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  1. Yes, not that I want that but I can see the forum getting quieter now that all dlc is out and it will get more activity in a bit less than a year when we get the info about the next game is out and everyone is stoked :D
  2. Well there is a step when you have all the staves built where every player needs to go in the crazy place and place their staff in there so I would not think you can do it without 4 people, unless you can put the staves in there one at a time
  3. I'm confused, Way, I just got the maxis drone but I can't see any of the orange circles, checked by the stg first then I went to check by stamin-up as in your pics it seems like the easiest to find and it wasn't on any of the wooden ledges ! Were you in solo or mp when you got that?
  4. I don't have the problems aswell ... Anyways, it may be because we have the 360 version of Elite and/or higher. It defenitely isn't because of that, x360s have 32mb of RAM no matter what We won't encounter that kind of problem in the next game, at least on the next-gen consoles. Anyways, I don't see why one would want to keep playing current-gen zombies when next-gen are going to be so much more awesome and with less problems
  5. I kinda thought that, or, that they'd release a Next-Gen Version of BO2 along with GHOSTS, maybe a bit later, because, when I saw the trailer for Origins, first thing I thought about the weather is.. Wow, this map would be AWESOME on next-gen
  6. I wonder with the limited ram how well this will play on consoles, as, they tend to freeze when there is too many textures in use. Your thoughts on this?
  7. Thanks a lot my friend this will be most helpful !!
  8. Well I could do that, sure, but if there is a tutorial on the internet, it would save me some time for more important stuff, so I figured I'd ask here.
  9. Hey, would anyone happen to have a link to french versions of BO2 maps tutorials in french? Because I would like to do the EEs with my friends but they don't understand english that well, so it would make it much easier for them.
  10. Hey maybe, the map will have a starting set of characters, matching the setting and story, but If the players did every Maxis EE, they get the chance to play as the O4, since ''everyone on earth is dead'' and If you did Rich EE, then you get the N4 no matter what are the basic characters for this map. This has been said many times before but I haven't seen anyone talk about it in the thread so just tossing it in !
  11. This happened to me once when PaP the LSAT, I found it quite odd because i had 4500, ttied it just in case it was somehow cheaper and I was able to buy it with 2000 points left. I didn't write anything on the forums since I wasnt able to replicate it but now it's more solid!
  12. bobane


    Desperately needs double tap for the added bullet damage
  13. Hey I was thinking, most people around this forum have probably linked the Tranzit nav card in die rise, but maybe those who haven't can't access the new features (Die rise bank and fridge)
  14. No it is not supposed to happen and that doesn't make you an idiot either. I think that the fact that you can't access dlc maps when offline is because the game doesn't see the update, but I have no idea why it would do that, I would suggest go in your xbox 360 HDD storage, delete the BO2 Title update, then boot the game while online, download the update and try again offline if you can see the other maps
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