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Full Trailer Released! :D

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Music form the trailer I found. It's really good.

Can't see it on ipad, would add a link to it?

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In the new trailer, the Boss Guard screams and makes the Denizen noise, right in our face.

Perhaps a mix of new sounds with a recycled noise to form a new kind of sound?

I highly doubt we will see Denizens once more on the island. A sound really does not mean anything; it seems like it was audio just thrown into the trailer to give a variation of different noises.

You're probably right, and I agree. Where would these Denizens even be? We saw almost most of the map in the trailer. Why would we be unable to see one hop out of the ground or swoop in with the fog?

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Not going to bother reading the other replies because I'm terrible.

I noticed that at 1:43, Sal crawled under the fan trap and got a blue glow. Any idea what this could mean, guys?

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Nazi "Prison/Concentration camp" Glider Escape at Colditz Castle



Perhaps there is a connection to be made here with Group 935, after all this is before World War II and all, so we think...

Can't wait for this easter egg. I didn't like the last map so much, but hopefully this one will be like Der Riese or Moon, my two favorite. Any of the originals from WaW are also great.

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I found this while looking through my old World at War intel. Seems relevant.

Weapon Focus - Thompson Sub-Machine Gun

Inspired by the unique trench warfare that dominated World War I, General John T. Thompson set out to invent a one-man, hand-held machine gun designed to stand up in a new era of war. His dream was finally realized in 1919 with the release of the Thompson submachine gun.

Arguably the first submachine gun to ever be massed-produced, the Thompson became wildly popular during America’s prohibition age and was a favorite among Depression-era gangsters. Its use became iconic in both Hollywood and the real world, including the bloody Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago. However, it would not be until World War II that the Thompson would be used as John T. Thompson originally envisioned.

Designed as a means to quickly eliminate enemy soldiers hiding in the trenches, the gun proved so effective as to be dubbed the “Trench Broom” and “Trench Sweeper.” Its compact size as well as its large .45 ACP cartridges and high automatic rate of fire made it a favorite among soldiers on the frontline. The US adopted the Thompson into its arsenal for WWII and continued its use into the early stages of the Vietnam War.


Tips for the Thompson

• The Thompson is a great gun for clearing buildings and tight corridors. Utilize its low recoil and shoot from the hip to neutralize enemies within a short range.

• Combined with the Drum Magazine attachment, soldiers can hold tightly onto the trigger without the worry of running empty. For those unconcerned with lasting power, equip the Double Tap perk for an incredibly rapid and lethal delivery.

• The Thompson can be a huge upgrade from the pistol or any of the available rifles during Zombie matches due to its rapid fire. Acquire it as quickly as possible to aid in racking up points until you can purchase more powerful weaponry available in the later rounds of the match.

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Looks awesome.

Much darker.

Regards Alpha.

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