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  1. 31, playing with randoms though, and two of them left the game between round 10-15, so it didn't count for the leaderboard, I really need to get into playing solo.
  2. I don't really play mp much but at level 37 i think. SMG's: Vector, it has practically no recoil, a pretty good rate of fire, and I find it pretty good with a suppressor. AR's: M27, once again, low recoil, and it goes pretty well with target finder/red dot sight Shotguns: Remington 870, kinda gimmicky, I only use it on Hijacked, but is strong overall, especially with long barrel Snipers: DSR 50, once again kinda gimmicky, but I use this on a few more maps than the shotgun. LMG's: Even though I did really well with LMG's in MW2 and MW3, I just don't really care for using them in BO2 Then the B23R, just a plain beast, it has saved me a bunch of times, now if only it had a mag larger than 15 (21 with extended mags). I haven't unlocked everything yet, but I feel I will like the M8A1 and AN-94 a bunch, especially M8A1 with 4 round burst. Currently remembering beasting with the FAMAS getting 30 kills in a game in TDM on MW2
  3. How about a perk that acts like danger close that would increase the damage of explosive weapons (rpg, war machine, semtex, frags, claymores).
  4. Hello, been checking out this site for a while and finally decided to get a profile. I'm hoping to have good times here! Almost always ready for zombies and game to try the EE's. I am always trying to improve and could always use tips from other zombie slayers.
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