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  1. Isint the english translation for der reise The Giant? Maybe it has something to do with the robot guy.
  2. Great Thread Infest but there is no ray gun in grief mode.
  3. i just tried this and the same thing happened to me. i went to the top of the pole then fell and the game ended.
  4. its not richtofen that is laughing though. Its the same laugh you get when your game is over. Very interesting.
  5. Round 1-3: 1st round i just knife zombies and try and get as much kills as possible. 2nd round ill unload 8 bullets then knife. My goal is to get 1750 points. Round 3-9: Buy the juggernog door and get the mp5. spend the next 2-3 rounds camping by ledge in mp5 room to make 2500 for jugg. After ive got jugg I move to the bottom floor of the bar and camp there as i feel thats the best place you can camp at the get the most zombies. My goal is to make 6000 for the knuckles. Usually at round 9-10 i get the knuckles and just run around the map melee'in every zombie i can get. At the middle
  6. Wait, what? What do downs and revives have do do with anything? It isnt possible to lose if you didnt go down. So it is also impossible that you get more losses than downs. Not true. If you dont have great internet and host migration happens you usually end up being kicked and that counts as a loss.
  7. agreed. i've had two games where we won and the text came up saying "You Win" only for one of there guys to leave causing the game to freeze and, of course, counting as two more losses for myself.
  8. grief is my favorite mode but i believe it is also the most frustrating one. I have 35 losses on town because when host migration happens, its never able to find a host so the game just ends and counts as a loss. I think its really unfair that just because the game cant find a host it counts as a loss.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... Nwk00a3ruw I believe that that video finally has the solution regarding ranking up. Looks like it has to do with your K/D ratio aswell as a few other factors.
  10. Just after getting my Blue eyes back. All i had to do was play a game of survival on town. Only got to round 15 but had 10 revives and 1 down. 177 kills/ 120 headshots.
  11. Just after losing my blue eyes on my skull with shotguns. we were playing tranzit and 1 guy got disconnected on round 3 so we all quit and that's when i noticed that my blue eyes were gone and i had gone down a tally mark to four. I think this might prove that tallies are not based on days played in a row?
  12. If someone drops out of your party then whatever round he/she dropped out on will count as the round you survived till on the leaderboards. We were playing survival on town and some randomer dropped out on level 12 and we ended up getting to 43 but because the guy dropped out on 12 or high round was 12 on the leaderboards. However, I believe that your kills/headshots/downs etc, keep on counting after the guy leaves.
  13. Have you played zombies every day since it released tom?
  14. If you keep knifing him it makes him mad and he does a variety of different things. He will swear at you, lock the doors, Skip a stop, throw you of the bus and sometimes stop the bus in the middle of no where with the doors locked. Dont mess with him :D
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