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  1. Nice overview of the info dude, its clear and simple.
  2. Because Nuketown Z, takes place during Moon, and I guess the pages are in chronological order?
  3. Raven Rock Mountain Complex would be a cool place for Buried, although its not a Western Town. But it has cool references like shangri la and Mount Weather.
  4. EpicNES


    What about Raven Rock Mountain Complex?
  5. PAP is not on the docks, its on the bridge
  6. Can't see it on ipad, would add a link to it?
  7. But if you acces purgatory and respawn on the island, the plane is still on the bridge?
  8. It appears a virus is the cause of the zombie outbreak, m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=GDsrOSSxM-o Thanks to Syndicate :)
  9. I think everyone noticed that, exact the same music tune in kino.
  10. As you may know, or not know, a new mob of the dead trailer is released on the callofduty channel. I found an interesting date: June 13, 1932, if you stop the trailer at 0:25 you will see. Looks like sal deluca is guilty and is sended to alcatraz island.
  11. I think its a person who got the chance to play the dlc early, like revolution, some people were invited to play the dlc early
  12. Maybe you cant escape ALIVE, but u can in purgatory/afterlife?
  13. Keep up the great work PINNAZ, finally the symbol is identified
  14. Syndicate posted a video about it. If you throw the tomahawk to a drop (max ammo etc.) the tomahawk returns with the drop attached to it
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