a guy :o

dont mention skittles if your playing zombies with me. i will find you and take those skittles,no matter what.

also dont try to combine the dna of brutus,astrohumper(astronaut zombie),and georgo remero. and dont give it the panzer sholdat's suit. you will be sorry.

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