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  1. To be honest, I've made it over 30 only a few times, and that's because of the people I played with. Solo, my games are commonly over by 10, im happy if I hit double digits and im proud when I get close to twenty, even though I've made it to higher rounds. I really don't have a strategy for any map excerpts die rise and that's just buy the pdw hit power build sliquifier. I would love a solid strategy like I've got for Kino der toten. Point of all that is high round is different for everybody. Point isbto have fun.
  2. I think that the story goes how we've seen it so far. Maybe not mob of the dead but the rest seem to go in order. We start in Nacht der un toten and go to verruckt and ship no numa which as stated by trearch happened along with world at war and ending at der reise, the first map where time is actually messed up. Our use of the teleporters in that map sling us through time to Kino der toten, as explained in the intro. From there we play five and ask ourselves why we are at the pentagon, and why they get their first battle with zombies even though its after world war two, we soon find that the original four are in Russia and contact them. They then jump through time, to call of the dead, where zombies have come back once more. I think that happens because it is the third time they have jumped into an alternate reality. I believe this because the zombies in black ops goes along with the campaigns timeline so, either when they go to Kino it is still there time line just in the future or they have gone over into the black ops time line and brought the zombies, explaining why it is their first encounter with zombies in five. I also think when they go to call of the dead, they jump again and go into our timeline explaining why they are there even after the earth has been destroyed. From there they go to shangralai which im not so sure about weather it is back in their timeline still ours because we have the rod or if it has its own little place outside of space and time because it is heaven after all, maybe it's in its own timeline, im don't really know this one. From there they go back to the cold war time line and travel to the moon, this I believe is the time line where the new four are alive, the same time line because they said black ops 2 zombies will not coincide with the black ops 2 campaign time line. This where nuketown zombies green run and the great leap forward occur, because this is the time line where richtofen is in control and the world is shattered. The question is where in this does mob of the dead happen, same time ? Different time line? Whole new place where richtofen has no control and Samantha never came to power? I feel that this is how the storyline goes, with only minimal problems,. Thank you for reading, would love feedback, I am on my phone and have yet to complete almost all of the major easter eggs so all of this may be wrong, but I feel like I have a solid understanding..
  3. I like both your videos especially getting to the roof for 1500 points, and while your mystery box one is helpful, it is easier in my opinion to buy the first door to where the m14 is then turn left instead of right and follow the hall to the end where it drops down behind a door and into the room with the teddy bear, from there you go down the stairs to the chinese buffetike room but keep going straight instead of turning right at the bottom of the stairs. There is a walkway with a single window on one side and a drop on the other. It leads behind the counter to a slope that you slide down over the gap and to the mystery box. Im actually interested into how you go down to the power room and then to the mystery box, other than the strafe jump through the door and the slide down that I just mentioned I don't know another way into the room, which would be useful because I commonly by the pdw than build the sliguifier before riding an elevator to the roof.
  4. Your talking about "The One" I presume? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAGYDBcJke8 Apparently David Vonderharr (Or however you spell his name) tweeted about "Deciding the new crew's fate" in a future DLC. This could mean various things. I'm trying to think of a plausible theory regarding this Tweet and the voices in Samuel's head, because it's too obvious that Samuel's voices are going to be a major part in Samuel's story. I heard that because in die rise stulinger said they'd kill him if they knew about the flesh and because in in Alcatraz they added the killing of the players into one of the achievements that in a future dlc the crew will be able to use this new design to kill stulinger or have stulinger kill them.
  5. What are the carrion lyrics? And has anyone actually looked into the word carrion?
  6. Yea, never had any trouble in zombies. Or campaign. Or the first black ops for that matter. And why does everyone call them trollarch?
  7. Well I've yet to get any english but it does seem like they are saying something. the moans and groans as you kill zombies is what people are trying to figure out.
  8. Read through and thought this was pretty interesting because I had never heard the so called 'voices' so I decided to play on die rise as stulinger and turn down everything except my voice volume. Originally I heard moans when I killed them, nothing id call definite. Dropped down the broken elevator bought the ak74u and started blowing their brains all over the walls, still hearing the same thing nothing definite. then I went into the room with the workbench for the sliquifier and started killing. Then I killed my seventeenth zombie (I checked instantly) and heard not a word, but almost 30 seconds of zombie speech that I failed to translate, but it was defiantly saying something. It was the only zombie in the room and while I couhear other zombies outside I knew the zombie I had just killed was talking, not just talking but an entire sentence or more. I am about to go see if it can happen again. Hope this helps.. Edit: I just restarted and heard it again, hadn't killed a zombie or done anything else.. the words saying that we could hear him and should listen to him had yet yo speak. But I heard it same as before except it didn't last as long this time. Edit edit: I keep hearing it without killing zombies but when im surrounded by them instead. And it has yet to be as long as the first time I heard it. Maybe it is not the voice you are talking about but it seems to be something, not sure what though. P.S. have yet to complete the easter eggs because I don't have gold so I can't get a party up to do it but I have the maps for black ops 2 not sure if that has something to do with it.
  9. Actually, I just got the updates and have a friend who would love to hear the knife was fixed. Though my favorite weapon in the multiplayer is the combat knife because it appears to lunge when I try to knife with it I seem to lunge at the enemy, not sure if they missed itwhen editing the knife or just to help out knifers but it really helps me.
  10. I like the feel of this map, as it does remind me of world at war. I think this is gonna be one hell o asf a map though. As for it being 2025, I doubt that. They originally said that black ops 2 zombies will not be sticking to the campaign, so I think the future weapons are just spawned from the box like the original black ops guns did in the world at war map expansion.
  11. This has been stated before and there have been diffrent approaches to stop the thought. It is possible that they are dead, and im not sure if anyone other than trayarch is gonna know any diffrent for a while. Some of the counter arguments have been that he isn't actually there with them even if he can watch he can't interact with them like he used too. Also, that somebody (im don't remember if it was Samantha or not so im not going to name anybody) could have been stopping him from seeing them, kind of like a blind spot. Possibly, because Samantha had previously been in the aether she knows how to use it in some way, and is making where richtofen can not see them, like a blind spot. That he just sees over, instead of a whole. I don't know for sure what they said, or who it was, but I do suggest looking for it and seeing wha some of the arguments for each side was.
  12. Its possible, don't really know what trayarch is doing anymore.
  13. Yea, im kinda wishing they will go and make it where you can do the easter egg without four people, even if you have to do some extra steps to make up for it. Or make it where there are 8 diffrent ways to do it and not all of them take four people.
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