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This forum and what is has become..

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Ok, first of all; in this post I'm NOT pointing in the direction of the mod's but to the new members. Like myself.

I've been visiting this forum since the release of Black Ops 2. I thought (and still think) the multiplayer sucks with it's stupid spawn-system. For that reason I started to play zombie's. As a zombie-noob I needed a place where I could find starter- and later on pro-tips to point me in the right direction.

This forum was a great place for info like that. I could ask for help and even share my thoughts with zombie-veterans.


The last weeks I noticed that tons and tons of (mostly) new members are spamming this forum with new topic and don't seem to use the search-option. Topics can go from page 1 to page 5 in like 24hrs.

What used to be a dedicated place on the web where zombie-players can discuss new directions is now a message-board where people seem to randomly shout there wildest idea's.

Topics about the laundry door, tons.

Topics about that electric beast, tons.

Topics about the continuation of the EE's, tons.

Topics about the damn church, tons.

This has got to stop! People! Serious!

And don't point in the direction of the moderators. Yes, it is there task to keep a watchful eye on what's happening and if people aren't spamming. But you have to agree, this is a task that is starting to get impossible.

Come on, if you can build a turbine or knife a zombie twice, then you are also capable to use the search-option!!

Let's change this before it is too late...

Have a nice sunday.


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I agree with you on that. I'm new myself. I've been here for a month or two now and I seem to ignore the topics that I know for a fact are duplicates. Right now, I know all there is about Tranzit (there wasn't a whole lot to do with the map). DIE RISE is the same. Nuketown is even worse.

With Nuketown, I've seen at least 10 topics about the fall out shelter. CLASSIC Newb moment for people who don't read/search.

With DIE RISE, it's all about Stu, the Loading Screen image and the ending credits. Some more Classics.

And tons of topics with the title Easter Egg Continuation.. followed by a pointless theory that everyone has tried. It DOES get annoying. I do feel you on that.

One of these Threads I've mentioned could have as easy as 100 posts if everyone stopped taking the time to not take the time. It's hilarious.

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I agree with that line of thought, most of new members don't even search for some related topic to the ones they're about to create. Before I joined the forum I spent 2 months reading other topics before posting one of my own. I mean, every week we see a "Possible New Step On TranZit" topic on the TranZit forum. Everybody thinks that there's nothing left to do on TranZit, but if you have solid info you must post pics and/or videos or else you be treated as a troll.

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The multi-topic creation is a common issue on every board in the world. I assume I got used to this problem, it actually doesn't disturb me that much.

As a board user, I want to get my stuff read. I just have better chances as the op than with a reply in 132nd position. Often, existing threads are just not seen. Indeed, there is no global search function on this board.

What can a poster do?

- Have a look for existing threads on your topic. Be aware that interested people will read the 132nd answer too. Unintersted will not click the topic anyway.

- Use the subbboard based search function.

What can a reader do?

- Report threads on an existing topic.

What can a mod do?

- Lock, merge and post a kind link to the existing topic.

- If needed, mark the existing thread as important, e.g. as it was done with the rank discussion. (Prime example)

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having your posts/threads go unnoticed here is like starting a match of zombies and dying before getting jugg...

it rarely happens, but when it does you just try again.......

i dont think its the new user's faults or the old users necessarily, but a mix between the two...

new users have a tendancy to make "useless" threads. but can we be mad about that??

that's what a forums for, discussion! who's to say the next's guy wrong for posting or starting a thread ....

usually a response is not botherd to be given if it falls behind a certain level of stupidity. which is fine and dandy, as ive posted some real dud threads.. as im sure alot have...

does that mean a person should refrain from posting or staying active for the sake of clogging the forum?

no because that would be absurd... a push in the right direction and anyone can find there way...

maybe what needs to happen is a new area with a postlimit of like 10, were new users can say what they want but are forced to have at least 10 posts in order to post in the main forums..

which is not unheard of..

"oekaki BBS central" is a good example of this...

you can only paint in one part of the forum till your pictures are given a rating.. build your rank and you can paint with likewise users..

if you see a post that you think your confident in providing an answer or help, regardless of how stupid the question might be. do it! just remember theres no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid response's..

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i think you misinterpreted my post mocking me....

the o.p

As a zombie-noob I needed a place where I could find starter- and later on pro-tips to point me in the right direction.

This forum was a great place for info like that. I could ask for help and even share my thoughts with zombie-veterans.


The last weeks I noticed that tons and tons of (mostly) new members are spamming this forum with new topic and don't seem to use the search-option. Topics can go from page 1 to page 5 in like 24hrs.

so what he wants/needs is a place to find these protips/guides.

the problem is he cant find them because of people spamming the forums.

most of these threads can be found by using the search option, but these "spam" posts made by new members are generally just impulse question's they need answered.

which i suggested could be remedied with a post limiter...

forcing them to post in area where they can post ask whatever they want without "spamming" the forums on easily answered/found questions.

making it easier to find the information he needs..

and about unnoticed threads, that's just my problem! like a thread made by keradnomrah69 (i think thats how you spell it)

that i had noticed until day. because it had been "spamm'd" down so far i never saw it...

this problem's obviously alot more complicated than it seems, as ive seen many threads about messy forums. im sure the mods/admin's or whatever haven't found a fair resolve for this.. as it probably wouldn't be a problem then..


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The past few weeks? How about the past year. If you would have found this site during the WaW days or even Black ops days, you would be blown away. I myself have made a few of these posts and for the most part the answers I get are similar to the ones above.

New-comers are welcome. Do some of them need to be reminded of the CoC? Yes. Do some of them need to at least check the first page for a similar post before making identical threads? Definitely. Is the reason for the site being the way it is and not the way it was because of new members? No. Well, maybe.

The problems started when the site went down and the "Brains" system went with it. Some users had things in life that were more important than zombies. CovertGunman went on a mission, carbonfibah got hired by Treyarch, others had different reasons. Some people might have left because of the problems with the site/brains, but I believe the people who were mostly upset by this were those with posts lost. People put everything they had into threads back then. They spent hours on research and theories, so when their work was lost it was devastating. We are lucky to have kept a few of these people...

The strategy section took a huge blow with the Superhands upset and with Black ops 2 being rather easy so far, there is little need for a map based strategy. It is pretty much the same for every map with minor adjustments.

The site started this mutation when great posters left and new members oblivious to how we run things here joined. There is nothing wrong with any of this, but that doesn't mean we can't fix it. Put effort forth. Do your research. Have pride in what you post. Think before you post.

Is the forum shot? NO! Is it bad off at the moment? Maybe. Can it be fixed. YES!

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Death you just took the words right out of my mouth.

I don't think newcomers are much of a bad thing, yes they do spam the same topics a lot but it doesn't mean we should hate all newbies. It's like a new puppy.. You have to train them to go to the bathroom outside by telling them not to pee in the house. Well what I'm really trying to say is this happens everywhere to every forum you can't exactly stop it. The best thing to do is say " this has already been said multiple times" and then report the thread to the mods.

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I facepalmed the whole time I read this thread.

Although, I do realize that there is a "Search" feature in this forum and I do use it.

Are you really thinking about using a search feature and then combing through 150 threads? That's impractical.

How did you feel when you came up with a brand new theory? How did you feel when people agreed with you and responded and discussed it with you?

No two theories are exactly alike, and I'm sorry but I will never post MY theory on someone else's thread. I create my own thread and link their thread so they get credit for sparking my theory.

The sorry thing is, its not the posters fault, its the readers fault there is so many threads.

If someone took the time to read EVERY SINGLE RESPONSE to a thread, they'll find even more theories and responses from the original poster.... but all that ends up happening 80% of the time, is the reader reads the OP'S post ONLY and responds to that, not the 15+ responses that have been said.

So sorry, if "I" come up with a theory, I'm posting it. If its similar to another. RESPOND BY POSTING THE LINK! Don't be a dick and bash the OP on a theory they came up with. Its not fair, its just wrong.

Great Minds Think Alike. So, don't be a complete ass to the person that was a little slower on the draw.


Also, people have to start being nicer to other users. Primarily certain Veterans towards New Users. I'm relatively new and I'm 100% tired of seeing a veteran poster being a complete and utter asshole to another user.

If you have nothing good to say keep your frigging mouth shut.

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