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Black Ops 2 Zombies “Fuel Efficient Achievement” Opinion


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Hey guys, after seeing the Achievements for Black Ops 2 Zombies, I pondered the lawnmower pic for a second and figured out its possible. By the way I double checked the COC and I didn't see anything regarding stating your opinion. I just want to make sure I'm not breaking any rules, keep in mind, this is my theory based on an official Treyarch photo.

Please disregard the hackjob on the girl, I had to perform some quick Photoshop Surgery on her, as this is for illustrative purposes only, I’m not gonna spend hours on making her flawless lol.

Anyway I digress, as you can see, its perfectly possible to ride the mower, its a hell of a lot more fuel efficient than the bus. The mower has a self propulsion system equipped, probably standard for the timeframe this zombie mode is in.

Notice the handlebar, bent forward, suggesting room to ride on. This and the self-propulsion system are key indicators you’ll be able to ride the mower, giving you the Fuel Efficient Achievement.

What’s your opinion? Please share your answer and your reason why you think this is possible or not.

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...*Smacks desk a few times while laughing*...


After thinking about this for a while. I truly do believe that this is ONE option of being more fuel efficient. I believe the horse seen in the trailer breakdown done by the actor of Frank Woods is another option. I believe Green Run itself will be a solo version of Tranzit. If you think about it, it would be more "Fuel Efficient" or "Green" to travel alone. I feel like the bus would be too hard to hold down with one person so The horse or lawnmower or maybe a few more options would be available. I think the "Fuel Efficient" achievement will be for co-op however. It would be more suitable, as if I'm right, the other means of transportation would be obvious rather than an option.

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A lawnmower is the complete opposite of a "fuel efficient" vehicle.Two-stroke engines like the ones you'd find in any typical lawnmower are inherently bad at producing good fuel economy. This is due to a decent amount of the air/fuel charge escaping out the exhaust before combustion. The self-propulsion system you mentioned runs off this same fuel devouring engine.

The achievement is most likely a reference to traveling on foot or possibly by horse.

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If you've seen the picture of the horse then you'd think where is this and why iv'e been researching heaps of information and found that from other forums. Transit is based on the place Hanford site i found this " In 1949, an intentional release known as the "Green Run" released 8,000 curies of iodine-131 over two days." which explains where that comes from. But then i read more about it and found a place called white bluffs which was a town that what depopulated along with Hanford in 1943 for Nuclear production facility. Which was along the Columbia river. So for this achievement people believe is a horse i agree but not in the way you think on the wiki for white bluffs i found a picture linking me to White bluffs ferry which is powered by horses i don't know what yous think but it all some how ties together and has to make sense because people say there's more to the map more to the Easter egg there gotta be more so go across the river gotta mean something if you get across the river whats there any ideas? new perks old perks unlocks new part of the map more to the Easter egg new boss new zombies? plz reply the sotry line on zombies is amazing and i love researching stuff about it so got anything you want me to find just reply and maybe we can solve this.

Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Bluffs,_Washington

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:White ... ilehistory



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