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  1. I'm 100% sure that Eddie is Richtofen. I believe everything we know is all a story. I'm about to make a lengthy post about my theories about Origins.
  2. I'm slightly convinced that the logo has to do with Zombies because of the Relevance of the location in the video. It is specifically on the Gun that Mason is holding, 115 to the left smoothly flows next to the Gun, along with the Emblem. What's the name of the Gun? Sally From Zombies Pack-a-Punched weapon's "Mustang and Sally" Edit: I did a Search of this Logo on Google, there is literally nothing to go off of. It is 100% original.
  3. This is the Site that the video was concocted from. MurderMachineX did an amazing job. I was actually in the Credits *Girl Squeal* I never got any brains for my theory, I've been gone for a very, very long time. I'M BACK!
  4. @Nightmare Voyager I love playing with the thought that Campaign is somehow linked with Zombies. There are just too many links between the two to say that there isn't an influence of some sort.
  5. "Our greatest barrier is our own fear. Our own doubts" "The only thing holding us back is how far we are willing to go" I believe that the teasers we have been seeing are them experimenting with the mind. We can make the perfect soldier by removing Fear and Doubt. We have the technology to do so, but are we willing to take that step. Who's mind is the question, David or Alex Mason?
  6. I'm sad. There's a lot of badges and brains I should have for my works in Black Ops: II. Lol
  7. What's up Zombie Conspirators, Blitz Here. I'm not a new member as a few of you may recognize. I've just been on a long hiatus, with the current hype of Black Ops: III, I have been drawn back into the Abyss of thought and conspiracy. I just wanted to introduce myself to any of the new members. I'm a Military Intelligence Analyst and a Data Mining expert. So if anyone needs me to dig up some dirt on their current theories be sure to let me know. Blitz Out!
  8. Whats up Zombie Conspirators, oM Blitz here. I just discovered something that was never mentioned in the Origins. I would like to speak with someone who's a Lore expert with Der Riese and Shangri La via Skype, Curse, or some other chat service. If interested, please let me know. oM Blitz OUT! I
  9. It looks more like the IWI Tavor than anything I've seen so far. EDIT: Here's another I have found. Its only concept art.
  10. Not to make anyone super excited because this is only a theory, but since Sledgehammer is making a new CoD, that doesn't mean that Treyarch isn't coming out with something new... could it be possible that Treyarch is coming out with a Zombies only game that will not conflict with the whole CoD scheme they've had for the last 10 years?
  11. Sorry to shoot you down. He was MEANT to DIE in ALCATRAZ. I believe that him being able to "Break the Cycle" was due to the RIFT being BROKEN. Why the N4 are told to mend the rift is because time is broken, and things that happened in history are beginning to change. There's no way that changing history is going to mend the rift, it will only further tear it.
  12. Exactly, I prefer building the Acidgat next to Electric Cherry since you're only going to use it once or twice. Then I build the Shield inside the Cafeteria because its a great training spot.
  13. "Al" Arlington is a inspiring comic book artist. Upon his editor constantly "Defacing" his art he turns to a life of crime as a "Booky" or a numbers keeper in order to pay the bills. Al is smarter than he looks and can normally Weasel his way in or out of any deal, hence the nick-name "Weasel". Unfortunately, for Al a deal went south ultimately ending up with the crew, Billy, Finn, Sal, and himself winding up as prisoners on "Hell Island", Alcatraz. The other three told Al, that since they got him there that it was his responsibility for getting them off the island. Al spent months
  14. Blitz

    Missoula, Montana

    Sir, I really appreciate your work and dedication but, I believe you are looking into it too far. It could be a translation error. We are in a hotel after all and these signs are common in hotels. Smoking is prohibited. Any Smoking will result in a cleaning fee. I don't mean this to be rude, you are a great theorist and I just don't want to see you wasting your time on a dead end.
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