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  1. I was too young to remember it, about 3 years old, but my dad went to high school with Todd Beamer, one of the people on flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania. Since I go to that same school, they talked about it during our community time. 9/11 is a date to be remembered. I have no idea why someone would think that "a few thousand lives" would mean nothing, that is just horrifying, 9/11 tore hundreds, probably thousands of families apart, and not having sympathy for those who died is terrible. Life is a blessing that can be taken away from us at any time, we should be thankful for our lif
  2. Suicided on round 55 solo. I had pretty much just lost the will to continue this game, it took forever! Got to round 36 on co-op with one of my friends, custom game though, so it doesn't count for the leader board.
  3. Good Idea! I'll give it a try. Do not strip down to the buff and dance to Justin Bieber music when playing zombies.
  4. 1. Reviving someone. 2. A non-lethal hit to a zombie. 3. Carpenter. 4. Nuke. 5. Bonus points power-up. 6. Lethal-hit to a zombie. 7. Hacking a perk that you have bought. 8. Putting boards on a window. 9. Receiving a teddy bear from the box 10. Hacking a person to give them points (if 9 or 10 do not count) Going to prone in front of perk machine on Der Riese. Hacking an excavator.
  5. YOLO dies out, but is replaced by YOLOswag. I wish for a sandwich.
  6. There are over 100,000 steps in the Easter egg and it requires 4 players, you are not able to find a single person to play with. I wish for a flatscreen tv.
  7. Sam/RIchtofen notices, and thinking you are an enemy, sends millions of nova crawlers in your direction. I wish the Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Sam would return in Black Ops 2 dlc #1 Revolution.
  8. You are allergic to apples. I wish I had good luck rolling dice.
  9. You're rich in Confederate dollars. I wish for an IPhone 5
  10. 31, playing with randoms though, and two of them left the game between round 10-15, so it didn't count for the leaderboard, I really need to get into playing solo.
  11. General Shepherd comes to claim his .44 magnum, which is coincidentally the one given to you. He shoots you in the Chest and covers you in kerosene and proceeds to flick his lighted cigar onto your lifeless body. I wish ps3/pc users didn't get dlc a month later than xbox players.
  12. You receive your pet kitty and it is extremely cute, but when you go to sleep it turns into this and tears you apart limb from limb. I wish for world peace.
  13. Jabberwock who will http://www.jabberwocky.com/carroll/jabber/jabberwocky.html This is where the term "Jabberwock" came from
  14. People who leave a zombies game and you end up get really far. Just today, I got to round 31 on Nuketown and two people left the game around round 10 so it didn't count for the leaderboard. :cry:
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