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  1. thesneakysnake

    Highest Round on Buried!

    Suicided on round 55 solo. I had pretty much just lost the will to continue this game, it took forever! Got to round 36 on co-op with one of my friends, custom game though, so it doesn't count for the leader board.
  2. thesneakysnake


    YOLO dies out, but is replaced by YOLOswag. I wish for a sandwich.
  3. thesneakysnake


    There are over 100,000 steps in the Easter egg and it requires 4 players, you are not able to find a single person to play with. I wish for a flatscreen tv.
  4. thesneakysnake


    Sam/RIchtofen notices, and thinking you are an enemy, sends millions of nova crawlers in your direction. I wish the Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Sam would return in Black Ops 2 dlc #1 Revolution.
  5. thesneakysnake


    You are allergic to apples. I wish I had good luck rolling dice.
  6. thesneakysnake


    You're rich in Confederate dollars. I wish for an IPhone 5
  7. thesneakysnake


    General Shepherd comes to claim his .44 magnum, which is coincidentally the one given to you. He shoots you in the Chest and covers you in kerosene and proceeds to flick his lighted cigar onto your lifeless body. I wish ps3/pc users didn't get dlc a month later than xbox players.
  8. thesneakysnake


    You receive your pet kitty and it is extremely cute, but when you go to sleep it turns into this and tears you apart limb from limb. I wish for world peace.
  9. thesneakysnake


    You have no Atomic Cold Cell batteries. I wish my internet was faster.
  10. thesneakysnake

    Your Favourite Gun

    I don't really play mp much but at level 37 i think. SMG's: Vector, it has practically no recoil, a pretty good rate of fire, and I find it pretty good with a suppressor. AR's: M27, once again, low recoil, and it goes pretty well with target finder/red dot sight Shotguns: Remington 870, kinda gimmicky, I only use it on Hijacked, but is strong overall, especially with long barrel Snipers: DSR 50, once again kinda gimmicky, but I use this on a few more maps than the shotgun. LMG's: Even though I did really well with LMG's in MW2 and MW3, I just don't really care for using them in BO2 Then the B23R, just a plain beast, it has saved me a bunch of times, now if only it had a mag larger than 15 (21 with extended mags). I haven't unlocked everything yet, but I feel I will like the M8A1 and AN-94 a bunch, especially M8A1 with 4 round burst. Currently remembering beasting with the FAMAS getting 30 kills in a game in TDM on MW2
  11. thesneakysnake

    CoDz Word Association Game

  12. thesneakysnake


    The Raichu is dead. I wish that Steve Jobs was still alive.
  13. thesneakysnake


    Your eyes never stop shooting lasers. I wish pokemon existed in real life. edit: and... i missed this one by a few minutes.

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