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I think i solve the jimmy zielinski #32 tweet

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So i was looking in to the guy tweeter when i saw this tweet:

So i decided to search and think a little about what could it mean, so i thought about a date that equals 32, so by the day he tweeted was 26 and the month 08, but if you add those two it equals 34, that means that the tease wasnt going to be on this month but i though wath about september i mean semptember = 09 and if you add the day 23 equals 32, so i started to search about that day and it results to be an important day, that in many years happened war significant events, WW2 gas chambers, nazzi puppet state, Nasa stuff (mars and moon), and more stuff.

Here is the link to wikipedia about the day:


Let me know what you think guys, will september 23 the day we are waiting for?.

Cya around.

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I think that September 23rd could be the date when more info would drop in.

I saw this paragraph in an article on CoDWiki regarding to the multiplayer info by David Vonderhaar:

On the Black Ops II emblem creator:

"There’s a lot more granularity and control over the colors. There are a lot more layers you can use. You can cut and copy an image from one layer into any layer in the stream — that helps create those illusion-style images that people like to do. Probably toward the end of September we’ll be actually be able to show it people."

I think that Treyarch would release more info on both MP and zombies in late September.

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