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Please trayarch no leveling up!

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I am 100% against any bonuses you might get from leveling up. I really want there to be ranks in zombies, but with absolutely no gameplay bonuses at all. Only aesthetic details. Treyarch has said that they don't want anything that breaks the core of zombies. What has not changed since Nacht der Untoten? Every player has the same opportunities. The only thing different between you and another player are your skills and strategies.

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I don't think any sort of prestige will affect the "normal" zombie mode. As someone mentioned above it will mainly be for purposes.

But I guess for the multiplayer and what other modes there are, it could be just for emblems and clan tags.

Zombies, and no doubt Treyarch know is about being any one and being able to jump into it with no disadvantage except for maybe not knowing the map. Maybe for the campaign you can get different guns and set ups. Meh, I don't know just hope they don't mess with the succesful formula they have in place and that works.

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There should be prestige and levels, however you should not gain anything from them except for the 'prestige' itself.

I have like 4 different accounts as do many others, and I'm not going to level them all up just so that I gain something extra.

I don't think that that is a good idea. You should get SOMETHING for getting it, not just the title of "Prestige": that's just stuck up and stupid. First of all, I don't think they should call it Prestige. Call it something less superlative. Secondly, I don't think that it should have a regular tendency to erase your earnings, like Prestige does. Thirdly, a reward of some kind, mostly aesthetic, but I believe small tweaks to the gameplay would be acceptable, I think is deserved.

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Let me just say that there's really no point for levels. You don't gain anything useful from them. And from the sound of things, I don't think the 4v4 mode will have leveling either, it'll just be a different take on the current zombie mode.

Yeah there's a point for having them e-cred lol so all the little kids think that their great when their at the final level lol

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