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Knifing Improved

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I was playing the new uprising maps and I was going round a tight corner. I still haven't learnt to not knife due to the decrease in accuracy and lunging. there was an enemy around the corner and I went to instinctively knife.

And I killed him to my surprise.

I tried to knife another enemy and I knifed like the old days.

I then went a whole game only knifing and I'm sure it is better.

Can anyone else confirm this?

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I can't confirm this either.

Maybe it was you just being lucky.

Or maybe you are some kind of advanced magician? ;)

Haha knife wizard :)

I played some more today and it was back to normal. I guess it was just luck or wishful thinking. Boy how I want those knife powers back

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At least it's not like Black Ops knifing. Who knows what kind of rage I might bestow upon the lobby if I get another 50-foot lunger again.

It seems that knifing has to be dead-on accurate now in general. No more long distance lunging; just some good ol' hand-to-hand combat. Of course, the mechanics are a bit quirky and sometimes you'll miss even when you're two inches away from the enemy.

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The best is when you sneak up behind someone and knife only to be pushed through their character and end up with your back to them. Like really!?!

Only the actual tac knife is somewhat usable, even then it glitches what looks like sure thing kills far to often.

But hey if this was what was needed to stop the dreaded commando lunge then so be it. I never knife anymore.

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Actually, I just got the updates and have a friend who would love to hear the knife was fixed. Though my favorite weapon in the multiplayer is the combat knife because it appears to lunge when I try to knife with it I seem to lunge at the enemy, not sure if they missed itwhen editing the knife or just to help out knifers but it really helps me.

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