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  1. just noticed this is from 2011...can you say bump?
  2. So just bought the Viprs but no discount? When asked in checkout about how I found out about KontrolFreeks I listed CoDz Forums anyway though.
  3. My idea was spawned by the Hells' retriever in Mob of the dead. I don't think anyone really liked ballistic knives in Zombies, their only good point was their ability to revive downed players once PaP'd. No one cared for them,well, until now. I PRESENT "SEARING BLADES" These are basically the normal Ballistic knives but with FIRE SPREADING AWESOMENESS and increased ammo capacity. They give off EXTREME HEAT and RAGING FIRE wherever they go and have FIRE SPREADING SPLASH DAMAGE CAPABILITIES!!! The fire not only affects the initial target zombie(s) but also has a lasting wall of fire (similar to sliquifier) that slows down and burns zombies *if not to death than to OHK health from any weapon *. Searing Blades also retains its capability to revive downed comrades but with a bonus! Similarly to electric cherry it creates a a orb of fire around the comrade to aid him in getting to safety once revived. Where you once were doomed if revived in a horde of zombies, you now can laugh in triumph as you burn any zombies near you to a crisp! Once PaP'd you get triple your ammo reserve, increased splash damage, longer lasting fire walls and you will no longer have to press X to retrieve your ballistic knives, simply get near them and they will re-appear in your ammo reserve!
  4. I am dissapointed that there appears to be no references to the old maps or story so far, so I hope this is true. I thought of nikolai when I saw the vodka bottles for the song but then oB Blitz said they were whiskey bottles
  5. So blitz im guessing this happened after the dull spoon threat?
  6. my team found a note in the map that said "a flying man do you long more? Please send" the rest we could not read
  7. IT seems the skulls might be some type of hide and seek game or there is a special order we have to gather them in with a time limit because the skulls are disapearing from the table and reapearing back in there original areas.
  8. Never thought LiamFTWinter would ever be thanking me Im glad my team was able to help
  9. A new note reads "A flying man. Do you long *more* . Please send (we dont know) **We believe it says "more" the handwriting is very hard to make out.
  10. My team has now stumbled upon some very distinct pieces of paper. We could see them before but not read them so we grabbed a sniper. These things dont blend in with the other textures they pop out. They look like torn pieces of a poster. First one says: "Where are more shoes? and has a drawing of a foot with an arrow pointing at it. The next they found has a drawing of a fist that is distinct, but writing isnt readable. got scope with higher zoom, reads "learn to draw hands/lemons?" really hard to make out My team is stressing that these all are pieces of one poster as the tears line up and all have drawings of body parts.
  11. Another update Red Flashes of light and beeping noises (described as alarm/ bomb countdown noses) can be heard on map (location unknown at this time, didnt get full details before he had to go back to game chat) Major point Teamate playing as (Al) heard this after tomahawking a cell next to the first hellound spwan " I found it!" This was the first thing al had said in about 2 rounds so it suprised Him. Things are getting hot guys, I think we are getting close
  12. News Update LAWL Just checeked in with my team and we have found a sacrificial table with a dead body on it in afterlife mode. It is to the right of the first afterlife genearator in the spawn room. The interesting thing is skulls are starting to appear around the body everytime we obtain another skull with our tomahawk. My team is trying to gather more skulls now.
  13. Other finds Quote by Sal "Hey its done, alright?" We believe this was activated by another team member (playing as Al) who had pressed x on a blue glowing object somewhere by the infirmary while in Afterlife. Voices heard on Michigan Lane Cell division after pressing X on a poster in a cell. We didnt have time to stick around and listen because the crawler died. Hopefully we can try again.
  14. So me and my team have been going at it since launch and recently found out that there are certain Crystal skulls you can obtain by using the tomahawk. Locations: Starting area oppsite Library Prison Cells by Mp5Thanks Liam for pointing that out just talked to him again says he knows it was in a cell in the same area as what he thought was the mp5. Going back to check now Boat Docks by boat with mule kick and PhD Dark cell block Golden gate bridge One outside on pole by the window of the Warden's office Any theories on what they might do? We can collect them but it doesnt show that we have them.
  15. If anyone else needs another guy Im available from 5am est till whenever.
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