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I saw that there wasn't yet any thread for discussing tactics, or really any toher thread than Triple Ex's General Discussion.

Yes. Here, I hope you guys will unveil your (carefully) guarded secrets to beating other teams in Grief. I'll be the first to unveil my own, so here you are.


1: Simple tactic here: If you see someone on the ledge of either building, (Juggernog or Quick Revive) throw a monkey bomb below them, and knife them off the edge when they gather so that when the bomb explodes, they are the immediate target.

2: Be cheap. Make them open all the doors. Eventually, someone will get desperate enough for Juggernog or Speed Cola and open the door for you, but this can be a bit risky.

3: EMP the box and pack-a-punch. Simple way to win any grief game is to block the box and P-a-P. It's simple. No upgraded weapons = more ammo used to kill zombies which in turn = need for more money for ammo, box, or max ammo. That and they ragequit after you remove their monkey bombs or Hamr/RPD from the box when all they have is an M1911. :twisted:

4: Block the trains. If someone tries to train, try and cut them off, block some stairs, steal their kills. Blocking an area by standing in the doorway can work well in the right spots.

5: EMP the perks. this is extremely risky to try with juggernog especially, as the perk does next to nothing to notify you if they perk is working or not. (All it does is fade a little) It will also affect your team, so be sure they know.


1: There is one box spot. When they go to use the box and spend their money, knife them off and block the stairs. Quick and simple way to cheat them from 950 points.

2: Try and block them if someone tries to train around the middle. The truck is good if you've got nobody in your way, but once you slow down or get stuck, you're most likely dead.

3: Sorry, but most other tactics from Town apply here, so share your own.

So, how do you guys win?

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My top advice (for town mostly) is to go off and run your own train away from people. Do your own thing. The more people are near you, the more likely you will be grief'd in some way. If you have a decent train naturally point theft will be an issue. If you see someone stealing your kills, sprint towards them and hand off your train and unload on them. It will effectively make at least 10 zombies target them while they ate continually stunned and blinded and such.

The basic tactics of laying down to revive, or knifing those who don't lay down.

Throw meat or monkeys on downed players

Spam the mystery box with grenades. While the other team are within range of the "press R to throw back" button, you can't grab your gun from the box until it detonated. So if you carefully time and throw all four grenades you can stop them from picking up their gun.

Make them rage quit. Communicate with your team here. Get everyone to follow around and kinds one person for the entire game until they die / quit. Pick new target. Repeat.

Mustang and Sally are a must. 97% of players trade out the pistols. Since there is no raygun, mustang and Sally are the best weapon by far. It gives you quite the leg up.

Specific places to trap in corners are next to juggernog (either side) next to revive, net to double tap, the little room near double tap, any booth in the bank, near stamin up.

Regardless of whether or not you have reloaded or whatever, grab all power ups immediately. If the other team gets it it doesn't do anything for you. Prioritize getting a max ammo minus one magazine over taking too long to reload and watching the other team get it. If you see a power up shoot every enemy player in sight too.

Basically troll as hard as you can.

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First Post!

My general tips :

- Annoy people every chance you can. That knife is killer.

- Knife people into their trains. Works if you are standing behind them while they are backing up.

- EMP all of the stuff!

- I'm pretty sure that when a perk is shut down the effect of it goes away as well until it is powered back on, so when it comes down to crunchtime and someone on the opposing team are running risky trains, EMP the perk and it could help. Also could destroy your team, so communicate :D

- When you are going to revive someone, go prone and revive them. That way if you get knifed your not gonna get moved.

- Steal kills as much as you can. There is no arguing and sympathy on the battlefield. NO MERCY!

- Lead your trains into people repairing barracades. Never tried it but it could work, or you could just get your horde destroyed.

Thats about all I can think of. Sorry if its not much of a contribution. Apologies if i stole someone elses, I didn't fully read yours :/

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I feel like pretty much everything has been covered here but i'll add a few things.

You need not go prone to revive. Crouching will suffice and allows you to get away quicker. I've only been knocked off a revive once while crouched and I average around 20-30 revives per game. (Damn randoms :P )

When the opposing team is attempting prone revives, bring your zombies to them. Wont always work but when it does you usually get two downs for the price of one (even if they got the revive in).

If someone goes afk, knife them into the lava.

I had another one but I forgot it while writing this. Will update later.

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Another one i thought of just then :

Best to stay away from running trains. It's too easy to get your trains stolen or get stuck thanks to another player. Way too risky in my honest opinion. Just stay near barricades, camp or stay somewhere around the enemy. If you have tonnes of cash you really just need to avoid the zombies.

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I still think the simplest way to win a game is ignore the other team and what they are doing. Get to a high round such at 15+, wait about 4 or 5 minutes into the new round and EMP juggernog. They wont notice right away and usualy all 4 members on the other team drop stright away. ONCE they drop DONT KILL ANYTHING UNTILL JUGGERNOG comes back on. THis way you ant got nothing new spawing to screw you over. Once you got jug's back just finish the round to win. :D

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