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  1. Whats up Guys! This is me! This is me on my free time. (That's Really Me, Sadly)
  2. Sir, I really appreciate your work and dedication but, I believe you are looking into it too far. It could be a translation error. We are in a hotel after all and these signs are common in hotels. Smoking is prohibited. Any Smoking will result in a cleaning fee. I don't mean this to be rude, you are a great theorist and I just don't want to see you wasting your time on a dead end.
  3. No still has to be a 5x5. Its required for the 25 letters. "A-I/J-Z". Hes talking about breaking it down in a different way, then smacking it with a Cryptoquip method of replacing letters with other letters. In this case, A=?. Example: With most Cryptograms/Cryptoquips they give you the first letter, then you figure out the rest. In our case, A=?. Techically, its saying A=Mob of the Dead. It may be the total amount of letters, associated with a letter in the alphabet. So, possibly A=L. Just a thought.
  4. I've got a method and theory, and I want to know what you think of it. The Keyword is irrelevant. The gave us our clue on how to solve it by leaving out null letters to even out the columns, therefore we can conclude that they the last two columns should in fact be the first two (with 2 combinations). That leaves us with the remaining 4. This can be arranged in 4! possible ways. (24 combinations) Combine that with the two and we have a possible 48 combinations for this code. After converting into columns we can use any polybius square (mine is just a-z plain and simple) to convert it into letters. We can then use generic decryption methods (like the ones grandmas use when solving the crptoquote in the newspaper. Unfortunately we won't have the benefit of spacing. The only problem with this is that only 1 solution will work and 47 will not that will leave us a lot of time looking for something when there is nothing to be seen. For example I reorder the original columns from 123456 to 561234 giving me: GDFFGX GFGFFA GFGGDD FFFFXX FGFDGF FGFDGF FFFDGG AAFGFG DXFXFX GFXFXD FFFAGG AF Using my generic polybius square I got rnu ssl tgn nzo mso msn mta ook pps xwn ltc I did my best to decrypt it from here and all I can get is "to seen chood prepre or cappille buoncy" or "nsfee boys sp the the shout tilled as bor" So I don't think this is the one, but I am determined to keep trying. Good thinking. Here's the deal, located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen we have a 4x4 Grid. That is actually decrypted to "The Mob of the Dead ABCD" very simple decryption from Numeral - Alphabet code. Nothing special, but what we do have is A = Mob of the Dead ABCD. So, with that said, maybe "A = M" for the standard Cryptoquip. I'm actually working on my own thread at the moment about the significance of Alcatraz, so I would try to break it myself at this point but I really want to get this thread done before the nights over. Good Luck, Sir.
  5. I've been doing a lot of analysis on this subject for the past two days. Keep in mind, I'm an Intelligence Analyst and this is right up my ally. I understand exactly how this cypher works. Unfortunately, we are missing "two" keys. Not just one. We need the correct sequence of the alphabet table. That's equally as important as the "keyword". Also its a keyword for each individual word..... not the whole thing. The key word unscrambles the word.... it won't work with each other word. Plus, the key word is exactly the same length as the word its decyphering. So... unless every word is the exact same length, we need multiple keywords. Its hard to crack.... its not simple... its German trench code from WWI. If its good enough for an actual World War we need a lot more than luck if we're to crack it.
  6. My main argument, if it wasn't for the necessity of the Easter Egg, I say remove the Sliquifier from the game completely, its an overpowered piece of garbage. It has officially broke the game.
  7. Mmmm, this is blatantly incorrect. I have been in the 60's with 1 headshot, and at most around 300. I even played last night with sallies only to 36, with liquid as a backup. Most players ignore all the wall guns and go for the sallies and liquid, hence no headshots. ....Regardless of how you use it, in a corner or training, the Sliquifier is by far the most overpowered weapon ever created. If you have all the zombies in one ball, they all die with one shot... thus exploitation. Am I going to say I've never done it? No, I have. Am I going to say that its a skillful legit way of playing? No, its not. A traditional player, would never use something like that... it removes the fun from the game.
  8. Alrighty, who cares. Look at the leaderboards, if they have 1123134 kills with only 115 headshots, they "Exploited". Know they halfassed it and move on. No need to blow a gasket, I'm sure Treyarc will fix it once they work out all the other kinks.
  9. Blitz

    Die rise Game over

    Yes, I've noticed. I've been trying to pay really close attention and I've only got when everyone else has figured out. No clue on what they are trying to hint towards, possibly a new map. Otherwise, I have no clue. ----- Xbox? If so, (oB Blitz) I'm always down for some Die Rise.
  10. You're a sexy beast, sir. Thanks for the Update, we'll definitly experiment with this tonight. Anything you want us to do since you found out its dirty little secret so early?
  11. I believe you have to do the EE that game of TranZit, it has to be fresh.
  12. well, The Crew and I are going to throughly test this tonight. We'll be sure to post all findings. BTW: Its not misty only because that last video showed it with Stu.
  13. This is 100% Real. I'm not the type of person who'd troll people, when myself am a very dedicated Theorist on the forum. (Though I'm New to CoDz) This is footage from my game, I did not find this on YouTube. I'm unsure about why this may happened, the Crew and I are going to conduct tests about this tonight and we'll update this thread as we find them.

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