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  1. I hate to admit this, but I have not read this entire post yet, I plan on it, but do not have the time to do so now but have some stuff to say. I do not believe that the range comment is talking about shangrila it might be, but I don't think so. Second, I don't think its on mars, I do not own it so I wont say much here. Third, scientists have said that terraforming mars would be possible, and that an abundence of plant life would create a breathable atmosphere and near constant temperature, so it is possible. Please, if any of this has alreadyy been stated, just be nice about it, I haven't read the entire post yet.
  2. I think trayacrh is forcing us to be patient, only giving us a piece at a time untill all the dlc is out, heesh for all we know they may keep diffrent parts of the maps blocked from us even the next game comes out and they decide we need a hint or something. Just saying.
  3. Actually, Maxis made the quote about searching for decades, but that's beside the point. I could see Die Rise being in an alternate time-line, but it isn't my favorite theory. It would explain the modern skyscrapers/buildings though. Oh, thanks. I don't have world at war or the original black ops and honestly, im not that good at zombies. My highest round was in the mid to high thirties on kino and I never played the other maps cause I could never get them, plus, I haven't done the easter egg in green run yet, because I can't get online and my friends aren't that good honestly. So thank you for correcting me.
  4. I think the alternate timeline theory did take place. I always thought that moon took place with five or shorlty after, no more than a few months. Defanitly the same year. And nuketown zombies same time as moon. With green run being shortly after. it is possible that we have traveled to an alternate timeline for 'die rise' where the zombies did not occur untill much later, considering we have done it before in call of the dead shows that it may be possible. I also think that when richtofin says he's been looking for decades is from the original maps from world at war, as world war 2 to the cold war is from the forties to sixties is twenty years. I also think that the order the maps have been released is in chronological order, atleast for the time relevent plot, because they do seem to change between alternate time lines. Anything is possible untill we get to the end of the zombie story line, which I think wont be for a while to come.

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