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Limit to $$ in the Bank


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A buddy of mine has MAXED out his bank accounts. Last night while trying to get EMP's he was giving me lots of points to hit the box. We emptied his bank and mine. He withdrew roughly 100K points outta the bank...i may have lost count due to my rage directed towards the box but from what we gathered theres 100K point limit to what you can store in the bank.

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Did 52 solo with suicide today and had 600k left. Sad it's not a Swiss Bank, they don't know limits...

:lol: GJ on 52. I died at 45.

I just don't have the patience. I got to 32, banked my points, put my upgraded RPD in the fridge, and dicked around until I died. I just couldn't do it anymore. Part of me was like "But man... the leaderboards!! You can compete!" but... I just don't care enough. Most games have leaderboards filled with glitchers and hackers anyways.

Maybe one day I'll shoot for 40... we'll see. I think my highest zombies run ever was 44 on Ascension, and as cool as it was to get that high... I still have nightmares about how tedious it was.

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